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Making Your Wedding Day Special With A Customized First Dance

rsz_1rsz_dsc05409So your soulmate recently got down on one knee and popped the question. Of course you say YES! as you cry tears of joy, but now you have a lot to think about when it comes to planning your wedding. Whether your wedding is three months from now or two years from now, you will need a unique and memorable first dance as a married couple, no doubt. Here at Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley, we can help relieve some of your wedding day stress with Wedding Dance Lessons. We teach many different styles to our brides and grooms, but here are some of our favorites.

If you’re a southern lady, or gentleman, then you may be more drawn to a Country themed Wedding Dance. We love Country Dancing for wedding couples as Country dancing has been trendy for several years now. If you want something fun and upbeat, then Country Swing may be just the dance for you! The Country Swing is fun and exciting as a dance, and will surely get your friends and family on their feet for you! In your Wedding Dance Consultation with us at Dance FX Studios, you can even try out the basics of  Country Swing dancing to see if it suits you. Country Two Step dancing for your wedding dance would be another great option if you want something a little slower, but still crowd pleasing.  Whichever Country dance you choose for your first dance, you’re going to want to change into your Cowboy boots beforehand to get into character for your special dance. 🙂

If you’re looking for something more traditional and romantic, we can also teach you to Waltz or learn another slow dance called the Nite Club Two Step. Your first dance will look classy, and you will still have a great time doing it. A lot of couples lean towards doing these types of dances because they are sweet and simple dances for your wedding. Most importantly, you get to enjoy each other and stare into each other’s eyes as husband and wife for the first time. Both the Waltz and the Nite Club Two Step are great if you are having a traditional wedding on your special day.

If your personality is a little more “out there” then we know that an unexpected dance that includes your bridesmaids and groomsmen is a cool surprise for your guests. Add a surprise element can really liven things up a bit at your wedding by having your best girlfriends and buddies learn a choreographed dance together. What a great way to create more memories with your friends! You could do something creative like a flash mob that is pre-planned and perfectly executed, with Wedding Dance Lessons, of course. These surprise routines have becoming very popular and are even trending on the internet. Who knows, maybe you and your wedding party will become YouTube famous! It really shocks your audience and will have them doubled over in laughter (in a GOOD way) while they watch you, your new husband and your wedding party do the moon walk, Hip Hop dancing, or whatever you can think up. We love a new challenge!

Let us help you choose a one-of-a-kind wedding dance that is customized for you. The team at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ can plan out your dream wedding dance to give you a wedding to remember.

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So Much More Than Wedding Dance Lessons…

rsz_1rsz_dsc05412You may be thinking about signing up for Wedding Dance Lessons to prepare for your big day. What a wonderful idea! Aside from being a thoughtful surprise for your friends and family, you will get to walk away with a new hobby that you can use for years to come…dance! And, as you may already know, couples that dance together, stay together. It’s true! Dancing is a romantic hobby that bonds couples in ways that they do not expect. Here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, we hope to give you that same amazing experience and so much more with a customized dance, created just for you!

What we pride ourselves on with our brides and grooms is making your unique first dance a fun adventure. In your Wedding Dance Lessons with us, you will get that much needed time together away from the stress and anxiety that often comes with wedding planning. Just when you feel like you can catch a break, there is one more thing you have to think about. Once you come in to our dance studio, though, you’ll be able to forget about everything you were previously worrying about and just have fun with your soon to be spouse. We do our best to make you feel comfortable and at home while you are learning your one-of-a-kind wedding dance choreography. Preparing you to dance in front of all your friends and family may sound a little intimidating and scary, but our instructors are pro’s at giving you all the right tools so you feel confident walking onto the dance floor as husband and wife.

We can guarantee that nobody will have the dance you will have at your wedding. Our instructors will create a custom wedding dance for you. We will even edit your wedding song for you so you won’t have to worry about your deejay cutting it off at the wrong time or playing the wrong song. You will have every other wife in the audience wishing they would have taken their First Dance Lessons with us too. Your personalized wedding routine will have everyone talking for years to come, and some soon to be brides will be thinking of your dance when starting to plan their own wedding day. Don’t you love being looked up to?

