So Much More Than Wedding Dance Lessons…

rsz_1rsz_dsc05412You may be thinking about signing up for Wedding Dance Lessons to prepare for your big day. What a wonderful idea! Aside from being a thoughtful surprise for your friends and family, you will get to walk away with a new hobby that you can use for years to come…dance! And, as you may already know, couples that dance together, stay together. It’s true! Dancing is a romantic hobby that bonds couples in ways that they do not expect. Here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, we hope to give you that same amazing experience and so much more with a customized dance, created just for you!

What we pride ourselves on with our brides and grooms is making your unique first dance a fun adventure. In your Wedding Dance Lessons with us, you will get that much needed time together away from the stress and anxiety that often comes with wedding planning. Just when you feel like you can catch a break, there is one more thing you have to think about. Once you come in to our dance studio, though, you’ll be able to forget about everything you were previously worrying about and just have fun with your soon to be spouse. We do our best to make you feel comfortable and at home while you are learning your one-of-a-kind wedding dance choreography. Preparing you to dance in front of all your friends and family may sound a little intimidating and scary, but our instructors are pro’s at giving you all the right tools so you feel confident walking onto the dance floor as husband and wife.

We can guarantee that nobody will have the dance you will have at your wedding. Our instructors will create a custom wedding dance for you. We will even edit your wedding song for you so you won’t have to worry about your deejay cutting it off at the wrong time or playing the wrong song. You will have every other wife in the audience wishing they would have taken their First Dance Lessons with us too. Your personalized wedding routine will have everyone talking for years to come, and some soon to be brides will be thinking of your dance when starting to plan their own wedding day. Don’t you love being looked up to?

Our favorite benefit that you will have beyond your wedding day is the ability to use your dance skills for any event that comes your way. Everything you need to know to be able to go out dancing in the future can be yours once you invest in learning to dance. They say you should never stop dating your spouse, and what better way to date than  taking your partner on crime out Country or Swing dancing? You can literally dance anywhere… your living room with the couches pushed away, out at a bar, or even under the stars. We think dancing is one of the most romantic things to learn with your special someone. P.S. Dancing will also be great even when you have kids! Grab a sitter (unless you’re dancing in the living room) and make the most of your date nights being in each other’s arms and swaying to your favorite music.

If you want amazing and original wedding dance and an experience that will last a lifetime, schedule your Wedding Dance Consultation to discuss what your dream dance looks like. We can help make that dream come true and have a fun, worry-free time.