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Guys, Become Confident in Your Dancing Today!

ballroom lessons for beginners arizonaHey guys, are you looking to improve your odds of meeting someone special? Would you like to have more fun while staying fit through the holidays? Then social dance lessons are exactly what you need, and you need to start today! Guys, the equation is simple enough, and it looks something like this: A man who adds dancing to his list of skills also adds the most probable chance of sweeping a few lovely ladies off their feet! What’s better than that?

Now, some of you may think that knowing how to Country dance or even Latin dance couldn’t have such an enormous impact on your life, but believe me, after creating thousands of confident social dancers over the last 20 years, I can say with assurance that dancing opens doors, lots of them, and indeed will have a big impact on your life.

Dancing can make you so much more confident! There’s even actual science to back up my claims. For instance: Men who can dance have an 84% higher chance at attracting a female than men who can’t. Alright, so maybe I just made up this statistic on the spot, but the fact is that women are very much more attracted to a guy who can dance than one who cannot. This we all know.

Swing dancing or Salsa dancing is a fantastic way to sweep her off of her feet, so if you’re a great lead, it’s a very exciting thing! Ladies sort of feel like Cinderella in this instance, and that’s not only relaxing, but it makes them feel pretty and elegant.

Women also tend to relate what you can do on the dance floor to other areas of a relationship, if you know what I mean (wink wink). If you’ve got the moves, they think it’s sexy and that’s never a bad thing, right? Men who actually take the time to invest in themselves with beginning private dance lessons are not just giving to themselves, they are learning a hobby that helps them to connect with the ladies on a more intimate level, and even look cool amongst their friends while doing it.

You want another absolutely genuine scientific statistic? Your friends are going to be about 100% more jealous of you if you know how to dance. Okay, okay yes, another made up stat, but guys, come on, it’s SO true! If you’re sitting on the sidelines with a beer while your friend is twirling around the ladies who are smiling from ear to ear, who wishes they could be who? Be the envy of your friends, or be envious yourself. Make those girls happy and have a blast Country dancing, Salsa dancing or Swing dancing. Every dance is just as fun and exiting as the next! Also, you can burn up to 500 calories in just one hour, just by dancing! Now this is a fact. If you’re looking to slim down, Two-Step your way into a healthier you by dancing for 8-10 songs straight. The time will seem like it is flying by and you’ll be getting in shape without even realizing it. Now that’s something you can take to the bank!

There are so many more reasons to explore social dance lessons for beginners this upcoming holiday season. Remember all the totally legit scientific statistics we talked so much about. 🙂 You owe it to yourself to look up your local dance studio and see how soon you can begin you journey to a more confident and capable dancer. For you lucky Arizona residents, come visit us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ near Tempe. We would love to give you the dancing skills that add up to a more confident life for you!

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How to Attract a Man That Can Dance

country western dance lessons near Chandler AZLadies, do you have a “type” when it comes to men? Is he tall, dark and handsome? Is he funny? And most importantly, can he dance? If you’re looking to make a great connection with the guy of your dreams, and social dancing is something that you want to enjoy with your man, there are a few things you can do.

Since dancing is at the top of my list of things I want in my man, I can relate! There’s no point in putting your must-have’s on paper and then sitting back and waiting. Be proactive. Believe me, there are tons of guys out there that love to social dance. Many of them come and take Country, Swing and Salsa dance lessons at our social dance studio every single day. So take the bull by the horns and try out my top three ideas for how to attract a man that can dance.

  1. Set yourself up for success. If you want to meet a man who likes to go out social dancing, start going out to the places where you would like to him to take you. Grab a girlfriend and head over to that Latin dance club where you would love to go Salsa dancing, or the Country bar where you can see him Two Stepping you around the floor, and check out the scene. Putting yourself in the right place is a great way to get the ball rolling in terms of finding a guy that likes to dance. Like I said, they’re out there, so find out for yourself by frequenting local dance venues in your area.
  2. Become a great follower on the dance floor. If you’re looking for more than just a guy who likes to dance, but one that can dance well, chances are, he’s taken dance lessons at some point along the way. Now it’s your turn! Make a wonderful investment in yourself and sign up for beginner’s dance lessons in your favorite style of dance, from Country to Latin and Swing to Tango. Maybe you want to explore all of these fun social dances. Go for it! Dance lessons are a great way to relieve stress and let loose in the middle of your work-week. And who knows, the student learning next to you could be your next dance partner…
  3. Have fun! Of course you never want to appear needy or desperate when you’re single and looking, so go out dancing and enjoy your time with whoever asks you to dance. He may be a novice dancer, but who cares? He’s trying to do his best, so be supportive and relax. He may turn out to be a great man who wants to be a better dancer, which is why he’s going out social dancing too! How great is that! If you end up enjoying each other’s company, there’s always the option of taking dance lessons together.

