Two Step Your Way Into Her Heart

Country Two Step dancing in ArizonaAre you single and dating, or single and ready to date? If so, make yourself a hot commodity by knowing how to Country dance. Think about it, guys. You already took the time to learn to Two Step and Country Swing dance, and now you get to take her out on the floor and sweep her off of her feet. Do you think she’ll be impressed? We know she will!

Oftentimes, we do not think to prepare for what may come our way. But you can be proactive and make a great investment in yourself with Country dance lessons!  Here’s how…and why!

Country dancing builds confidence: Asking a girl out can be intimidating enough, but with the confidence you will gain by knowing how to dance, any woman would be lucky to date you, right? Actually, Country dancing is such a cool hobby and skill for a guy to have that you will surely have the ladies lining up to hang out with you.  That is pretty cool! Just show off your goods on the dance floor and see how your popularity with the ladies goes on the rise.

Country dancing is cool!: Why would you not want to partake in the Country dancing craze? If you live in Arizona, and other southwest states, Country dancing has been around forever. But now you can even go Two Stepping and Country Swing dancing in Los Angeles, Chicago, and other “hip” cities. Country music is here to stay, so get on board with the dances that can make your next evening at a Country bar a blast!

Getting started: Now that you know how key Country dancing can be to improving your social life, don’t wait to get started. You never know who’s around the corner waiting to be twirled around that dance floor by you! 🙂

The absolute best way to begin your exciting new hobby is by investing in private Country dance lessons. To get the one-on-one time with an instructor is so crucial to your overall experience and will ensure that you will stick with your dance lessons.

Unfortunately, most men miss out on the opportunity to shine on the dance floor because they took short cuts when they first started learning to dance. Going to those free group classes in your local Country bar can be a disaster in the making. We’ll go deeper into this in an upcoming blog, but let’s just say that without personalized and detailed instruction, men are generally the first ones to scurry off the dance floor, never to be seen on one again. How tragic! Really!

Phoenix, Arizona residents…come visit us at Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley to begin your dancing journey. We have an incredible New Student Offer that will show you just how fun and easy it is to learn to Country dance. Let us help you to get ready for all of the thrilling opportunities that will be coming your way!