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Beat the Summer Heat With Adult Dance Lessons

How do you plan to beat the heat this Summer? If you’re looking to pass the time indoors, I don’t blame you. It’s darn near 120 degrees here in the Valley of the Sun, and the end is nowhere in sight. 🙁

Now there are lots of ways to make time fly inside this Summer, but none that are as much fun as Social Dance Lessons for Adults. Think about it, you can start Couple’s Country Dance Lessons now and be twirling under the stars by the time it starts to cool down. That would be cool, right?

If Country Western dancing is not your thing, that’s OK! Give Salsa Dance Classes or Swing Dancing a try. There are some pretty fun Ballroom Dances too, like the Foxtrot or Waltz, that will wipe away those Summer blues. And of course, you can always heat things up a bit with the sensual and seductive Argentine Tango. Si señor!

Regardless of the dance style you choose, they’re all incredible for keeping fit and having fun this season-and that’s without hitting the gym. Speaking of how Social Dance Lessons can benefit you, here are just a few more reasons why you should start dancing now.

Get Social.

A big reason why people begin with Adult Dance Lessons is to meet new friends. Maybe you’re in the same boat. Oftentimes when we start a new chapter in life, be it moving to a new area, or exiting a long-term relationship, it can be a challenge to start over. Having a group of friends who enjoy similar interests can make life so much easier.

Social Ballroom Dancing is an exciting way to connect with others, so why not give it a shot? With partner dancing, making new friends is easy! You need someone to dance with, and so does the other person, so you’re always going to be in a situation where you get to interact with others. How perfect! Yes, this may be a bit intimidating at first, but keep in mind that everyone is shy in the beginning, so go easy on yourself the first few times you venture out. Before long, you’ll be mixing and mingling with the best of them!

Get Confident.

Once you have taken a series of Private Dance Lessons in Country, Swing and even Latin dancing, and hit the dance floors around town to test out your new set of skills, your confidence is sure to rise! Knowing how to dance is definitely a boost on your self-esteem, especially since so many people would die to be fearless, kick-butt social dancers. It’s a matter of taking the time to learn by attending regular classes before you see the results, and most people don’t want to put in the time, or are too afraid to. Don’t be that person who sits on the sidelines and watches everyone else smiling, laughing and meeting others. Get out there and discover how to move!

When you become a confident Country dancer, or Swing dancer, doors will open left and right. You will be in demand on the dance floor, that’s for sure. I mean, who doesn’t want to be the one out there having a blast with a great dancer? I know I always scope them out first, so I can have the best time possible. What a great way to enjoy an evening, and all because you took the time to learn first.

There’s nothing more attractive than self-assurance, be it on the dance floor or in the board room. Watch how your confidence soars in all areas of life once you know how to dance. I’ve seen it a thousand times as an Instructor, and it’s incredible to witness. A once shy, meek man turns into a superstar and sweeps every woman off her feet in the Country bars around the valley! Now that’s a way to spend a Saturday night!

Get Ready for Your Big Day!

Finally, if you’re at the point in life where you’re about to tie the knot (maybe you met her/him on out dancing with friends ;)), Wedding Dance Lessons are a must! Most people don’t get married in the dead of Summer here in Phoenix, but when the weather breaks, wedding season kicks into high gear. Don’t wait until then to get ready for the most important day of your life. Start with Wedding Dance Lessons this Summer to really shine by the fall.

No, I have not yet developed that magic pill which will help you look incredible on your wedding day with only two weeks of lessons leading up to the big day, so do yourself a favor and begin learning the language of dance now. Ballroom Dance Lessons are a whole new experience, a great bonding opportunity for brides and grooms, and a super-fun hobby that you two can use for years to come. Preparation is key, though, so throw those dress shoes and heels in a bag and bring them in on your Dance Lessons this Summer to really look your best by your wedding date.

Learning how to Country, Latin, or Swing dance is a wonderful way to spend your Summer months. Do something for you this season that will make the months and years to follow that much more fantastic. You deserve some fun, now go out and get it! Now you know my secret for how to beat the heat and stay cool in Phoenix this, and every, Summer to come.

