How to Make Your Wedding More Meaningful

couple dancing at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, ArizonaBrides and grooms of Arizona… Congratulations on your engagement! You have a new life of joy and excitement ahead of you. But first, the wedding! As we’re sure you have noticed, weddings are a lot of fun (and sometimes stress) to plan. You have picked the cake, planned your decorations, and printed the guest list, but something’s missing. You want your wedding to be spectacular, and you are on the right track, but you want that “something more”. Read on to discover what that special missing piece might be!


Reverse Unity Candle

The traditional unity candle ceremony is a beautiful way to symbolize your lives and families becoming one. Instead of the traditional unity candle ceremony, consider a new twist on it, dubbed the “reverse unity candle”. With this new candle ceremony, each guest and bridal party member is handed an unlit candle. The bride and groom light one candle together and light the bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s candles, who then spread the flame to the guests of the ceremony. By the end, each guest can feel the warmth and glow of your symbolic love for each other, right in front of them!


Wedding Time Capsule

Another unique idea is to create a wedding time capsule to open on your 10th or 20th anniversary or when you hit a rough patch and need a reminder of your great love for each other. Place a box at the entrance of your venue or pass a box around before or during the ceremony to collect notes from guest. After the ceremony, each of you will write a letter to your new spouse and place it in the box without knowing what the other person wrote. Place all the letters and notes and a bottle of wine in a box and seal it up! Down the road, you can enjoy a walk down memory lane and remember that great love, like great wine, gets better with age.


Rock Your Reception

Last but definitely not least, a special and unique first dance will add the special sparkle to your big day that you have been searching for! You can pick a song or two that are special for you and your fiancé and turn it into something unforgettable; a customized first dance! If you want to highlight your love and intimacy as a newly married couple, you can pick your favorite Swing, Country or even Latin love song and dance the Salsa, Two Step or Tango at your reception. If you both love to make people laugh, you can mesh the sappy and the silly with a surprise first dance – start with a classic like “At Last” and bust out into some “Hammertime” or “Gangnam Style”. There’s no doubt that you and your guests will be talking about your amazing wedding dance for quite some time, no matter which genre you choose!


Dance FX Studios has customized thousands of first wedding dances for Arizona couples  over the last decade. We can help you make the most of your wedding day and make it truly memorable with wedding dance lessons. Check out what other couples have said about our services and how their big day went with our help! The first step to an incredible wedding day dance is scheduling a wedding consultation. For just $20, you and your fiancé will discuss your vision for your wedding and what your first dance will look like. From there, the fun will really begin with dancing and planning out your perfect first dance! To begin your wedding day dance soon, fill out the contact form below. We look forward to helping you shine on your wedding day!