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Tips on Planning your Wedding First Dance

istock_000005697257smallAhhh, your first dance as a bride and groom! How beautiful. How elegant. How…daunting!  “What’s wrong with the 8th grade prom sway?”, your fiancé may ask. The perfect first dance can actually be the highlight of your wedding. As you prepare for your big day, consider how dance lessons will be a wonderful source of stress relief and fun! To help take the pressure off getting ready for your wedding dance lessons, here are a few tips and ideas.

The first thing you will need to do as a couple is discuss the vision you have for your first dance. Do you want to be rock stars on that dance floor and bring the house down with an unexpected first dance, or are you looking for something more understated? Once you have figured out what side of you as a couple that you would like to share with your friends and family, you are half way there!

Next, song selection is key. If you are unsure what would fit the look that you are going for, find a local adult dance studio that will assist you with the prep work and overall planning for your first dance. You may not realize what dance goes with what song. That is where we come into play with helping you to look your absolute best on the dance floor.  Whether your song choices are fast, slow, romantic or playful, it is recommended that you bring several ideas to an initial meeting or consultation to share with your wedding dance choreographer. Keep in mind that picking something that the both of you like and are comfortable with for a first dance will surely leave a lasting impression.

Lastly, it will be helpful to decide whether or not you would like to prepare a dance for the parents of the bride and/or  groom. Honor dances, as they are called, are a superb way to highlight and show gratitude to your parents. Do you have a special father/daughter song that you and dad have been listening to since you were little? Or how about a mother/son dance to show thanks for everything that mom has done for you. If so, let your instructor know so that we can be smart with how we account for your time between when you get started and the wedding date.

Since your first dance represents your eternal love for each other as husband and wife, ditch the back and forth bobbing that you did in junior high and give your guests a dance to remember.

Arizona brides and grooms can visit us at Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley for all of their wedding dance needs. We will give you an original dance routine that can be simple and elegant or completely outrageous. We have choreographed  first dances for almost two decades here in Arizona to all styles of dance from traditional ballroom to Argentine Tango, Swing, Salsa and Country dancing. Give your guests a memory that they will treasure forever with an amazing first dance!

Leave a Lasting Impression with the Perfect Wedding Dance Song

wedding dance classes tempe azSo you’re gonna tie the knot! Congratulations! Weddings involve a lot of planning – from dresses, to cakes, to flowers, to… Well, everything else. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming without helpful hints from loved ones and professionals. Here at Dance FX Studios, we’ve spent the last 13 years helping brides and grooms in the Phoenix valley create their perfect first dance. Before you even think about your first dance, you have to think about the perfect song, right? Let’s talk about what you should be looking for in a song to make a spectacular first dance come to life.

Pick a song with meaning

If you’re going the romantic first dance route, try to pick a song that has a lot of emotional ties for you. Listen to the lyrics – do they speak to you? Do they mirror your relationship and your feelings for one another? Music is meant to tell a story, and on your big day, that story should be yours.
Look for the right speed for your dance
Think about what kind of dance you want to do! If you’re looking for a slow dance, maybe Vanilla Ice isn’t the best choice. Then again, if you’re wanting something fun and flashy, a spicy salsa or a bouncy swing is perfect! Think about what kind of first dance you want to have and try to find music that matches the mood. Don’t know what kind of dance will match your crazy song choice? No worries, that’s what we are here for.
Keep your theme in mind
Not all weddings have a theme, but if you are getting married in Cowboy boots, consider a country song for a fun Two-Step dance! If Great Gatsby is more your style, a big band song could make for an awesome Jitterbug. There are so many dances out there – no one says you have to do the eighth grade sway as your first dance as husband and wife.
The most important rule? Pick whatever song feels right. We have a list of the most popular wedding dance songs here for you to take a look at for ideas. If you can’t choose, bring a few options into the studio and we can help you decide. With thousands of first dances under our belts, we know what songs work and what songs don’t. We are all about making your special day even more special, so if you live in the greater Phoenix area, join us for a wedding dance consultation. We are located in Mesa, just off the 60 and the 101, and minutes away from Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Chandler, and Gilbert. Call us at 480.968.6177 or email us at to book your wedding dance consultation today!