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Make Your Reception Special with an Amazing Wedding Dance

wedding dance lessons mesa arizonaHelping our Arizona brides and grooms start their lives together with the perfect wedding dance is one of the most joyous rewards we feel here at Dance FX Studios… especially every time a “thank you” note arrives on our doorstep. We want you to treasure your lives together, so get things going on the right foot with Wedding Dance Lessons from us!

Wedding Dance Lessons from one of our amazing choreographers means that you’re going to get a one-of-a-kind first dance made just for you. Our goal is to give you a routine that will set just the right tone for your guests. Are you looking for a wedding dance that is out of the box? Like original choreography that will really Rock Your Reception? We can make that happen! As an example, Country Western dancing is so hot right now. Maybe starting with a slow dance and then surprising your friends and family with a flashy Country Two Step filled with turns and spins will be the perfect addition to your party that will blow their boots off of everyone. Or how about a sexy Argentine Tango wedding dance? You choose the dance style and we’ll bring it to life, with your personalities and personal style in mind.

We have done it all here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. Our talented instructors and choreographers will listen to your ideas about what you would like to express and create something personalized and jaw-dropping just for you! Maybe Star Wars is your boyfriend’s thing? Or maybe Gone with the Wind is your girlfriend’s thing? What if you’re both obsessed with Disney movies? Why not put some time into learning some customized choreography to have a seemingly impromptu space robot dance to the music of Star Wars, Chalmun’s Spaceport Cantina scene emerging from the middle of something sweet and elegant? What a surprise that will be! A treat for everyone that gives you the perfect first dance and will impress your guests, leaving them with something to talk about for years to come.

What about a first dance that is more subdued? Let’s do it! An elegant ballroom dance can be the cherry on top of a romantic wedding affair. We can do a “sweet and simple” wedding dance that will still WOW your audience. Sometime less really is more.

Another priority of ours is to help you create lasting memories as a couple. Each time you come to your Private Dance Lessons, you will be working as a team, connecting and spending precious time together developing a new skill and hobby. That’s an incredible way to start a marriage! As I always say, couples that dance together, stay together. 😉

If you want to take dance lessons for your wedding but you have never danced before, or are worried about being a terrible dancer, let the fear stop here! During your Wedding Dance Consultation with us, and throughout your Wedding Dance Lessons, our staff will pay specific attention to your rate and style of learning, so that you get the most out of your investment. Whether you want to learn to Salsa dance or to Swing dance, we will make sure that you have the tools you need to kick butt on that dance floor! Just know that we believe that anyone can learn to dance. Yes…even you! All you need is the right information, and the rest will fall into place.

Wedding dance consultations are offered at our Mesa, Arizona dance studio throughout the week for your convenience. Monday through Friday we can accommodate you from noon to 8 pm by appointment. On Saturdays, we are also available by appointment from 11 am to 4 pm. If you’re wondering how soon before the wedding to get started, the short answer is four to six months, depending on how elaborate you would like your first dance to look. We have begun preparations as soon as a year in advance or as short as several weeks prior to wedding days, but, with more notice, you will really look and feel your best. Call us or inquire on our website with any questions you may have or to schedule your consultation today at 480-968-6177. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Three Ways to Prepare for Your Wedding Dance

wedding dance lessons in Phx ArizonaHe’s popped the big question and now you have so many things to get prepared for the best day in your lives. Where do you start? There’s tons to do! The guest list, the dress, the caterer, the cake, and the list goes on and on. How are you supposed to prioritize it all? One thing that is often put on the back burner, but needs to be thought about in advance in all this chaos, is your first dance, and that’s HUGE. In this blog we’ll explore three ways that you can prepare for your wedding dance as soon-to-be husband and wife.

First things first, you are going to need a song, and not just any old song. This song needs to be something special. A song that takes you back to your first date. A song to trigger the memory of the first time you saw her smile. The first kiss you shared. The lyrics should move you naturally and make you feel something. Every good couple has that one song that speaks volumes about their relationship and all the time they’ve spent together. Take a couple moments with you loved one and explore that idea. Find a wedding song that moves the two of you closer and closer into each other’s arms. Your entire families are going to witness this, and you know that you are going to remember this very beautiful moment for the rest of your wonderful lives together, so let’s make this count beyond your wildest dreams!

