How to be an Awesome Latin Dancer

Salsa dance lessons near TempeHave you always envisioned yourself shaking your bon-bon at a steamy Latin dance club? What about being twirled, twisted and dipped, Shakira style? If you have an affinity for Latin dancing as much as I do, you may have already begun your journey into Latin dance lessons. If so, good for you! With formal dance instruction, you can get the tools you need to succeed on any dance floor.

Whether you have recently started with beginner Latin dance lessons, or you’re still working up the courage to give your local dance studio a call, I have a few pointers to share with you on how to be an awesome Latin dancer.

  1. Take Private Dance Lessons versus Group Lessons. Even if you’re not looking to be “the best” Latin dancer, you will always get more out of one-on-one Dance lessons over Group Classes. With individual attention to key factors, such as your dance frame, your leading or following skills and how to connect with your dance partner, you will spend less time getting more detailed information with Private Dance Lessons. And, when you are more efficient with your time, you can get out on the dance floor that much sooner to enjoy Salsa dancing! 🙂 Private Lessons are also great for the instructor to tailor their lesson around how you learn best. For example, a visual person would not learn best from a long explanation, and vice versa. In a group setting, your teacher cannot make the lesson specific to your learning style.
  2. Keep your lessons close together. Once you begin Private Latin Dance Lessons, stick with them. Consistency is key! Most often, I am asked “How many times a week should I come to my dance lessons?” My answer is simple. “As often as you possibly can!”, I say. By that I do not mean once a week. If possible, try to attend your lessons every other day in your initial stages. Really! This will dramatically improve your retention, which will cut back on review time as you move forward. Also, repetition is the answer, and doing anything once a week for an hour or less will not help with that. As you grow in your dancing and the basics and concepts become second nature, you will be able to give yourself more time in between lessons and still progress from one lesson to the next. This does take time, though, so be patient with yourself.
  3. Start now. If you want to be a confident Salsa dancer for that holiday party in December, and it’s only June, start now! You’ll be glad you did! Rushing to try and grasp an entirely new set of skills is self-torture. OK, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but give yourself time to get comfortable and ease into dance. Many dancers relate learning to dance to learning a whole new language. With that in mind, have you ever tried to learn to speak Spanish or French? It didn’t happen over night, right? Getting a head start now with Latin dance lessons for any unexpected occasion, or even to plan a night out at a local Latin dance club, will truly make you feel more confident, and that’s what dancing is all about, besides having fun, of course!

Give yourself the gift of dance, it’s so worth it! From improved health to better memory, meeting new friends and adding romance, Latin dance lessons are the gift that keeps on giving! Arizona residents, you’re in luck! Come visit us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ for quality social dance instruction. We will make sure that you can shake it with the best of them!