Our favorite benefit that you will have beyond your wedding day is the ability to use your dance skills for any event that comes your way. Everything you need to know to be able to go out dancing in the future can be yours once you invest in learning to dance. They say you should never stop dating your spouse, and what better way to date than  taking your partner on crime out Country or Swing dancing? You can literally dance anywhere… your living room with the couches pushed away, out at a bar, or even under the stars. We think dancing is one of the most romantic things to learn with your special someone. P.S. Dancing will also be great even when you have kids! Grab a sitter (unless you’re dancing in the living room) and make the most of your date nights being in each other’s arms and swaying to your favorite music.

If you want amazing and original wedding dance and an experience that will last a lifetime, schedule your Wedding Dance Consultation to discuss what your dream dance looks like. We can help make that dream come true and have a fun, worry-free time.

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Dance With Your Bridesmaids

rsz_1rsz_1dsc05357Your wedding day should be exactly how you imagined it. A lot of people like to have traditional weddings, but what is becoming more popular lately, are weddings with a little extra flare, especially when it comes to the first dance. Instead of just having a first dance with the bride and groom, more and more couples are choosing to do a dance with their bridesmaids or groomsmen as well, and we couldn’t be more excited. Our favorite wedding dance routines are ones exactly like this…

Whether you want to do a bridesmaid’s dance or a groomsmen dance (or both!), our dance studio can definitely help you. We love putting together fun, carefree wedding dance routines that will make your wedding the most memorable one of the year. Your friends may feel nervous about getting up in front of everyone they know and dancing silly to whatever music you choose, but that’s okay. Dance lessons for your wedding with all of your closest friends is another way to create long-lasting laughs and special time together. Plus, once your wedding party gets the hang of the dance choreography and feel comfortable in our studio, which won’t take long, they will be having the best time ever learning cool moves that they can use at other events too! Most importantly, we hope they will love creating your dream routine with you.

The groomsmen may be a little more skeptical of being a part of any kind of dancing. Reassure them that we won’t make any of the steps too difficult for them to learn. Our amazing instructors at Dance FX Studios top priority is to make our students feel comfortable.

If you want to incorporate both sides of the wedding party to do a single routine, a fun idea is to choose a popular partner dance, like Salsa, Country Two Step or Swing dancing, and they won’t feel as uncomfortable if someone is doing it with them. We will make every dance lesson you take to learn the routine fun and exciting so that each week they will look forward to coming in and letting loose with their friends.

There are tons of videos of wedding parties doing these types of routines, and they are going viral. It is for good reason, since they are so fun to do, and we’re sure you want to include a cool first dance in your wedding as well. Who knows, you may end up YouTube famous. 😉

If you’re stuck on ideas about which music or dances to include in your wedding dance routine, come to us and we can guide you the right way so that choosing what will best fit you and your friends will be easier. You can do a Country Dance like Line Dancing, or you could do something that starts of slow and sweet, then bust out into some NSYNC dance choreography later! How fun is that!? We encourage you to let your imagination run wild because anything you can think up is possible. Have fun with your ideas!

Bring your bridesmaids/groomsmen down to see us for a Wedding Dance Consultation to figure out how we can make your wedding dance dreams come true. We will have a great time on each and every lesson you attend. It will be a party in itself!


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Tips on Planning your Wedding First Dance

istock_000005697257smallAhhh, your first dance as a bride and groom! How beautiful. How elegant. How…daunting!  “What’s wrong with the 8th grade prom sway?”, your fiancé may ask. The perfect first dance can actually be the highlight of your wedding. As you prepare for your big day, consider how dance lessons will be a wonderful source of stress relief and fun! To help take the pressure off getting ready for your wedding dance lessons, here are a few tips and ideas.

The first thing you will need to do as a couple is discuss the vision you have for your first dance. Do you want to be rock stars on that dance floor and bring the house down with an unexpected first dance, or are you looking for something more understated? Once you have figured out what side of you as a couple that you would like to share with your friends and family, you are half way there!

Next, song selection is key. If you are unsure what would fit the look that you are going for, find a local adult dance studio that will assist you with the prep work and overall planning for your first dance. You may not realize what dance goes with what song. That is where we come into play with helping you to look your absolute best on the dance floor.  Whether your song choices are fast, slow, romantic or playful, it is recommended that you bring several ideas to an initial meeting or consultation to share with your wedding dance choreographer. Keep in mind that picking something that the both of you like and are comfortable with for a first dance will surely leave a lasting impression.