Secondly, talk with your soul mate and decide together on a place locally to take some adult dance lessons for your wedding. Learning to dance as a couple is hardly just one more thing to check off your wedding list, like ordering the flowers, or going cake tasting. Ongoing dance lessons will soon be part of your wedding day preparation and will be a wonderful de-stresser during all of your planning.

I know that in the midst of all the planning you need to get done, that this might seem like it should take a back seat to all of those things. However, that couldn’t be more wrong. What’s more important than making sure you have a beautifully choreographed first dance with your loved one? I can guarantee you this; if you’ve not planned this through, you’ll find yourself stumbling on the dance floor in that beautiful moment wishing you hadn’t put this dance on the back burner. So take my word on this and make sure you have everything thought of in terms of shining on the dance floor.

Lastly, get on down here to locally owned and operated Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ. Here, we make it our responsibly to choreograph the best possible routine for your first dance as husband and wife. Whether you’re looking for a sweet and simple wedding dance, or something more eye-popping, we will give you exactly what you’re looking for. You may even begin to look forward to having regular date nights here as you discover how these romantic partner dancing is. You’ll also love love the escape of all of that wedding planning stress by enjoying a relaxing hour with your loved one. Let us help you to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Make Your Wedding Dance Unique With Country Dance Lessons

Country dance classes Chandler ArizonaWhy do the 7th grade prom sway when you can kick up your heels for a fun and unexpected wedding dance that will blow the boots off of your guests!?! If you’re having a Country themed/rustic style wedding, a Country wedding dance will be the perfect tie-in to the reception of your dreams.

These days, a choreographed wedding routine consisting of a slow, romantic dance which leads into a cheesy hip hop routine may be exactly what your friends and family are expecting, but would they imaging that you went and took two step lessons to impress them with a mind-blowing Country dance? Probably not.

If you’re a Country music lover, doesn’t it just make sense to incorporate your favorite song(s) into a unique and special dance, choreographed just for you? I say yes!

To learn how to rock your reception with an amazing first dance that’s “Countrified” from top to bottom, contact your local dance studio for adults that offers both Wedding Dance Lessons and Country dance lessons. In other words, a traditional ballroom dance studio may not be the perfect fit for you if they cannot, or do not, teach Country dancing on a regular basis. While most Country dances, from two step to swing, are partner dances, and are related to other more common ballroom dances, there is a distinct difference when it comes to styling that is involved. Bottom line, find yourself a dance studio that offers social dancing so you will get the Country look you are wanting.

To make sure that you have found the right place, set up a Wedding Dance Consultation. Things to bring with you to your Wedding Dance Consultation will include pictures of your venue and your wedding gown, and some Country songs that you have in mind for your wedding dance. Your dance instructor will take care of the rest!

As a professional dance instructor and wedding dance choreographer for over two decades, I also want to share how important it is have an idea of what you’d like to look like on the dance floor. Country dancing doesn’t have to be wild and free, it can also be very romantic and intimate. What excites you? If sassy is your thing, say so. If you want a passionate love story, let’s do it! Maybe you want a little of both. That’s not a problem either, as long as you voice your ideas. It’s your day, and your dance. Your instructor is there to bring your vision to life, within reason. (This is where I feel compelled to tell you that crazy dips and flips are not a great idea to add into your wedding dance routine. I know you were hoping that I would suggest otherwise, but you don’t want to end up injured or on top of the cake on the most important day of your life.)

Lastly, don’t delay when it comes to signing up for Country dance lessons for your wedding. A good time to begin is right when you get engaged, actually. Then you can take time to learn to dance as a couple and get comfortable with dancing in general before adding the pressure of performing in front of friends and family into the mix. Plus, Country dancing is an exciting hobby that you two can enjoy for years to come! Congrats on getting engaged and have a blast on the dance floor on your wedding day!

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Making Your First Wedding Dance Memorable!

rsz_1rsz_dsc05662Today I come to you from within Barnes and Noble’s café to talk weddings.  I’m nowhere near getting married soon, but I’ve thought about little special details I’d like to see.  I’m very unconventional, and I have always imagined my day being extremely personal down to the last detail.  I had two friends get married recently.  Their first wedding dance was to an N’sync song, performed acoustically, by a very close friend from college.  When the song began, I stopped in shock… then I cried.  It was beautiful, unique, and absolutely perfect because it was totally them.  That’s how weddings should be.  I feel like when someone looks back on the day they shouldn’t be able to forget whose wedding they attended because every bit of it reflected you and your partner.