Arizona Brides and Grooms, Get Connected Through Dance

wedding-dancingAre you and your fiancé the “road-less-traveled” type? Do you like to be different than most and make the things that you do special and unique? At Dance FX Studios, we specialize in creating personalized first dances for all kinds of couples-even you! No two couples are the same and each and every one of the thousands of couples we have taught has had their own vision and a unique dream for their big day. With our help, we will bring your vision of your first dance to life as a married couple.


No matter what you have in mind, we at Dance FX Studios can help you make it happen. We have choreographed everything from simple, elegant Foxtrots to exciting, outrageous montages of Swing and Latin dances. With all of our wedding couples, the most important thing is to make them shine on the dance floor. To be 100% comfortable on the dance floor, our instructors go above and beyond in planning first dance choreography that will match your styles and personalities. Our choreographers spend time listening to your music and taking  into account the tempo, overall wedding theme, your vision, and more, to ensure that your wedding dance represents you.

While the end goal of wedding dance lessons is the perfect first dance, you will get so much more out of the experience of learning to dance than you realize! What better way is there for couples to learn to work together in a romantic and intimate way than on the dance floor? He gets to be in charge, leading his lady around the dance floor, and she gets to be swept off of her feet by her Mr. Right. In the midst of the stress of wedding planning and the mishaps and mayhem that can occur, you can count on your dance lessons to be a relief and a chance to take a break and have fun with your fiancé. What you learn in your dance lessons is also an investment in your future. You can take the skills you acquire in your dance lessons to any dance floor in the world, be it a Salsa club in Latin America, a Country bar on the weekends here in Phoenix, or in your living room floor after your future children are in bed. 🙂 At the end of the day, brides and grooms feel more connected and in touch with each other through wedding dance lessons. It is an incredible way to ensure a lifetime of teamwork and trust while spending time together learning a fun hobby that is so romantic.

Even if you have two left feet or are not even sure if you like dancing, we can turn anyone into a great social dancer. More importantly, we can make you shine on your wedding day in a way that speaks of your unique personalities and bond as a couple. Schedule your wedding consultation today with us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona and get started on the road to your perfect first dance!


Take Your Wedding Dance Lessons Now

Brides and grooms…it’s not too late to learn to dance for your spring wedding, but you’ve got to get started now. With so much planning involved for the biggest day of your lives, wedding dance lessons sometimes get put on the back burner. It may seem that learning to dance may not be as much of a priority as have the perfect bouquet, but can you think of a better gift to give to each other and your guests? A romantic, elegant or playful first dance is the perfect touch to kick off your reception and set the tone for your party. Here are a few steps to getting started with dance lessons for your wedding if you live here in Arizona.

1. Contact us at Dance FX Studios today!: Dance FX Studios is located in Mesa, AZ, just off the 101 highway in the Phoenix East Valley. We have proudly choreographed wedding first dances for brides and grooms for over a decade. It would be our pleasure to help you to learn to dance as well! To show you what we can do for you, schedule a wedding dance consultation as soon as possible. We will help you to pick out the perfect music that says what you want to say on your wedding day. From the classic Frank Sinatra tunes to Swing, Salsa, Argentine Tango or an elegant Waltz, we do it all with your personality and vision in mind.

2. Research other wedding dance routines for ideas: Our website or Youtube are both great resources for seeing what you like and what you don’t like in a first dance. Over the years, we have choreographed everything from Bollywood to Hip Hop and Two Step to Tango. Remember that with a customized first dance at Dance FX Studios, the sky is the limit!

3. Make time to learn to dance!: Be realistic with how long it may take you to learn a new skill that you may not have tried before. Give yourself at least a month for us to prepare you to shine on your wedding day-even longer for a more elaborate dance routine. Dance lessons for couples are a wonderful way to re-connect after a long day of work and during stressful times like planning for a wedding. Give yourselves the gift of dance to see how you can glide into your wedding day with ease.

