Top Three Dances to Learn This Summer!

Salsa dancing in ArizonaLet’s chat about the dances that are hot and spicy enough to give you a sizzling social life this summer.  Social dancing, like Country Two Step or Salsa dancing, will bring you inside from the cool air, instead of staying outside in the sizzling hot sun Arizona sun. Why not have an exciting summer learning the types of dance that get your body moving, looking great by slimming down, yet all the while staying cool!? Show off your sizzle on the dance floor! Stay cool and look hot!

Here are the top 3 social dances that we at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona recommend that you learn this summer, along with some good reasons for giving these hot dances a try!

Go Latin with SALSA!  No, not the kind you eat. We are talking hot moves, lots of hips, steamy music, close, person-to-person connection, social partner dancing! Though Salsa dancing does include a few solo moves, it is mostly a dance which requires a partner. So motivate yourself to give beginner Latin dance lessons a try with an instructor at Dance FX Studios and very soon you will be falling into the rhythm of this electric dance style. If you choose this dance, be ready to release your emotion into spicy movement. Salsa is a dance of personal release and one of deep expression, mostly of passion.

Let’s Tango!  Tango is one of the most passionate dance forms out there. Argentine Tango is its most original form. Guess what? Argentine Tango is the signature dance of the owners here at Dance FX Studios! They LOVE it and have been performing together and teaching Argentine Tango for over a decade! This kind of staying power says something about their passion for the dance, along with how to keep it alive in a marriage or a partnership. The Tango establishes an amazing connection between leader and follower and it absolutely requires commitment. Aside from commitment to each other moving as one on the dance floor, this partner dance means being committed to the dance! If you choose Argentine Tango, be prepared to fall in love and work to keep the love alive on the dance floor.

It’s an all American buffet of dance!  The last choice is not one particular dance, it’s an all-American selection of Social Ballroom Dancing! Learning to social ballroom dance will come in handy when you have to do a first-dance at your wedding. The fact is, ballroom dancing skills come in handy any time you find yourself in a place for dancing anywhere!  Choose from Country, Swing, Latin or the steamy Argentine Tango and your bases will be covered. With so many styles to learn, you can’t help but have a blast on any social dance floor.

Okay so it’s true! I cheated and just told you about more than three dances! Here’s why: all dancing is HOT, all dancing is fun and exciting, AND dancing will get you slimmed down and socially filled-up for SUMMER FUN!  Local dance clubs are the ultimate frontier for guys or gals who are petrified of dancing. You can either park yourself on the bar-stool, or jump under the strobe lights after taking your foundation lessons here at Dance FX Studios. Start dancing today at Dance FX Studios using our New Student Offer, only $25, for an entire hour dance lesson!