I think the same personal touch should be evident in the wedding dances too.  What I mean are the key traditional dances— the First Dance, Daddy/Daughter Dance, and the Mother/Son Dance.  The moments are special and cherished for many years to come.  Just as you spent careful time picking a song to represent the moment, you should also spend time making the dance itself memorable.  The music isn’t the whole moment; it is the dance too.

So I guess my next question is, do you know how to dance on time to the songs you have chosen?  If not, you should consider learning.  All eyes are on you, and I highly doubt you feel adequately represented by slow sways.  When it’s your day, you want a dance that reflects not only your musical selection, but also your personality.  What are your key words for the day?  Simple first dance? Elegant?  Playful? Glamorous?  Earthy?  Cheerful?  Traditional?  Think about those key words for your day, and now think about how you want your dance to look.  Have a picture in your mind?  Good.  Let us help make that vision a reality.

Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ works with hundreds of couples every year to make their wedding dance dreams come true.  Whether your wedding is inside or outside on a beach, a field, a park, or deep within a forest, we can help create something you and your partner will love and cherish for many years to come.  We will teach you how to connect with your partner on the dance floor using a frame, as well as; teach you all the necessary steps and moves for a dance developed to perfectly express your vision.

We can help you and your soon to be spouse achieve all of the above with a Wedding Dance ConsultationThe great benefit of learning your first dance here at Dance FX Studios is you also learn a new skill—a skill that never leaves you.  You can develop it further, use it for date nights, or even dancing in the kitchen!  The benefits are endless.  It’s a wonderful investment in you and your partner not just for your wedding day, but also for your future as a couple.

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Get Ready For an Astounding “First Dance”!

wedding dance lessons ArizonaWe at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona are experts at helping brides and grooms WOW their guests during their wedding receptions. We create beautiful, one-of-a-kind, built for the couple, rocking or twirling, “first dances” so you can Rock Your Reception. We have been the premiere dance studio in Arizona for wedding couples for almost 15 years.

Are you engaged? Then you may be headed over to our studio soon for a Wedding Dance Consultation. Before your first visit, we recommend that you do a few things before coming in. A little preparation before you walk into our dance studio and meet with our Wedding Dance Consultant will help us to help you as you are on your way to a fun adventure that you, and your guests, will remember forever!

Discuss with your fiancé your vision for your first dance. Knowing what your partner wants to look when you are both dancing at your reception, and being on the same page with the types of dance he or she feels comfortable dancing, is half the battle. Showing up at your consultation with your wedding dance consultant as a unified couple who knows what they want will speed the consultation questions along and allow the two of you to begin the exciting part of learning to dance that much faster. 🙂

Have 1 to 3 songs picked out as wedding dance options. Your wedding dance song is going to be a special one for all of your future years together so let’s not waste any time picking out the perfect music! A bit of musical guidance can go a long way for your choreographer; giving us an idea of your musical personality. Some songs work better than others, so once we know where to begin, we can get you going on the dance of your dreams. Finding that “must have” song, or a variety to pick from, saves lots of time. If needed, we may also suggest options to choose from; especially when we understand the musical direction you both are interested in.

Bring in a photo of your wedding dress or wedding attire. Don’t worry; your future husband does not need to see it! We, however, would love to know what you are wearing. This information will be very helpful for your choreographer. We want to make sure that everything goes absolutely perfect on your big day. Knowing what kind of dress you plan to wear helps us plan your routine with that bell skirt or long train in mind. Our desire is that you sparkle your very brightest on the dance floor, and this means taking your wedding attire into every dance step consideration.

Know your budget! Learning to dance or attending a dance school to gain a skill like dancing is an investment. Keep in mind that once you have this skill, you two can enjoy it together forever! You can share dancing again and again at many occasions as you move through your lives. How fun would it be to repeat your first dance at your 50th or 60th wedding anniversary? When you realize that you are investing in yourselves and your relationship, the value of using our studio for an amazing “first dance” goes up.  Have an idea of what you are able to spend and be open to a simplified idea of what your “first dance” should look like.

