2014 Wedding Trends

2014 Wedding Trends, DanceFx Studios, Wedding Dance LessonsWedding trends are always changing, so it’s pretty easy to lose track of what’s still hot and what’s not. Some trends fade mid-season while new ones pop up, and some stay constant throughout the season. From the ever-cool surprise first dance to adding color to your gown, here are a few of our favorites this year, 2014:

Blush Tones

The hottest color in both bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses is blush tones. Long gone are the days of the bright magenta bridesmaid dress (thank goodness!)! Brides this season are opting for a more subtle look. Stick with pale pinks, soft corals, and nudes when out shopping with your girls. But these mild tones aren’t just limited to the ladies around you. Be bold and add some pink into your gown. Designers are doing everything from a fully pink gown to ombre effects for their brides-to-be. If you still want to keep the white gown, consider adding in a small pop of pink to your bouquet or shoes. Blush tones

Flash Mobs and Surprise Dances

Although fun first dances aren’t necessarily new to weddings, this season has been taking it to a new level. Viral videos of fun, choreographed wedding dances are appearing all over the internet! These dances can be so exciting and can range from a beautiful intimate dance between husband and wife to a crazy, full-fledged Swing dance number with the groom and his groomsmen. If you aren’t a natural dancer, find a dance studio near you and get a professional’s help. If you’re in the greater Phoenix area, Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona can get you on the right path. We’ve choreographed spicy Salsa dance numbers, original Ballroom dances, and even sensual Argentine Tango routines. Or, if you’re just looking to upgrade from the 8th-grade sway, basic wedding dance lessons can give you a smoother, more elegant look.


2014 is really bringing class and elegance back to the wedding world. With inspiration from the Great Depression era, brides and grooms are going back to a classic look and feel of times past. Feathers and lace have made a definite comeback in both the dress and decor. Hair embellishments in lieu of veils, black and white themes, and marquees are all great additions to your wedding.

No matter what theme or look you go for, the most important part of your wedding is that it matches you and your unique personalities. This is your day, so if you want to make your own trend, go for it! Keep it classy, keep it happy, and have fun getting married!

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