Keep in mind that the best social dancers generally want to dance with other great dancers, so if     you’re looking for only the best leaders on the dance floor, remember to keep up on your following skills with regular dance lessons. Regardless of the level of dancer you attract, have fun and enjoy yourself. You’re dancing!

Finding a man that loves to go Two Step dancing or Swing dancing on the weekends makes date nights so much more exciting! Dancing is a fun and romantic hobby that you as a couple can enjoy for many years to come, so if you love to dance, why wouldn’t you want to find a guy that enjoys dancing too? Try out my tips and see if they work for you. I’d love your feedback, so feel free to let me know how it goes at . Happy dancing!


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How to Have More Fun Social Dancing

country dancing near Chandler AZMore fun while out social dancing is always the goal, right? I mean, what’s the point of even going out Country dancing or Latin dancing if you’re not enjoying time with new friends, in addition to brushing up on your cool moves. The key, though, is to figure out how to have the best dance experience possible. Social dancing is an amazing hobby when a little forethought is put into what your night is going to look like. Here are three tips from me to you on how to make your night out dancing a memorable one.


  1. It may be easier said than done, but my first piece of advice is to relax. Going out social dancing for the first handful of times can be quite nerve-wracking. For a leader, feelings of rejection, looking “stupid” or drawing a blank are usually front and center. For a lady, wondering if anyone will ask you to dance, or if he will be a good leader may be a worry. Social dancing is all about taking a deep breathe, knowing that everyone’s eyes are not on you, and taking the night for what it is…an opportunity to let go and unwind. Of course, social dancing is so much more than that, but why put the pressure of meeting that “special someone” or trying to be perfect on yourself? It’s just not worth it. So, tip #1, relax, have a few laughs and get out on that dance floor. Every dance you try is going to bring you one step closer towards gaining the confidence you are seeking.
  2. Tip #2: Be aware of your surroundings. Guys, please don’t Swing your partner into others in an attempt to show off and look cool. All this does, besides rip her arm out of the socket, is make her uncomfortable and unsafe. I know that may not be your intention, but why risk losing another dance with her? Another suggestion for new leaders is to make sure to protect your dance partner. There may be other guys out there that you can’t control who will inevitably fling their partners into you. Make sure to guard your lady and keep her safe. She will surely appreciate you looking out for her. 🙂
  3. Lastly, be kind to your dance partners. It is really scary to ask a lady to dance, or to be asked to dance by someone you don’t know. If you are not interested in accepting a dance, be nice. A polite, “No, thank you” will suffice. Even better, give him a shot. He may surprise you with his Two Step or Salsa dancing skills. Men, if you are finding that you’re dancing with a partner who is below your skill level, treat her with respect by leading her through simpler moves that she can feel comfortable following. Showing off  does not do any good for either of you, and it certainly won’t earn you another dance with someone who you may find attractive.

Well, I could go on and on about how to have a great time social dancing anywhere, and I will in incoming blogs! Until then, take these tips to heart, get off the couch and have a blast on that dance floor.

If you’re looking for a place to start with beginner’s social dance lessons, Phoenix residents, look no further! Visit our Arizona dance studio for social dance lessons. In no time, you’ll be ready to get on any crowded dance floor with confidence.

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Doing What Makes You Happy…Dance!

Country Two Step lessons for beginnersI’m in Starbucks again today.  There are two men sitting across from me.  I like to watch people.  These gentlemen are speaking rather loudly, so I cannot help but over hear their conversation.  The men are talking about life and their beliefs.  It sounds like one is counseling the other on his ideal life.  I don’t quite see the happiness in the vision he portrays, but it makes me reflect on what each individual considers to be happiness.  We all are so very different.  One of my favorite versions of happiness is social dancing.

When I began social dancing as a profession (think Country dancing, Latin and Swing dancing), I received a lot of grief for it.  People did not see it as a real job.  They’ve been this way about many things in my life.  But, as those who know me know, I’m a free bird and must try things out for myself.  Over the past few years, I have tried to train my brain not to dwell on others opinions.  Dancing makes me happy.  I think it is important.  I wonder how many people out there haven’t begun dancing because they are afraid of what people will think of them.  They are postponing their own chance at happiness due to fear.

Here’s my advice to you, my dear.  Jump in.  Go for it.  I read an article once explaining how you know you are on to something good when you begin to receive resistance.  I think that is correct.  I think the best things in the world come with some kind of push back.  If you are interested in partner dancing, and you’re receiving some kind of negative or discouraging feedback, I encourage you to fight the negativity!  Take a leap of faith.  I can only begin to tell you of all the wonderful benefits of dance that you will experience when you cross over to the other side.