If you live in Arizona, we hope you plan to schedule a Wedding Dance Consultation with us at Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley. Our mission is to help you to look and feel your best on that dance floor on the biggest day of your lives.

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Arizona Weddings that WOW!

Arizona wedding dance lessonsWeddings have moved beyond tradition and become a VIP event where guests are guessing at what to expect. Some weddings are so well planned the guests are provided a printed list with a rundown of all of the evening’s activities! The last thing a bride and groom want for their big day is for their festivities to seem just like all other weddings. Creative ways are now needed more than ever to make each wedding event completely fresh and unique! For example, a customized wedding dance that will knock the socks off of your friends and family. Here are some planning tips to keep in mind when planning the wedding of the season:

Being open minded to new things. This is the best thing a wedding couple should do when it comes to making their wedding day one of a kind. Brides imagine a dream wedding, but may be stuck with an old fashioned vision of what a wedding is. This can be limiting and detrimental to imaginative new ideas.

Think about your guests! The best weddings are the ones which plan a great time for their loved ones who often scrimp, save and sacrifice in order to be a part of the wedding couples big day. The couples who find collaborative ways to celebrate the start of their lives together with everyone attending often create weddings that will be remembered for a long time. Things like adding a photo booth for the guests, lawn games, Pin the Wedding Outfit on the Bride and Groom, or asking each guest to share a photo or story about the couple on a giant board are just a few good ideas to keep guests socializing and having fun when the wedding couple is busy or when they need a break from the dance floor.

Add a wow factor to your wedding to kick off the reception with a first dance that your guests will not expect. The typical prom sway, moving around in circle, is old and boring, and your guests will not sit still for the 4 minutes that it will take. Starting with a classic and romantic wedding dance is a much better way to wow everyone and capture their attention! When you have a special dance choreographed for your personalities that expresses who you are as a couple,  your guests are sure to be blown away. This will even take your guests by surprise and pump them up for getting out on the dance floor themselves!

Wedding guests love knowing that the bride and groom took time to prepare activities that show you thought of them. Especially a first dance prepared for everyone to enjoy. If you are getting married, plan an event that sets your wedding apart from all others. Use your one-of-a-kind first dance to embrace each other while showing off a style and character off who you are as husband and wife. Start your lives together dancing, a skill you will utilize over and over.

Begin your preparation with wedding dance lessons at Dance FX Studios located in Mesa, Arizona. For almost 15 years we have specialized in helping brides and grooms make their first appearance on the dance floor. Let us help you create a special dance using all the social ballroom dances that capture who you are as a couple. Provide your guests with a unique moment that will be remembered and enjoyed. Book your wedding dance consultation now, and let us help you decide what style of first dance will allow the two of you two shine through.

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Wedding Bells are Ringing!

wedding dance lessons in ArizonaAre you getting married? Kick off the night with confidence when you hit the dance floor! As a newly married husband and wife, you can wow your friends and family with an elaborate and unexpected first dance that everyone is sure to remember! Wouldn’t it be cool to start with the basic “prom sway” and then bust out into a tantalizing Tango, a sizzling Salsa or a “kick-butt” Country Two-Step!

Or, if you prefer a simple and elegant first wedding dance, let your sweet side shine through on the dance floor with a beautiful first dance. Either way, you can nail your first dance with a choreographed dance routine that you can learn by taking wedding dance lessons at your local dance studio.

Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona has been helping couples start their lives together with personalized wedding dance choreography for almost 15 years. Our dance studio for adults works with wedding-bound couples who are looking to make a memory that will leave a lasting impression, from a classic romantic dance to something more playful or exciting. Whatever your first-dance ideas are, our Wedding Dance Specialists will choreograph something unique that expresses your personalities as the bride and groom. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event and we are here to help you, whether you are the bride and groom, father and daughter, mother and son, or the entire wedding party!