Lastly, it will be helpful to decide whether or not you would like to prepare a dance for the parents of the bride and/or  groom. Honor dances, as they are called, are a superb way to highlight and show gratitude to your parents. Do you have a special father/daughter song that you and dad have been listening to since you were little? Or how about a mother/son dance to show thanks for everything that mom has done for you. If so, let your instructor know so that we can be smart with how we account for your time between when you get started and the wedding date.

Since your first dance represents your eternal love for each other as husband and wife, ditch the back and forth bobbing that you did in junior high and give your guests a dance to remember.

Arizona brides and grooms can visit us at Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley for all of their wedding dance needs. We will give you an original dance routine that can be simple and elegant or completely outrageous. We have choreographed  first dances for almost two decades here in Arizona to all styles of dance from traditional ballroom to Argentine Tango, Swing, Salsa and Country dancing. Give your guests a memory that they will treasure forever with an amazing first dance!

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Arizona Wedding Season is Coming!

Teacher and student dancing in Mesa, ArizonaFlooding or not, wedding season is upon us! Since it’s usually too hot for Summer weddings in Phoenix, our wedding season falls a little later in the year. Whether you’re planning a Fall or Winter wedding or you’re looking to be a Spring bride, now is the time to look into one of your biggest moments… Your first dance! At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ, we accommodate every bridal couple we can, no matter what your budget or time frame. We offer different types of wedding dance lessons, so which one is right for you?

Is your wedding elegant and classic? If you want to sick with a more standard wedding, it doesn’t mean you have to stick with the prom sway. We can help you learn a simple and sweet first dance that doesn’t take away from the simple beauty of your big day, but still makes you look like a star. Whether you have 6 months or 2 weeks, our wedding consultants can help you create the perfect first dance, without it looking overdone or choreographed.

However, if you’re looking to be a little more of a rockstar, we also offer Rock Your Reception wedding dance lessons! This can be anything from a fun Swing dance number to a a flashy Salsa dance routine to anything you else you can imagine. Although we specialize in partner dance, we have done our fair share of wild and crazy first dances. Although these usually need a little more time – we recommend starting dance lessons at least 6 months before the wedding – we can also help you rock it out with a crash course. Just be ready to sweat!

Now, we do more than just make you look great for your first dance… We also want to help you shine for the rest of the reception! We offer social dance lessons (at a discount when we do your first dance!) for brides and grooms who want to keep dancing all night! If you’re having a Country wedding, why not learn how to Two Step? You’ll have Country music playing all night, so you might as well be able to dance to it. Dance FX Studios is known for our unique teaching style that focuses on true lead and follow. Instead of just teaching routines and patterns, we teach you how to really communicate on the dance floor so you can dance to all your favorite songs, instead of just one.

Still don’t know what to do for your first dance? Stop by our studio in Mesa, Arizona and meet with one of our wedding dance consultants. We’ve choreographed thousands of first dances, so we can hep you figure out what is right for you. We will also help you find the right song, dance style, and answer any questions you may have about your big day. If you aren’t interested in wedding dance lessons, but still want to get out on the dance floor, join us for private dance lessons or fun group dance classes! We offer Latin Dancing, Country Dancing, Ballroom Dancing, Argentine Tango and more. Let us make your perfect day even more perfect.

Contact us to begin your dancing journey…


Private dance lessons are available by appointment Monday-Friday from 12-8 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am-3 pm. For more information, call us today at 480.968.6177.

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Our Favorite Ways to Involve Your Guests in Your First Dance

Wedding couple learning first dance in ArizonaThe first dance can be one of the scariest parts of your wedding. Everything else has been meticulously planned, from invitations to wardrobe, down to the napkins at the tables. But what can you do to plan the first dance? If you know you want it to go smoothly and for your guests to enjoy it, your best bet is to get custom choreography from a studio like Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. The only way to get yourself a good dance is dance lessons, right? Well aside from great choreography, make your guests feel like part of the dance. This is about your journey, and these are the people that helped get you there. Here are our favorite ways to involve your guests in your special dance:

Write out the song lyrics

Most brides and grooms choose their first dance song because it has special meaning to them. If the words are important to you, print the words of your first dance song in your program, or use it as table settings. By providing the lyrics, your guests can have a much clearer idea of what you two are trying to express to one another during your dance. It’s also a nice keepsake if anyone wants to take it home!

