Guys, Become Confident in Your Dancing Today!

ballroom lessons for beginners arizonaHey guys, are you looking to improve your odds of meeting someone special? Would you like to have more fun while staying fit through the holidays? Then social dance lessons are exactly what you need, and you need to start today! Guys, the equation is simple enough, and it looks something like this: A man who adds dancing to his list of skills also adds the most probable chance of sweeping a few lovely ladies off their feet! What’s better than that?

Now, some of you may think that knowing how to Country dance or even Latin dance couldn’t have such an enormous impact on your life, but believe me, after creating thousands of confident social dancers over the last 20 years, I can say with assurance that dancing opens doors, lots of them, and indeed will have a big impact on your life.

Dancing can make you so much more confident! There’s even actual science to back up my claims. For instance: Men who can dance have an 84% higher chance at attracting a female than men who can’t. Alright, so maybe I just made up this statistic on the spot, but the fact is that women are very much more attracted to a guy who can dance than one who cannot. This we all know.

Swing dancing or Salsa dancing is a fantastic way to sweep her off of her feet, so if you’re a great lead, it’s a very exciting thing! Ladies sort of feel like Cinderella in this instance, and that’s not only relaxing, but it makes them feel pretty and elegant.

Women also tend to relate what you can do on the dance floor to other areas of a relationship, if you know what I mean (wink wink). If you’ve got the moves, they think it’s sexy and that’s never a bad thing, right? Men who actually take the time to invest in themselves with beginning private dance lessons are not just giving to themselves, they are learning a hobby that helps them to connect with the ladies on a more intimate level, and even look cool amongst their friends while doing it.

You want another absolutely genuine scientific statistic? Your friends are going to be about 100% more jealous of you if you know how to dance. Okay, okay yes, another made up stat, but guys, come on, it’s SO true! If you’re sitting on the sidelines with a beer while your friend is twirling around the ladies who are smiling from ear to ear, who wishes they could be who? Be the envy of your friends, or be envious yourself. Make those girls happy and have a blast Country dancing, Salsa dancing or Swing dancing. Every dance is just as fun and exiting as the next! Also, you can burn up to 500 calories in just one hour, just by dancing! Now this is a fact. If you’re looking to slim down, Two-Step your way into a healthier you by dancing for 8-10 songs straight. The time will seem like it is flying by and you’ll be getting in shape without even realizing it. Now that’s something you can take to the bank!

There are so many more reasons to explore social dance lessons for beginners this upcoming holiday season. Remember all the totally legit scientific statistics we talked so much about. 🙂 You owe it to yourself to look up your local dance studio and see how soon you can begin you journey to a more confident and capable dancer. For you lucky Arizona residents, come visit us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ near Tempe. We would love to give you the dancing skills that add up to a more confident life for you!