Give it a chance.  Take some time to relax, de-stress from your busy schedule, or do something fun for yourself. Country dancing, or Latin dancing can give you just that.  Maybe what you really have needed all along is a new hobby and the opportunity to meet new people. Perhaps you and your spouse are in need of a night out and some quality time together away from the kids or work.  Social dancing is perfect for adding a bit of romance to your relationship.  Whatever your reasoning is, don’t let fear prevent you from finding a little piece of heaven in dancing.

Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona (where I teach) offers so many options for individuals or couples seeking to learn to social dance.  We have everything from Latin styles such as Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata to Country styles like the Arizona Two Step and Country Swing.  We also offer less genre specific styles such as West Coast Swing and Nite Club Two Step, so you’ll never be left without a song to dance to.  Whatever your style or preference, we can help you get on the dance floor.  You’ll have our support and encouragement the entire way.  Take part in our New Student Offer, and schedule your introductory dance lesson today.  We are open six days a week:  Monday through Friday from noon to 8pm, and Saturday 11am to 4pm.  I hope today is the day you do something good for yourself.  Take a chance and have some fun. 🙂

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What Are You Putting Off In Your Life?

Country dance lessons for beginnersHow do you know when you’re ready to start something new? Maybe a new project, job, or a hobby. Well, the answer is generally pretty simple. You really don’t know when you’re ready to start. You may think you need to complete a list of to-dos, you need more training, qualification, or a mentor, or perhaps you just want everything in your life to be aligning perfectly. But if think about it, when are you TRULY ready to begin something new? If you are questioning whether or not to start something, GO for it! Otherwise, before you know it, another week, month, and year has passed and you are still stuck in the same routine. What are YOU putting off because you think you’re not ready? What are the absolute essentials you need to get started now? These are the things that are at the very core of what you want to do. Now that you’re thinking about it, go do it! Honestly, you’ll find it to be less scary than you thought.

At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, where I teach social ballroom dance lessons (think Country Two Step, Salsa and Swing dancing), I hear this all of the time. My students often will say, “Man, I’ve been putting off learning to Country dance for 10+ years!” Or, “I’ve wanted to learn to Swing dance my whole life, and I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner!”

You know that every time you start a new hobby, it requires hard work and dedication for you to see the results. Social dancing is no different. There is always a big learning curve at the beginning, but it is well worth it. There is quite a bit to partner dancing. You have to know the rhythm of the specific dance, from the Country Swing to Salsa dancing, learn foundation moves that are the base of bigger, more elaborate moves, discover how to lead/follow well, and then, on top of it all, find out the social norms surrounding the dances and the atmosphere, including how to pick what dance to do to what music, how to dance on time, and certain techniques that make your dancing more smooth and natural overall. Whew! This may seem to be overwhelming, but remember, you start at the beginning and, step, by step, all of the pieces come together. It’s like a puzzle, you begin with the outside pieces because they’re easy to pick out. You put them together to form the shape of the puzzle itself, and then you begin to work on the middle. Social dancing is similar. There is a foundation that is necessary. Each style has a variation on the foundation, but the premise of it stays the same. The nice thing about learning to dance, especially when it’s from people who have experience teaching and dancing, is that there is often a clearer path to the end result that you are looking for than when you are putting together a puzzle. 

At Dance FX Studios, we help to make this task less arduous with Country, Swing and Latin dance lessons for beginners. We have the clear path for you. We have designed a fun and easy system of social dance instruction that is customized for each of our students. We make sure that each student has the rhythm of the dance down and the foundation moves before we add in the more complicated aspects. In the long run, you become a GOOD dancer much more quickly than you would trying to piece everything together at once.

Come, begin your journey! We have a New Student Offer for beginner dancers that you should definitely check out! Let us help you achieve your goals by allowing you to work smart, not hard! Social ballroom dancing is a skill that you will use throughout your life, from weddings to reunions to holiday parties. Take your first step today towards becoming a confident social dancer. You won’t regret that you did!

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Beat the Arizona Summer Heat on the Dance Floor

social ballroom dancing in ArizonaA friend living on the East Coast yesterday said she was looking at snow and waiting for Spring to show up. I told her that if she were here with us in Phoenix, Arizona, she would feel like she was skipping Spring and heading straight into Summer!  Our hot summer is upon us (even though we’re only in April), but don’t put your workout routine on the back burner just because it feels too hot to exercise.  I love being outdoors for exercise whenever possible, but exercising in an air-conditioned gym or house is the best way to keep cool. For the best Summer workout, come join us at Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley and see how you can Swing, Salsa and Two Step dance your way into that bikini body. No more boring trips to the gym for you! Mix up your workout routine and dance your way into a healthier you!