Bring them onto the floor

End your dance on a high note by bringing out friends and family onto the dance floor. Plenty of couples use the first dance to kick off the dancing for the night, so really go for it! If you’re already doing a fast paced routine, like a salsa or hip hop number, it’s really easy to transition into fun dancing with everyone. If you’re doing a more traditional dance, but still want to make sure everyone gets out there, ask the DJ about creating a mix of your song that goes straight into party music!

Involve the crowd

if you don’t necessarily want to bring Grandma out on the floor, you can still involve the guests by inviting them to clap along. This can especially be fun at a Country Wedding if you decide to go for a Two Step or Country Swing first dance! With upbeat music like that, it’s easy to get everyone clapping, stomping, hooting and hollering. If you think your family might be a little reserved, you may even want to verbally invite them to clap along before the dance starts so they know they won’t offend you.

Choose songs that are special to your friends and family

Another way to make everyone feel involved without making them actually do anything can be with song choice. If you and your bridal party all grew up on the same music, consider bringing out something old school. If Vanilla Ice or N*Sync was your jam, then pump it up! Make a mix with songs that are meaningful to everyone and they will feel as a part of your dance as you do. It’ll definitely be something they’ll remember.

*P.S. Another fun idea is to ask guests to make song requests on their RSVP. Maybe not for the first dance, but it can make creating the night’s playlist a lot easier!

Have another cool idea that you think could work? Let us know! The wedding dance professionals at Dance FX Studios have been doing this for years, but we are always open to new ideas. If you’re in the greater Phoenix area and want to create the perfect first dance, give us a call. With everything from basic wedding dance lessons to fully choreographed routines, we have exactly the right fit for any bridal couple. Whether it’s sweet and simple, or crazy and fun, we’re here to help make your dream dance a reality! We’re just off the 60 and the 101 in Mesa, minutes away from Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix, and Scottsdale. Call us at 480-968-6177 to book a wedding dance consultation today!

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Private dance lessons are available by appointment Monday-Friday from 12-8 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am-3 pm. For more information, call us today at 480.968.6177.

2014 Wedding Trends

2014 Wedding Trends

2014 Wedding Trends, DanceFx Studios, Wedding Dance LessonsWedding trends are always changing, so it’s pretty easy to lose track of what’s still hot and what’s not. Some trends fade mid-season while new ones pop up, and some stay constant throughout the season. From the ever-cool surprise first dance to adding color to your gown, here are a few of our favorites this year, 2014:

Blush Tones

The hottest color in both bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses is blush tones. Long gone are the days of the bright magenta bridesmaid dress (thank goodness!)! Brides this season are opting for a more subtle look. Stick with pale pinks, soft corals, and nudes when out shopping with your girls. But these mild tones aren’t just limited to the ladies around you. Be bold and add some pink into your gown. Designers are doing everything from a fully pink gown to ombre effects for their brides-to-be. If you still want to keep the white gown, consider adding in a small pop of pink to your bouquet or shoes. Blush tones

Flash Mobs and Surprise Dances

Although fun first dances aren’t necessarily new to weddings, this season has been taking it to a new level. Viral videos of fun, choreographed wedding dances are appearing all over the internet! These dances can be so exciting and can range from a beautiful intimate dance between husband and wife to a crazy, full-fledged Swing dance number with the groom and his groomsmen. If you aren’t a natural dancer, find a dance studio near you and get a professional’s help. If you’re in the greater Phoenix area, Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona can get you on the right path. We’ve choreographed spicy Salsa dance numbers, original Ballroom dances, and even sensual Argentine Tango routines. Or, if you’re just looking to upgrade from the 8th-grade sway, basic wedding dance lessons can give you a smoother, more elegant look.


2014 is really bringing class and elegance back to the wedding world. With inspiration from the Great Depression era, brides and grooms are going back to a classic look and feel of times past. Feathers and lace have made a definite comeback in both the dress and decor. Hair embellishments in lieu of veils, black and white themes, and marquees are all great additions to your wedding.

No matter what theme or look you go for, the most important part of your wedding is that it matches you and your unique personalities. This is your day, so if you want to make your own trend, go for it! Keep it classy, keep it happy, and have fun getting married!

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Private dance lessons are available by appointment Monday-Friday from 12-8 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am-3 pm. For more information, call us today at 480.968.6177.