Set up your wedding dance consultation today at Dance FX Studios to discover how dancing can be the perfect touch to your big day. We will give you a dance to remember and a hobby to enjoy for years to come.

Traditions Behind the First Dance

istock_000005197224smallHaving a first dance as husband and wife during your reception or after the wedding celebrations is a popular practice among American and European people. The reason behind the first dance somewhat follows the traditions of a ball. The newly married couple is supposed to start with the first dance, as they are they guests of honor. It also signals the opening of the dance floor to all invited guests who would then take the floor shortly after the guests of honor were done dancing.

Traditionally, when people got married their first dance as husband and wife would be a waltz. However, today that is not the case. Recently, brides and grooms have mostly skipped this “bridal waltz” tradition and have elected to dance the Foxtrot, Merengue, Swing, or even slow dance together. Some wedding couples even decide to perform for the audience (their guests) for their first dance, and they do a humorous or shocking choreographed routine.

Whether you care to go the traditional route and do a Waltz, a more contemporary way and dance the Foxtrot, Merengue, or Swing, or even wow the crowd with a choreographed routine, do not overlook your first dance as husband and wife. It will be a moment that you will want to look back upon and cherish forever. If you are unsure of where to start or how to choreograph a wedding first dance, there are plenty of dance studios that offer wedding dance lessons and first dance choreography.

Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, is the perfect place for you to start working on your first dance! At Dance FX Studios we have an hour-long wedding dance consultation where we get to know you and your vision for your first dance and can help you with other details like song selection. Consultation appointments are available Monday through Friday from 12-8PM and on Saturdays from 12-5PM. For more information about our wedding dance consultation, please visit

Need Aide in Wedding Planning?

Bride and Groom BoogiePlanning a wedding can be a fun experience, but not if you are doing it all by yourself. Don’t let your first dance as husband and wife slip through your fingers; get some help choreographing a dance that you will remember for a lifetime. Planning your wedding dance together as a couple is a memorable experience that you do not want to miss out on. Aside from spending more time together and creating something special that the both of you can share, you can treat your guests to something really unique.

Depending on the type of people you and your fiancé(e) are, you can choreograph a Rock Your Reception routine, a simple and elegant Waltz, or something fun and entertaining like Country Swing. Sure you can take regular dance lessons, but who is going to choreograph what you learn into a beautiful and/or exciting routine for your first dance? That is why you should take wedding dance lessons! The instructor is there to help you choreograph a great first dance that will suit your personalities.

Dance FX Studios, located in Mesa, Arizona, offers Wedding Dance Lessons. Whether you want help choreographing your first dance as husband and wife, a parent honor dance, or a bridal party dance, Dance FX Studios is here to assist you! In your consultation we will get to know you individually and together as a couple, helping you create something that fits the vision of your wedding and your first dance. During your hour-long consultation, Dance FX Studios can even help you with smaller details, such as finding a song that fits your vision.

Want to know more or ask a question about Dance FX Studios’ Wedding Dance Lessons? Frequently asked questions and a place to submit your question can be found at .

Rock Your Reception

istock_000006662125xsmallA great way to kick off the party at your wedding reception is to “Rock Your Reception” with a choreographed first dance. Your wedding guests are in for an unexpected surprise when you break out of the traditional and slightly dull, typical first dance. However, it does not have to be something wild and crazy, it can also be fun and silly. Basically you just want something that will fit your style as a couple and something that you will enjoy. Your guests are bound to have a good time if they see you are having fun as well.

Some ideas for different styles you could incorporate include Salsa, Hip Hop, Tango, Country Two-Step, Swing, and many others! You can use a single style or you can even use a combination of different styles that can be meshed together smoothly into one dance. Taking lessons for your first dance will alleviate one more thing that you have to plan, saving you the time that you would have spent coming up with it all on your own. This will give you and your fiancé(e) one more thing that you can bond over right before the big day.

