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Discover What’s Harder Than Learning to Two Step

Couple Country dancing in Chandler ArizonaGuys, you want to know what’s harder than learning to dance the Two Step? In my opinion, it’s having to re-learn it! As a self-taught Two Stepper, you feel on top of the world when you’re at your favorite Country bar. You can spin and twist those gals with the best of them. But for some reason,  she never accepts a second dance. She seemed to be smiling and enjoying her time with you, so why is she making excuses for having to go? Well, the harsh reality is that you may have some bad habits that is making her time with you on the dance floor less than stellar.

What are you missing? It’s time to take a look within. Let’s explore some key concepts that every good dancer understands…

  1. The language of dance. Did you know that dancing is a language within itself? Yes, with what I call the ABC’s of dance, which help you to understand how to effectively communicate to your partner what you’d like her to do, you can actually “speak” the language of dance and show almost anyone a fun time Two Stepping, Salsa dancing, or whatever partner dance style you prefer. Once you understand the basic elements of Country dancing, or Latin dancing, you must learn how to put them together and be taught how to create cool combinations that you can lead with confidence. For a man on the dance floor, that means understanding how to lead is imperative. Rather than simply memorizing steps that you may have seen others do at the Country bars, knowing how to lead is crucial to getting a second dance with that cute girl. You can’t get this information if you’re self-taught, but by investing in Private Country Dance Lessons at your local dance studio, you will soon be empowered to make every dance a successful one.
  2. Posture, frame and connection. As the main component of your investment in Country Dance Lessons, you will also discover the best parts of partner dancing; nice posture, a solid dance frame and how to have a connection with anyone. I say these are the best parts because without them, you would not be a great social dancer. You simply can’t be an awesome dancer without the understanding of how important it is to stand up straight, hold your partner properly and make sure that she understands what you want her to follow. When you have those tools in your belt, you will be well on your way to earning a second dance with her.

They say old habits die hard, which is why I think that learning to Country dance the right way after trying to teach yourself may not be the best plan for you. If you’re interested in becoming a confident social dancer, start with healthy habits and you’ll have the ladies lining up for multiple dances before long. Yes, Private Dance Lessons are an expense, and you can’t learn to dance over night, but you will get a solid foundation (and more) to have and use for many years to come. Then, any moves that you pick up at the bars will be applied properly because you have the knowledge on how to add them to your dance repertoire. Doesn’t that sound like a more effective and efficient route? I would say so. 🙂 So, give your closest social dance studio a call and begin your journey towards becoming an amazing Country dancer today.

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Look HOT Country Dancing!

Country Western dancing in ArizonaNew and exciting things are around the corner in Arizona’s Country Dance community! This September, a new Country bar is opening in Tempe: Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row! If you have ever been out to Moonshine in Tempe, you know that there is a lot of Country Two-Stepping and Country Swing that is join on out there! Whiskey Row will definitely attract a large number of Country dancers, especially on the night of their Grand Opening. Come learn how to Country dance so that you’ll be ready for the hoopla surrounding this big event! 🙂

At Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley, we are well-rounded in the dances that we teach. However, a large number of students come in specifically for Country dances because it is extremely popular in Arizona. When you go out Country dancing, you generally see two dances the most: Country Two-Step and Country Swing. We teach both styles at this studio!

Country Two-Step is a fun, easy dance with many turns, twists and more turns. 🙂 There are two varieties of Country Two-Step that are done – Texas or Progressive and Arizona or Rhythm. The biggest difference between these two styles is where the dance goes. Progressive Two-Step is a dance that travels counter clockwise (in Line of Dance) around the floor. Rhythm Two-Step is mostly stationary, is effective in crowded dancing conditions, and is often what you will see here in Arizona.

Country Swing is one of many Swing dance variations, which means that some guidelines do apply, but these help to make you into a strong leader. This dance also includes spins, turns, and cool combinations that create a very fun, lively dance that will be sure to make you grin ear to ear. This dance is also adaptable to music other than Country, which is great to have in your back pocket!

September may seem like it is many moons away, but it’s never too early to discover Country dancing! Here at Dance FX Studios we are results driven and goal oriented so NOW is the time to get started so that you can really shine on any dance floor.  Let us help you to become the dancer you are envisioning – smooth and natural – while having a great time and learning a life-long skill that will cover you for any occasion. Dance FX Studios’ New Student Offer for beginners is a great way to be introduced to Country dancing.

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Meet Dance FX Studios’ Staff: Jessie!

