Look HOT Country Dancing!

Country Western dancing in ArizonaNew and exciting things are around the corner in Arizona’s Country Dance community! This September, a new Country bar is opening in Tempe: Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row! If you have ever been out to Moonshine in Tempe, you know that there is a lot of Country Two-Stepping and Country Swing that is join on out there! Whiskey Row will definitely attract a large number of Country dancers, especially on the night of their Grand Opening. Come learn how to Country dance so that you’ll be ready for the hoopla surrounding this big event! 🙂

At Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley, we are well-rounded in the dances that we teach. However, a large number of students come in specifically for Country dances because it is extremely popular in Arizona. When you go out Country dancing, you generally see two dances the most: Country Two-Step and Country Swing. We teach both styles at this studio!

Country Two-Step is a fun, easy dance with many turns, twists and more turns. 🙂 There are two varieties of Country Two-Step that are done – Texas or Progressive and Arizona or Rhythm. The biggest difference between these two styles is where the dance goes. Progressive Two-Step is a dance that travels counter clockwise (in Line of Dance) around the floor. Rhythm Two-Step is mostly stationary, is effective in crowded dancing conditions, and is often what you will see here in Arizona.

Country Swing is one of many Swing dance variations, which means that some guidelines do apply, but these help to make you into a strong leader. This dance also includes spins, turns, and cool combinations that create a very fun, lively dance that will be sure to make you grin ear to ear. This dance is also adaptable to music other than Country, which is great to have in your back pocket!

September may seem like it is many moons away, but it’s never too early to discover Country dancing! Here at Dance FX Studios we are results driven and goal oriented so NOW is the time to get started so that you can really shine on any dance floor.  Let us help you to become the dancer you are envisioning – smooth and natural – while having a great time and learning a life-long skill that will cover you for any occasion. Dance FX Studios’ New Student Offer for beginners is a great way to be introduced to Country dancing.