Why Free Group Dance Classes Don’t Work

group salsa classes in ArizonaHave you ever heard the expression “You get what you pay for.”? Well, that saying rings true for many things, even learning to social ballroom dance! You’d think that with all of the free group dance classes in the Country bars and Latin clubs that there would be tons of great dancers out there, but the fact is that most social dancers haven’t a clue what they’re doing. “But they’re having so much fun! Isn’t that all that matters?”. Truly, no. That is not all that matters (although fun is real important). What matters most when social dancing at bars, in nightclubs or even at your best friend’s wedding is that those around you are safe and comfortable and that you can actually apply what you know to a real world situation. How do you learn those skills? With private dance lessons, of course!

Consider social ballroom dancing, like Country Two Step, Salsa, Swing and other partner dances, to be the same as learning a new language…the language of dance! How can one possibly learn enough detail to become a clear communicator on the dance floor in a group class with 20 to 30 other people? Even more, how can one become a proficient dancer when they are just learning patterns and not how to really lead or follow? These are just two questions that we will delve into to reveal that private dance lessons are a better investment if you are sincerely looking to learn how to dance with confidence.

Here’s the scoop on why free group dance classes don’t work:

 1. The attention to detail is missing: In group Swing or Salsa dance classes, you will get an overview of a few cool moves or “tricks” that you can take out social dancing. But what if you are not sure how to lead or follow them? What if you don’t have a proper dance frame or even know that your footwork is secondary to the connection you have in your upper bodies? What you are left with is just a bunch of sloppily executed moves with no structure or foundation with which to rely on. How unfortunate! After just a few private dance lessons, you could actually know how to lead or follow those moves so much better, just by understanding your roles and responsibilities on the dance floor as a leader and follower. With these tools, you are sure to have more confidence to take with you on any social dance floor.

 2. Group Classes are not customized for how you learn best. The one major disadvantage of group dance classes is that you are learning with the masses. Some of you will pick up the material slower than others, simply because you are not being taught in a way that makes sense to you. For example, some students learn best when seeing the move over and over again, while others learn best when their dance instructor explains the moves in more detail with pictures or examples that are relatable to them. With customized instruction from a knowledgeable instructor, you can bet that you will be taught in a way that makes sense. That’s our job. In a group setting, it’s just not possible to personalize the learning experience, leaving some out in the cold to fend for themselves, so to speak. This tends to be quite demotivating and leaves room for you and your partner to give up on a hobby that can truly enhance your lives.

 3. Group Classes are pattern-based. Social partner dancing is all about adhering to a specific rhythm, rather than memorizing patterns. If you didn’t know that, it’s OK. It probably just means that you haven’t taken private dance lessons yet! It’s not too late to enjoy the real benefits of knowing how to dance by not just memorizing routines that you can watch on youtube, but by getting quality instruction that will keep you on the dance floor all night long!

It’s your turn to make the investment in yourself, or in you and your partner with private dance lessons. There’s no reason to fumble around on that dance floor when you can be floating with ease and comfort through any social dance, from the Argentine Tango to the Country Two Step. If you live in Phoenix, Arizona, come have some fun with us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ. We are right off the 101 highway so that we can accommodate residents valley-wide. Your days of enjoying social dancing are just around the corner!