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Heat Up Your Winter With Salsa Dance Lessons!

salsa dance couple in ArizonaAre you looking for something steamy to heat up your winter season? Push that hot cocoa aside and give Salsa dance lessons a shot! Grab your special someone or come solo and learn to dance one of the sexiest and most flirty social partner dances out there. Salsa dancing is THE dance to explore any time of year, but why not add a little passion to the cold months and learn something exciting, healthy and new. What will you gain from learning to dance the Salsa? Let’s explore…

Sass!: That’s right! Most people need a little push to bring out their inner flirt and that’s exactly what you’ll get by exploring Salsa dancing. You see, in order to capture the essence of the Salsa, you must let go and “become one” with the music and your dance partner. Believe it or not, the footwork for the Salsa is easy-much easier than you would think! What makes this dance exciting is adding personality to the dance-bringing it to life by freeing yourself and becoming uninhibited. There are very few places that some of you have been able to capture this feeling, so learning to Salsa dance may be totally out of your comfort zone. That’s OK. It’s a part of growing and being the best YOU possible! Once you’ve captured your inner sass and brought it to the dance floor, you’ll feel a sense of joy and freedom like never before. That passion may even transfer into other areas of your life! How fun and exciting is that!?

Health!: Are you ready for a workout in places that you didn’t know existed? Be prepared to burn calories and fat in your Salsa dance lessons. Once you get through the basics and you can dance an entire song from start to finish, you’ll be in for an evening of fun and fitness. Salsa dancing can burn up to 350 calories per hour and is great for the hips and thighs. With all of that shaking going on, you’ll be able to eat whatever holiday treats come your way without worry.

Salsa dancing can also replace one of your trips to the gym weekly. It’s a wonderful way to mix up your cardio workout and never get bored. For those who really want to warm up their winter, ask you dance instructor about Bachata dance lessons too. Now that’s a dance that will spice up any season! Get moving this winter with Latin dance lessons!

Passion!: Salsa dancing is not just intimate and playful, but it is a wonderful way to connect with your sweetie. Think “time alone with no kids” and feel instantly relaxed as you head off to your Salsa dance lessons. Social dancing is a cool way for couples to bond after a long day at the office. Spend some quality time away from your crazy Aunt this holiday season and give each other a gift that never ends-romance, excitement and a deeper connection.

Do you live in the Phoenix metro area? If so, come visit Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona for private or group Salsa dance lessons! Try out our New Student Offer for a taste of how dancing can get you through the holidays and beyond!

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