How to Attract a Man That Can Dance

country western dance lessons near Chandler AZLadies, do you have a “type” when it comes to men? Is he tall, dark and handsome? Is he funny? And most importantly, can he dance? If you’re looking to make a great connection with the guy of your dreams, and social dancing is something that you want to enjoy with your man, there are a few things you can do.

Since dancing is at the top of my list of things I want in my man, I can relate! There’s no point in putting your must-have’s on paper and then sitting back and waiting. Be proactive. Believe me, there are tons of guys out there that love to social dance. Many of them come and take Country, Swing and Salsa dance lessons at our social dance studio every single day. So take the bull by the horns and try out my top three ideas for how to attract a man that can dance.

  1. Set yourself up for success. If you want to meet a man who likes to go out social dancing, start going out to the places where you would like to him to take you. Grab a girlfriend and head over to that Latin dance club where you would love to go Salsa dancing, or the Country bar where you can see him Two Stepping you around the floor, and check out the scene. Putting yourself in the right place is a great way to get the ball rolling in terms of finding a guy that likes to dance. Like I said, they’re out there, so find out for yourself by frequenting local dance venues in your area.
  2. Become a great follower on the dance floor. If you’re looking for more than just a guy who likes to dance, but one that can dance well, chances are, he’s taken dance lessons at some point along the way. Now it’s your turn! Make a wonderful investment in yourself and sign up for beginner’s dance lessons in your favorite style of dance, from Country to Latin and Swing to Tango. Maybe you want to explore all of these fun social dances. Go for it! Dance lessons are a great way to relieve stress and let loose in the middle of your work-week. And who knows, the student learning next to you could be your next dance partner…
  3. Have fun! Of course you never want to appear needy or desperate when you’re single and looking, so go out dancing and enjoy your time with whoever asks you to dance. He may be a novice dancer, but who cares? He’s trying to do his best, so be supportive and relax. He may turn out to be a great man who wants to be a better dancer, which is why he’s going out social dancing too! How great is that! If you end up enjoying each other’s company, there’s always the option of taking dance lessons together.

Keep in mind that the best social dancers generally want to dance with other great dancers, so if     you’re looking for only the best leaders on the dance floor, remember to keep up on your following skills with regular dance lessons. Regardless of the level of dancer you attract, have fun and enjoy yourself. You’re dancing!

Finding a man that loves to go Two Step dancing or Swing dancing on the weekends makes date nights so much more exciting! Dancing is a fun and romantic hobby that you as a couple can enjoy for many years to come, so if you love to dance, why wouldn’t you want to find a guy that enjoys dancing too? Try out my tips and see if they work for you. I’d love your feedback, so feel free to let me know how it goes at . Happy dancing!