At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, we can help you determine what style of dance suits you the most and choreograph the routine with you. During your hour-long Wedding Dance Consultation, we will get to know you and your vision for your first dance and we can even help find the perfect song as well. If you would like to view one of our previous couple’s personalized routine, you can watch the video on the following page To schedule an appointment for a wedding dance consultation you can submit your information using the form at

Dancing in the Right Wedding Dress

first wedding dance schools mesa azShopping for the right wedding dress can be a daunting task. One thing to look for when choosing your dress is if you can dance in it. The first dance that you will share with your husband will be something that you will remember forever. Don’t let that moment get ruined by a lack of movement or some other issue with your dress.

Some common dress styles are the a-line, empire, sheath, ball gown, and mermaid dresses. Now not all of these dresses are bad for dancing, you just have to be aware of some of the common issues that can hinder your dancing ability. Some dresses that stick out right away with some concerns are the sheath and the ball gown.

The first dress is the sheath. This type of dress can actually hinder your movement while dancing because of the tightness around the feet and knee area. This could prevent you from doing and tips, spins, or taking normal to wide steps. The next dress that stood out as a potential problem is the ball gown. If you are going for a ball gown, make sure it is not so big that your husband can’t even come a foot from you. You should probably have someone you brought wedding dress shopping to test this out with you.

Just be sure to try a variety of movements while you are dress shopping, especially sitting and walking. That should help you judge the range of motion you will have while on the dance floor. If you are still looking for a place to take some dance lessons, Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, offers Wedding Dance Lessons. We can help you plan and choreograph your first dance so it matches you and your fiancé’s style individually and as a couple. For more information regarding a wedding dance consultation, please visit .

A Husband and Wife’s First Dance

wedding dance classes mesa arizonaYour wedding day is just around the corner and you have all your details planned out down to the very last napkin, but wait did you forget about your first dance as husband and wife? Don’t let this special moment escape you, have a choreographed first dance! What a better way to spend more time with each other before the big day than First Dance Lessons. Spend those few minutes gazing into each other’s eyes and look amazing while doing so.

Your first dance is truly a special part of the wedding. It shows your attendees how much you care for one another and displays your style as a couple. Will it be quirky and fun, free and flowing, or sultry and romantic? During your consultation at Dance FX Studios, we will assist you in song selection, if needed, and help choreograph a first dance that matches your personality and the feel of your wedding.

You can even decide to Rock Your Reception with a shocking and unexpected first dance. You can start off with something simple like your basic swaying and move into something elaborate like Swing, Country Western, Latin, or even Hip Hop dancing! This is a fun way to get your guests excited for the rest of the night and make a lasting impression on them.

Are you ready to make an amazing day even more special? Let Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, help you to create a magical first dance. First dance Lessons for brides and grooms are available by appointment, Monday through Friday from 12-8 pm and on Saturdays from 12-5 pm. Further information can be found at

Show Parents some Gratitude

mother son wedding dance  lessons mesa azIf you are recently engaged and planning your wedding, you know that parents, especially moms, like to be involved in your big day as well. Express your love and gratitude of them with an honor dance. Not only will you be showing them how much you appreciate everything that they have done for you, you get to include them in one of the best days in your life. This way you get to include them and let them be a part of your wedding without clashing on ideas while planning the wedding.

An honor dance does not have to be boring either. You can have a fun and silly dance to something that is very sentimental. It all depends on your style, your parent’s style, and your relationship together. Some dance styles that you can choose from include Swing, Country Western, Ballroom, Latin, and Hip Hop. No matter your personal style, Dance FX Studios can help you create lasting memories on one of the most special days of your life.

Taking dance lessons with your parents also gives you some quality bonding time before the big day. Some parents feel like they are losing a son/daughter when their child gets married, so make sure you spend the extra time with them and learn something new together while you are at it. Who knows, you may enjoy yourselves so much that you have to take classes with your spouse too!

If you are looking for somewhere to take dance lessons, Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, offers “first dance”/wedding dance lessons. For more information regarding Honor Dances please visit