Tips for a Backyard Wedding in Arizona

Backyard Wedding | DanceFx Studios | Wedding Dance LessonsWould you like to create an intimate wedding setting for you and your loved ones? Backyard weddings can be a blast! With forethought and planning, a relaxed and warm environment can make for the perfect wedding day. From a romantic first dance to fun backyard games, here are a few ideas on how to make your backyard wedding a success…

Keep it simple

Holding a backyard for a wedding already speaks measures. To most, it says cozy and romantic. If this is what you’re going for, be careful not to overdo it. As they say, less is more. Use white lights to decorate in trees and bushes for a whimsical and magical feeling. Warm and appropriately placed lighting helps to keep the space well lit and sets the tone perfectly.

To make the event fun, add pops of color with certain fabrics within and around the landscape to bring the whole area together. Draping sheer fabrics in the trees and around the shrubs will add a romantic element to the space. Theme-colored flowers to line walkways and fill in patches are also a creative way to make the entire backyard cohesive.

For the food selection , choose a more home like spread and think about serving it banquet style to keep the feeling of simplicity and togetherness.

Know your space

Make a detailed layout of the backyard. This helps to start organizing how you want the landscape to look and also where things will be going.

Have set plans for how guests will be parking and arriving to the venue. Will you need help with a valet or is there a nearby parking lot that may be available to rent for the evening? If neither of these are options, be mindful of your neighbors and possible HOA restrictions.

Make clear markings as to whether you want your guests to go through the front door or around a side entrance.

Don’t forget about restrooms! Decide if you will let guests use the house bathroom or think about renting portable restrooms designed for special events like weddings.

Another important decision is where the ceremony will be held. Will it be in the same area as the reception or separate from it?  If preparing a special area is required, consider how that will affect the rest of the layout. If you choose to have an event planner, they will be able to help you with these considerations and more.

Make it FUN!

The beauty of backyard weddings is that you can let loose and play! Planning fun yard games like Cornhole will get everyone up out of their chairs and interacting with each other. Or, if your crowd is really in the mood to party, hold a hula hoop contest or Limbo contest. They can take off their shoes and relax in the comfort of a grassy field or patio.

Another great way to get your guests mingling and moving is a group dance class. Hire a professional dance instructor in your area and ask him or her to come and teach some Swing, Salsa or even Country Two Step dancing. This is a fun way to get people on the dance floor at the reception as well as giving the a gift that they can use at other people’s weddings or events. Knowing how to dance builds confidence and makes every social gathering that much more exciting!

If you live the Phoenix East Valley, you can hire one of our instructors here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. They will make your backyard wedding a success with an entertaining group dance class for your friends and family. You choose the dance, from Ballroom to Country, and everything in between, and we will teach it in an easy-to-learn way! P.S. We can also create a one-of-a-kind first dance for the bride and groom that your guests will not soon forget.

Backyard weddings really can represent who you are as a couple. Whether you go casual or up the ante with dramatic style and flair, enjoy the comfort of home with a backyard wedding.

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