Must-Have Social Dances for Holiday Parties and Weddings

ballroom dancing in ArizonaSo Country dancing here in Arizona is just not your thing. You’re just not into Country music, even though you know how popular it is these days. Well that’s OK! There are plenty of other fun dances to explore that will keep you grooving’ to your favorite tunes at that next holiday party or wedding. Which dances should you know so that all of your nights out are covered? Let us give you our top three picks to get you through the holidays and beyond. (By the way, to become a confident dancer, private dance lessons are in order. Find a local social dance studio for adults and give their introductory lesson a try. Then you can see how exciting it really is to know how to dance!)

Swing: Swing dancing is THE must-have dance to cover almost all of your social dance opportunities. Did you know that there are more than 20 styles of Swing dancing? Swing can actually be danced slowly or very fast, depending on the particular style that you learn. For example, you can Swing dance to Rock and Roll, Reggae, Big Band, and even certain kinds of Hip Hop music. So, when you’re at your dance lesson to begin exploring Swing dancing, be sure to let your instructor know what type of music will be played at the event you are attending, and he/she can match the type of Swing dance that you will need to that genre of music.

In addition to being versatile, Swing dancing is awesome for crowded dance situations like weddings and parties because it doesn’t travel. Swing is a “spot dance”, meaning that it generally stays in one area, without requiring space to travel. Fun, useful and cool to know…that’s Swing dancing!

Slow Dancing: While the 8th grade prom sway may seem like enough, there actually are slow dances that make those romantic songs so much more fun to dance to. Here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, we teach Nite Club 2 Step as an option for slow dancing. With our style of Nite Club 2 Step dancing, all of your favorite slow jams can be covered with elegance and style. No more rocking back and forth when you can move with ease through romantic turns and rotations.

Foxtrot: Learn this favorite Ballroom dance and all of your Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble favorites will be covered! The Foxtrot is a mid-tempo, playful dance that gives you the feel of strolling through the park with the one you love.  The Foxtrot is great to know as an easy starter dance that blossoms into an elegant and beautiful dance as you learn more about it. On a social level, the movements are as simple as walking to a rhythm, making this dance fun to learn and very useful.

Discover social dancing with us at Dance FX Studios! We are located in the Phoenix East Valley, just off the 101 highway. it’s not too late to take dance lessons prior to those upcoming holiday parties so give us a call today and let us help you to become a comfortable social dancer in no time!


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