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Tips for a Backyard Wedding in Arizona

Backyard Wedding | DanceFx Studios | Wedding Dance LessonsWould you like to create an intimate wedding setting for you and your loved ones? Backyard weddings can be a blast! With forethought and planning, a relaxed and warm environment can make for the perfect wedding day. From a romantic first dance to fun backyard games, here are a few ideas on how to make your backyard wedding a success…

Keep it simple

Holding a backyard for a wedding already speaks measures. To most, it says cozy and romantic. If this is what you’re going for, be careful not to overdo it. As they say, less is more. Use white lights to decorate in trees and bushes for a whimsical and magical feeling. Warm and appropriately placed lighting helps to keep the space well lit and sets the tone perfectly.

To make the event fun, add pops of color with certain fabrics within and around the landscape to bring the whole area together. Draping sheer fabrics in the trees and around the shrubs will add a romantic element to the space. Theme-colored flowers to line walkways and fill in patches are also a creative way to make the entire backyard cohesive.

For the food selection , choose a more home like spread and think about serving it banquet style to keep the feeling of simplicity and togetherness.

Know your space

Make a detailed layout of the backyard. This helps to start organizing how you want the landscape to look and also where things will be going.

Have set plans for how guests will be parking and arriving to the venue. Will you need help with a valet or is there a nearby parking lot that may be available to rent for the evening? If neither of these are options, be mindful of your neighbors and possible HOA restrictions.

Make clear markings as to whether you want your guests to go through the front door or around a side entrance.

Don’t forget about restrooms! Decide if you will let guests use the house bathroom or think about renting portable restrooms designed for special events like weddings.

Another important decision is where the ceremony will be held. Will it be in the same area as the reception or separate from it?  If preparing a special area is required, consider how that will affect the rest of the layout. If you choose to have an event planner, they will be able to help you with these considerations and more.

Make it FUN!

The beauty of backyard weddings is that you can let loose and play! Planning fun yard games like Cornhole will get everyone up out of their chairs and interacting with each other. Or, if your crowd is really in the mood to party, hold a hula hoop contest or Limbo contest. They can take off their shoes and relax in the comfort of a grassy field or patio.

Another great way to get your guests mingling and moving is a group dance class. Hire a professional dance instructor in your area and ask him or her to come and teach some Swing, Salsa or even Country Two Step dancing. This is a fun way to get people on the dance floor at the reception as well as giving the a gift that they can use at other people’s weddings or events. Knowing how to dance builds confidence and makes every social gathering that much more exciting!

If you live the Phoenix East Valley, you can hire one of our instructors here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. They will make your backyard wedding a success with an entertaining group dance class for your friends and family. You choose the dance, from Ballroom to Country, and everything in between, and we will teach it in an easy-to-learn way! P.S. We can also create a one-of-a-kind first dance for the bride and groom that your guests will not soon forget.

Backyard weddings really can represent who you are as a couple. Whether you go casual or up the ante with dramatic style and flair, enjoy the comfort of home with a backyard wedding.

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Private dance lessons are available by appointment Monday-Friday from 12-8 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am-3 pm. For more information, call us today at 480.968.6177.

Kick Up Your Heels! Dance FX Studios Offers New Wedding Packages!

First wedding dance scottsdale azDance FX Studios is thrilled to announce NEW wedding dance packages for our Phoenix, Arizona brides and grooms! You CAN have the perfect first dance with any of our newly customized wedding package options.

From the simple to the simply outrageous, we do it all! Plus, each one-of-a-kind wedding dance will be perfectly fit to the song that suits you best.

Need help with that signature song? Schedule a private first dance consultation and let us help you to discover the tune that takes your breath away.

Want to rock your reception? Our wedding dance choreographers will help you to bring down the house! From Hip Hop to Salsa to the alluring Argentine Tango, you will give your guests a dance to remember!

Why would you want to learn your first dance as a married couple at  Dance FX Studios? It all comes down to 4 simple letters… L O V E. Our brides and grooms are extra special to us. 🙂 We know that dance lessons are a wonderful way to relieve stress for wedding couples. With this in mind, each lesson will include FUN and RELAXING time together away from your wedding stresses.

Dance FX Studios is located in Phoenix’s East Valley, just off of the 101 highway. We are 10 minutes from Scottsdale and the heart of downtown Phoenix and on the border of Gilbert, Chandler and Tempe. Phoenix Valley residents from Queen Creek to Maricopa, Sedona and Gold Canyon come over to Dance FX Studios to have their first dance choreographed.

Contact us for more on first wedding dance packages or to set up your first dance consultation today!