Visit Dance FX Studios in AZ for Social Ballroom Dance Lessons

happy couple dancingDance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona has been one of THE leading social ballroom dance studios in Arizona for over a decade. Located right off the 101 Freeway, on the southeast corner of Dobson and Guadalupe, Dance FX Studios is accessible and close to people all over the Phoenix East Valley. What sets Dance FX Studios apart from other ballroom dance studios in Arizona? We focus purely on social dancing for our students. You won’t find Dancing With The Stars competitive-style ballroom dancing here. Instead, you will receive practical social dance lessons at Dance FX Studios that you can take out on any crowded dance floor. From the Country Two Step to the Salsa to Swing dancing, you will become a confident dancer in no time with private dance lessons from us. Our approach to social dancing? Very good question! We focus on giving our singles and couples the tools that they need to conquer any social dancer with ease. Let’s explore the many facets of social dancing and just what it means to take social dancing lessons.

Social dancing is extremely versatile and can be taken virtually anywhere. You can take what you learn in social dancing to many different places and events. A good percentage of our students take dance lessons with us because they have a wedding or special event that they are attending. They want to learn to dance and become confident enough to enjoy themselves on the dance floor throughout the entire reception of their friend or family member’s wedding or at a club. Some students have a trip or a cruise coming up that they want to prepare for. We’ve had students who are going abroad to Latin American countries and want to become proficient in the language of Latin dance so they can “go native” when they get there. Other couples come in wanting to learn to Swing or Salsa or Tango dance together and enjoy a fun, stress-relieving hobby that will add some romance to their relationship. Singles who want to learn to dance to become more confident and meet new people come and discover just how great dance lessons are for many other areas of their life, from improving their health to unwinding after a long week. After discussing what YOU want to learn and where you see yourself dancing, you can choose up to four dances to learn in one of our personalized dance programs and take your dancing wherever you go!


Dance FX Studios ensures that each student becomes a proficient social dancer. Not only will you learn the moves and form necessary to look good on the dance floor, but we will also equip you with social dancing tips, tricks and tools to make you shine on every dance floor.

When you go out social dancing, you will come across dance venues and situations that may be awkward or unsafe, more commonly when dancers mix too much alcohol with their dancing. We prepare all of our students for situations like this. Crowded dance floors are a common occurrence, and we make sure our students know how to lead and follow correctly and how to navigate around a dance floor that might be packed with people. This keeps our students and their dance partners safe and comfortable on the dance floor, avoiding collisions or awkward close calls.

One fun part about social dancing is meeting new people. With us, you can learn how to connect with any dance partner and how to enjoy yourself all night long. There are various other tips that will keep you popular on the dance floor, like attire, hygiene, and social tips that you can learn from us too!

Do social dancing lessons sound like something you would love to try out? You should! With our $40 Private Dance Lesson Introductory Offer, you can see just how fun and all-inclusive dance lessons at Dance FX Studios are. Call us today to make an appointment for your first dance lesson and let the fun begin!