3 Dance Tips for Ladies When Dancing With Someone New

Yessss! That hot guy that has been eyeballing you from the bar has finally asked you to dance! Now is your chance to show him all of those cool moves that you learned in your Salsa dance class, right? Wrong! Let’s explore a few tips from us pros on what it means to be a lady on the dance floor. Whether your doing the Country Two Step or the Latin Bachata, the rules are the same. So ladies, heed our warnings on what not to do once you have been asked to dance for the first time with a man that you don’t know.

1. Don’t Lead Yourself: Talk about making him feel inadequate! While this may not be your “intention”, he will feel like he wants to run for the hills if you pull his man card by leading yourself into all of the cool moves that he should “know”. Remember ladies, on the dance floor, he is in charge. Let him do his thing and figure out what feels right for him. Hey, he got on the dance floor to impress you, so help to build his confidence by making him the leader on the dance floor.

2. Don’t show off-Match His Style: So you know he’s cute and you think that if you shake just a little more in that Salsa dance, he’ll want to dance with you again. This may work for a minute, but remember, you are rolling the dice on this one. Intimidating your partner may again make him feel inadequate and “not good enough” to keep dancing with you. Try to match his style and tone things down until he is ready to take it to the next level. This way, he directs you on the dance floor and not the other way around. We get to be in charge off the dance floor, so throw him a bone and relax girls.

3. Don’t Teach Him His Part: NEVER, EVER teach a guy that you have just barely met how to dance on the floor-in front of everyone. If you really want to be strategic, make him look good by smiling and going with the flow. Teaching a guy that has just built up the courage to ask you to dance is deflating. I know that is not your objective, so why turn your dance into a dance lesson?

It’s tricky to be a lady when it comes to ballroom dancing, including Swing, Latin and Country dancing. We usually have to wait to be asked for a dance, wait for a good leader to approach us, and hope that once we get out on the dance floor that he knows what he’s doing. That’s a lot of pressure for him too, though. Go easy, develop a relationship and over time, maybe suggest a few private dance lessons for that cute beginner dancer. Keep these tips from us to you in mind and send him over to Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, located just minutes from Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and Scottsdale, AZ. We will build his confidence in no time so that you can enjoy dancing with him rather than directing him. Better yet, give him a gift card for an introductory dance lesson at Dance FX Studios and join him so that you too can pick up a few pointers on how to develop a partnership with your new man. Dancing will bring you closer, guaranteed, as long as you relax and enjoy the journey.