Arizona Country dance instructorsHey there! Jessie here. I thought I’d take a little moment of your time and introduce myself.  I’m a dance instructor here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona.  I wasn’t always a dance instructor though. Before dancing, I did many different things.  I love exploring new avenues and am always seeking growth, so exploring dance and all of the exciting popular styles from the Country Two Step to Salsa dancing has been a blast!  I think I’m a fairly eclectic individual, and have always imagined being the kind of person to grow old and share all of my experiences and stories with my grandkids.  Some other things I’m passionate about outside of dancing are:  hot yoga, music (going to shows, sharing it, blasting it in my car and singing at the top of my lungs), the outdoors, books, geology, theology, behavioral psychology, and road trips.  I know, I’m all over the board.  Below is a Q&A section covering more about me and of my dance background.  Enjoy!
Q: What is your dancing background?
A: I grew up dancing.  I did jazz and clogging as a kid.  I loved to make up dancing routines in my living room with my friends to all our favorite pop songs.  We even did a couple talent shows and festivals around the Phoenix valley.  When I got older, I started going out to clubs and bars to dance.  It was at that time that I discovered Country 2-Step dancing.  WOW! I was entranced by it, and desperately wanted to learn.  Apparently those vibes were noticed because someone immediately asked me to dance and offered to teach me.  I’ve been in love with partner dancing from that moment on.
Q: Why Dance FX Studios?
A: Well, I was actually working as an Office Manager before I became a Dance Instructor.  I was steadily becoming discontent with this position.  I have always considered myself to be a very creative, artsy person, but I love helping people too.  My job situation, at the time, was not harnessing either skill.  I went away on holiday one day, and stumbled across a book in a tiny boutique.  It seemed to know exactly the discontent my heart felt.  It spoke of finding your “bliss” or “calling in life” with beautifully painted pages.  I sat down and considered my skills and the desires of my heart.  It was during this time of reflection I ran across Dance FX Studios. I knew the moment I saw it that I had to be there.  I love helping people above all things, and I love social partner dance too!  The combination of the two seemed absolutely golden, and I’ve not looked back since.
Q: What is your favorite thing about working at Dance FX Studios?
A; The people!  I’ve never been someplace where the people I am surrounded with everyday are so friendly, encouraging, and inspiring!  How often does one person get to say they genuinely love and enjoy their job and the people they work with?  Staff and students included,  Dance FX Studios attracts incredible individuals that are a joy to be around.
Q: What is your favorite style of dance to teach and why?
A: I love teaching the Nite Club 2 Step (Dance FX Studios version).  I love how romantic and smooth it feels.  It’s elegant and beautiful.  I think I also like the type of song that goes along with such a dance.  I’m a sucker for music that makes you feel things, and Nite Club seems to encompass the emotion of a song better than most other partner dances.
Q: What three words would you use to describe yourself?
A: I would say that I am passionate, creative, and empathetic.
Q: What’s a fun fact about you?
A: I would love to own a motorcycle and road trip across the U.S. one day.
So there you have it folks!  Hopefully I’ll get to see you at Dance FX Studios soon, teach you some more about dance, and learn a bit about you too! And…since I get to work with newbies, check out our New Student Offer for beginner dance lessons with me! At the studio, you can learn everything that you will use out in the “real world”, from wedding dances to how to twirl your lady at your favorite Country bar in Arizona. I can’t wait for the opportunity to meet you and share my passion for dance with you!
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Top Three Dances to Learn This Summer!

Salsa dancing in ArizonaLet’s chat about the dances that are hot and spicy enough to give you a sizzling social life this summer.  Social dancing, like Country Two Step or Salsa dancing, will bring you inside from the cool air, instead of staying outside in the sizzling hot sun Arizona sun. Why not have an exciting summer learning the types of dance that get your body moving, looking great by slimming down, yet all the while staying cool!? Show off your sizzle on the dance floor! Stay cool and look hot!

Here are the top 3 social dances that we at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona recommend that you learn this summer, along with some good reasons for giving these hot dances a try!

Go Latin with SALSA!  No, not the kind you eat. We are talking hot moves, lots of hips, steamy music, close, person-to-person connection, social partner dancing! Though Salsa dancing does include a few solo moves, it is mostly a dance which requires a partner. So motivate yourself to give beginner Latin dance lessons a try with an instructor at Dance FX Studios and very soon you will be falling into the rhythm of this electric dance style. If you choose this dance, be ready to release your emotion into spicy movement. Salsa is a dance of personal release and one of deep expression, mostly of passion.

Let’s Tango!  Tango is one of the most passionate dance forms out there. Argentine Tango is its most original form. Guess what? Argentine Tango is the signature dance of the owners here at Dance FX Studios! They LOVE it and have been performing together and teaching Argentine Tango for over a decade! This kind of staying power says something about their passion for the dance, along with how to keep it alive in a marriage or a partnership. The Tango establishes an amazing connection between leader and follower and it absolutely requires commitment. Aside from commitment to each other moving as one on the dance floor, this partner dance means being committed to the dance! If you choose Argentine Tango, be prepared to fall in love and work to keep the love alive on the dance floor.

It’s an all American buffet of dance!  The last choice is not one particular dance, it’s an all-American selection of Social Ballroom Dancing! Learning to social ballroom dance will come in handy when you have to do a first-dance at your wedding. The fact is, ballroom dancing skills come in handy any time you find yourself in a place for dancing anywhere!  Choose from Country, Swing, Latin or the steamy Argentine Tango and your bases will be covered. With so many styles to learn, you can’t help but have a blast on any social dance floor.

Okay so it’s true! I cheated and just told you about more than three dances! Here’s why: all dancing is HOT, all dancing is fun and exciting, AND dancing will get you slimmed down and socially filled-up for SUMMER FUN!  Local dance clubs are the ultimate frontier for guys or gals who are petrified of dancing. You can either park yourself on the bar-stool, or jump under the strobe lights after taking your foundation lessons here at Dance FX Studios. Start dancing today at Dance FX Studios using our New Student Offer, only $25, for an entire hour dance lesson!