What to Expect From Your First Dance Lesson

First dance lesson in Mesa, ArizonaSo you’re going to try dance. Great move (literally!)! You’ve never set foot in a studio, but you really want to learn to Country Two Step. Or maybe you’ve been watching those reality tv shows and you’re suddenly inspired to learn to Argentine Tango. No matter the reason, or the dance, walking into a dance studio for private lessons can be intimidating if you don’t know what to expect. To ease your mind, let’s talk about what you can look forward to when you take your very first partner dance lesson (at least a lesson at Dance FX Studios!).

Lots of Friendly Faces

From the front desk receptionist to the instructors to other students, you’ll meet lots of smiling faces on your first day! If you don’t remember our names, it’s okay. We still like you anyway. 🙂 Your instructor will take you on a tour of the studio so you don’t get lost and he/she will introduce you to anyone and everyone so you can be as comfortable as possible. Even though it’s a new place, a dance studio should always be comfortable. We’re a safe, judgement-free place of learning and fun. If you don’t feel at ease at your studio, it’s not the studio for you.

Lots of Talking

One of the best parts of taking private dances lessons is the fact that it is all customizable. Everyone learns differently and processes learning to dance in their own way. So, even though you’re here to dance, plan on having a lot of conversation with your new teacher! If we don’t know you, we can’t teach you. I’m not saying we have to know the name of your childhood cat, but your life, hobbies, and work tell us a whole lot about how you handle new information and situations. We also have to talk to you to understand what exactly you’re looking for. If you need a place to relax and dance, we’ll give that to you. If you want to challenge yourself mentally and physically, we’ll give you that, too. But we can’t do ANY of that if you don’t tell us. Come with a goal in mind and we’ll get you there.

Lots of Walking

It sounds silly, but dance is just glorified walking. You’re taking walking steps and applying a shape and rhythm to those steps, which happens to make it look really cool. So when we first start out, we actually do something called a connection exercise. As a studio that is based in true lead and follow techniques, we use lots of walking to teach you how to communicate with your partner as well how to use different dance frames. Don’t be fooled -you’re learning some really crucial dance skills while walking around.

Lots of Dances

When you walk into a dance studio, you may not necessarily know what you want to learn. Just knowing you want to learn to Country dance doesn’t tell us which Country dances you want to learn, be it Two Step, Waltz or the well-known and ever-popular Country Swing. We use the intro to give you a smorgasbord of options to pick and choose from. You won’t learn anything too incredibly challenging because, let’s be real, it’s your first day of dance. You’ll learn the basics of multiple dances while getting a good idea of what each dance looks and feels like so you know exactly what you want to stick with. Even if you walk in without a clue of what dances you want to learn, your instructor can give you an idea of what fits you best based on your musical interests and other hobbies (see: lots of talking to get to know you…).

Lots of Planning

At the end of the lesson, your instructor will sit you down to help you plan your social ballroom dance journey. Is Latin dancing the best place to start, or would it be easier for you to begin with another style of dance? Your first introductory dance lesson is only the beginning, after all! During your time on the dance floor, your teacher is actually assessing your rate of learning and learning style. This doesn’t mean we are judging you in the slightest, by the way. We just need to figure out the best way to help you achieve your end goal: to dance. Listen to what your instructor has to say. No matter how well or poorly you think you did, your teacher is a trained professional. We have a much better idea of standard learning curves and where you lie on said curve. The end decision is always yours, but really listen to your teacher’s assessment so you can make an informed decision.

That’s it! Your first lesson should be full of smiles, laughter, and dance. Remember, if you aren’t comfortable, it isn’t the studio for you. Not every studio fits every student, so keep an open mind. If you live in the greater Phoenix area and want to check us out, swing by Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona or give us a call! Our mission? To create confident social dancers! We love new students and are always available to help you meet your dancing goals. Dance FX Studios is just off the 101 and the 60 highways in the Phoenix East valley, so we are easy to get to from pretty much anywhere. Come dance with us for a guaranteed great time!

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