While the majority of Americans are starting to head outside and get their bodies moving, here in Arizona we have the tendency to retreat indoors just like we do during the cold winter months. This means reduced social interaction, lack of exercise, gloomy moods and, like the wintertime for most Americans, we become sedentary and pack on pounds.  Here are some excellent reasons to take up dancing as a new hobby and beat the Arizona heat…

Wear your sexy Summer clothing! Put on your strappy heals, that little black dress, those Cowboy boots, your linen shirt and skinny jeans! That’s right, since it is air-conditioned inside our dance studio, all of those wonderful Summer clothes that are too hot to wear outside, won’t go to waste. The same Summer clothing that will only get tight if you don’t move that body, can be worn on your private dance lessons as you discover the fun and excitement of Latin dancing, Swing dancing and Country Western dancing. Whether you are single or you have a partner – dress up for your dance lessons and practice your dance moves till the sun goes down! Then head out to dinner, and go Country or Salsa dancing, right here in Phoenix!

Increase your social circle by meeting new people! What better way to meet new people than by learning to be a great social dancer! Learn Salsa and hit the Latin clubs, make new friends and expand your social circle.  Explore Country Swing dancing and become a regular at cool and popular events like Country Thunder. Learn a slow, romantic dance and go anywhere: a casino, wedding, jazz club or work function, and be prepared to shine. Think about all the new experiences you will have because you took Private Dance Lessons. Develop a skill you can use over and over again, throughout your life, just about anywhere!

Use dancing as your primary form of exercise!  Social dancing gets you to to the right target heart rate for burning fat. Vigorous, prolonged dancing, when your heart rate goes up, equals cardiorespiratory fitness, one of the few ways to keep colon cancer at bay. Frequent dancing has also proved to have the greatest benefit for warding off Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, while many other summer activities like biking, golfing and swimming had zero effect on cognitive and mental acuity. Wow! It’s amazing how doing something so much fun like Salsa dancing, Swing dancing, and Tango dancing can have so many physical benefits.

Now stop and ask yourself, are you prepared to beat the heat this Summer? Are you going to slim down, have fun and meet new people when it’s 120 degrees outside?  The answer is YES! Yes you are … because you can take advantage of Dance FX Studios’ New Student Offer right now by calling 480-968-6177! For only $25, you will get a 50-minute Private Dance Lesson that will start you on your dancing journey today!

Dance FX Studios also offers: Group Courses, Semi-Private Dance Instruction, Wedding Dance Lessons, Corporate Team-Building Dance Classes and more! Visit our website for more information about the dances we offer and more about a studio that has been teaching people how to dance socially for almost 15 years! We are conveniently located at 1859 W. Guadalupe Road, #105, Mesa, Arizona on the corner of Dobson and Guadalupe, minutes from Tempe and Chandler, AZ.

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The Heat Is On!

Arizona dance lessonsCan you believe it? We’re in February and experiencing 80 degree days! Well, for those of you who reside in Phoenix, Arizona with us, you know what this means…Summer is approaching faster than we’re ready for it to hit! OK, I may be feeling a bit paranoid being that we haven’t even seen March yet, but I thought I had more time to get “bikini ready” before we start seeing continuous days of shorts weather. 🙂 Reality has set in and we will soon be basking (or baking) in 100 degree days. So what to do to prepare your bod? My favorite activity…Dance!

Yep, there’s nothing better than dancing your nights away into a more fit you. Now any dance style that gets you moving will technically do, but I prefer to meet a few of my needs all at once with social partner dancing.

What exactly is social partner dancing? Think traditional ballroom dancing. Now strip away all of the pressure and perfection, and imagine yourself in a Country bar or a Salsa club. Or even at your wedding, or on the dance floor on your best friend’s big day. Those dances that you can use in the real world on that crowded floor, like Country Two Step, Salsa, Swing dancing and, of course, even romantic slow dancing….that’s what I’m talking about.

While Ballroom dancing the old fashioned way is amazing, elegant and exciting, social dances can tick off several boxes in preparation for the months ahead. Here are just a few of the benefits of social dancing

1. Meet New Friends: Take a few private dance lessons and see how easy it is to meet new people! Your confidence will begin to grow, making it so much easier to ask someone for a dance or simply get out and spend time with others who have similar interests in dancing. Not only can you get that body in shape by having fun Salsa or Swing dancing, but you can also expand your social circle! Sweet!

2. Blow Off Steam: Of course you can always visit your local gym to shed a few pounds before the Summer, but did you know that social dancing also helps to relieve stress? And it’s so much more fun than the traditional workout! Why run on the treadmill when you can Tango your way back into that bathing suit?

3. Reconnect With Your Sweetie: With private dance lessons, you two love birds can get away from the kids and enjoy a fun way to spend quality time together. You’ll also be “working” towards the same common goal of staying fit through dance and having fun in the process! I can’t think of anything better for couples!

Summer is coming faster than we are ever prepared for. Make this one a blast by having a cool way to beat the heat with social dancing in Arizona.