Our Favorite Ways to Involve Your Guests in Your First Dance

Wedding couple learning first dance in ArizonaThe first dance can be one of the scariest parts of your wedding. Everything else has been meticulously planned, from invitations to wardrobe, down to the napkins at the tables. But what can you do to plan the first dance? If you know you want it to go smoothly and for your guests to enjoy it, your best bet is to get custom choreography from a studio like Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. The only way to get yourself a good dance is dance lessons, right? Well aside from great choreography, make your guests feel like part of the dance. This is about your journey, and these are the people that helped get you there. Here are our favorite ways to involve your guests in your special dance:

Write out the song lyrics

Most brides and grooms choose their first dance song because it has special meaning to them. If the words are important to you, print the words of your first dance song in your program, or use it as table settings. By providing the lyrics, your guests can have a much clearer idea of what you two are trying to express to one another during your dance. It’s also a nice keepsake if anyone wants to take it home!

Bring them onto the floor

End your dance on a high note by bringing out friends and family onto the dance floor. Plenty of couples use the first dance to kick off the dancing for the night, so really go for it! If you’re already doing a fast paced routine, like a salsa or hip hop number, it’s really easy to transition into fun dancing with everyone. If you’re doing a more traditional dance, but still want to make sure everyone gets out there, ask the DJ about creating a mix of your song that goes straight into party music!

Involve the crowd

if you don’t necessarily want to bring Grandma out on the floor, you can still involve the guests by inviting them to clap along. This can especially be fun at a Country Wedding if you decide to go for a Two Step or Country Swing first dance! With upbeat music like that, it’s easy to get everyone clapping, stomping, hooting and hollering. If you think your family might be a little reserved, you may even want to verbally invite them to clap along before the dance starts so they know they won’t offend you.

Choose songs that are special to your friends and family

Another way to make everyone feel involved without making them actually do anything can be with song choice. If you and your bridal party all grew up on the same music, consider bringing out something old school. If Vanilla Ice or N*Sync was your jam, then pump it up! Make a mix with songs that are meaningful to everyone and they will feel as a part of your dance as you do. It’ll definitely be something they’ll remember.

*P.S. Another fun idea is to ask guests to make song requests on their RSVP. Maybe not for the first dance, but it can make creating the night’s playlist a lot easier!

Have another cool idea that you think could work? Let us know! The wedding dance professionals at Dance FX Studios have been doing this for years, but we are always open to new ideas. If you’re in the greater Phoenix area and want to create the perfect first dance, give us a call. With everything from basic wedding dance lessons to fully choreographed routines, we have exactly the right fit for any bridal couple. Whether it’s sweet and simple, or crazy and fun, we’re here to help make your dream dance a reality! We’re just off the 60 and the 101 in Mesa, minutes away from Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix, and Scottsdale. Call us at 480-968-6177 to book a wedding dance consultation today!

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