Dance With Your Bridesmaids

rsz_1rsz_1dsc05357Your wedding day should be exactly how you imagined it. A lot of people like to have traditional weddings, but what is becoming more popular lately, are weddings with a little extra flare, especially when it comes to the first dance. Instead of just having a first dance with the bride and groom, more and more couples are choosing to do a dance with their bridesmaids or groomsmen as well, and we couldn’t be more excited. Our favorite wedding dance routines are ones exactly like this…

Whether you want to do a bridesmaid’s dance or a groomsmen dance (or both!), our dance studio can definitely help you. We love putting together fun, carefree wedding dance routines that will make your wedding the most memorable one of the year. Your friends may feel nervous about getting up in front of everyone they know and dancing silly to whatever music you choose, but that’s okay. Dance lessons for your wedding with all of your closest friends is another way to create long-lasting laughs and special time together. Plus, once your wedding party gets the hang of the dance choreography and feel comfortable in our studio, which won’t take long, they will be having the best time ever learning cool moves that they can use at other events too! Most importantly, we hope they will love creating your dream routine with you.

The groomsmen may be a little more skeptical of being a part of any kind of dancing. Reassure them that we won’t make any of the steps too difficult for them to learn. Our amazing instructors at Dance FX Studios top priority is to make our students feel comfortable.

If you want to incorporate both sides of the wedding party to do a single routine, a fun idea is to choose a popular partner dance, like Salsa, Country Two Step or Swing dancing, and they won’t feel as uncomfortable if someone is doing it with them. We will make every dance lesson you take to learn the routine fun and exciting so that each week they will look forward to coming in and letting loose with their friends.

There are tons of videos of wedding parties doing these types of routines, and they are going viral. It is for good reason, since they are so fun to do, and we’re sure you want to include a cool first dance in your wedding as well. Who knows, you may end up YouTube famous. 😉

If you’re stuck on ideas about which music or dances to include in your wedding dance routine, come to us and we can guide you the right way so that choosing what will best fit you and your friends will be easier. You can do a Country Dance like Line Dancing, or you could do something that starts of slow and sweet, then bust out into some NSYNC dance choreography later! How fun is that!? We encourage you to let your imagination run wild because anything you can think up is possible. Have fun with your ideas!

Bring your bridesmaids/groomsmen down to see us for a Wedding Dance Consultation to figure out how we can make your wedding dance dreams come true. We will have a great time on each and every lesson you attend. It will be a party in itself!