Our inventive teachers choreograph customized routines to the song/songs of your choice. Pick the right songs for you, the sky is the limit! Gone are the days where you must dance to one slow, sappy love song on your wedding day. Be creative, we can choreograph to almost anything! Your special dance as husband and wife will be to your favorite tunes, effortlessly strung together by one of our music editors. How fun will that be?! Imagine your favorite song as you confidently perform a dance, tailor-made, just for you, from Swing to Ballroom, and everything in between.

For wedding couples, we always recommend private dance lessons, rather than group dance classes.  Our talented dance instructors are here to make your first dance special and unique. If you’re looking for assistance with other wedding dances from a father-daughter number to stand-out routines for the entire Bridal Party, Dance FX Studios can get everyone prepared. Set up your Wedding Dance Consultation today… The sooner you start learning to dance, the more natural of a dancer you will be!

Maybe you are not getting married, but you are attending a wedding. Maybe you have another VIP occasion to prepare for. No matter what the occasion is, Dance FX Studios will help you to look amazing on the dance floor. Why not be the guy or girl that everyone wants the chance to dance with? Whether you the mother or the bride or a member of the wedding party and thinking your dance skills could use an overhaul, private social dance lessons are the key to your success. Bust out cool dance moves before long with great tips from us!

Never fear, the instructors here at Dance FX Studios focus on social dances for all skill levels. Take advantage of our current special offers to get the ball rolling today.

Wedding dance lessons for brides and grooms and private dance instruction for singles or couples are available by appointment only, Monday through Friday from 12 – 8 pm and Saturdays from 11 am – 4 pm. To schedule your first dance lesson or consultation, fill out a form on our website or call us today at 480.968.6177. Dance FX Studios is located near Chandler, Tempe and Gilbert, Arizona and just off the 101 highway in Mesa. We are less than 10 minutes from Scottsdale in the East Valley of Phoenix.


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How to Make Your Wedding More Meaningful

couple dancing at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, ArizonaBrides and grooms of Arizona… Congratulations on your engagement! You have a new life of joy and excitement ahead of you. But first, the wedding! As we’re sure you have noticed, weddings are a lot of fun (and sometimes stress) to plan. You have picked the cake, planned your decorations, and printed the guest list, but something’s missing. You want your wedding to be spectacular, and you are on the right track, but you want that “something more”. Read on to discover what that special missing piece might be!


Reverse Unity Candle

The traditional unity candle ceremony is a beautiful way to symbolize your lives and families becoming one. Instead of the traditional unity candle ceremony, consider a new twist on it, dubbed the “reverse unity candle”. With this new candle ceremony, each guest and bridal party member is handed an unlit candle. The bride and groom light one candle together and light the bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s candles, who then spread the flame to the guests of the ceremony. By the end, each guest can feel the warmth and glow of your symbolic love for each other, right in front of them!


Wedding Time Capsule

Another unique idea is to create a wedding time capsule to open on your 10th or 20th anniversary or when you hit a rough patch and need a reminder of your great love for each other. Place a box at the entrance of your venue or pass a box around before or during the ceremony to collect notes from guest. After the ceremony, each of you will write a letter to your new spouse and place it in the box without knowing what the other person wrote. Place all the letters and notes and a bottle of wine in a box and seal it up! Down the road, you can enjoy a walk down memory lane and remember that great love, like great wine, gets better with age.


Rock Your Reception

Last but definitely not least, a special and unique first dance will add the special sparkle to your big day that you have been searching for! You can pick a song or two that are special for you and your fiancé and turn it into something unforgettable; a customized first dance! If you want to highlight your love and intimacy as a newly married couple, you can pick your favorite Swing, Country or even Latin love song and dance the Salsa, Two Step or Tango at your reception. If you both love to make people laugh, you can mesh the sappy and the silly with a surprise first dance – start with a classic like “At Last” and bust out into some “Hammertime” or “Gangnam Style”. There’s no doubt that you and your guests will be talking about your amazing wedding dance for quite some time, no matter which genre you choose!


Dance FX Studios has customized thousands of first wedding dances for Arizona couples  over the last decade. We can help you make the most of your wedding day and make it truly memorable with wedding dance lessons. Check out what other couples have said about our services and how their big day went with our help! The first step to an incredible wedding day dance is scheduling a wedding consultation. For just $20, you and your fiancé will discuss your vision for your wedding and what your first dance will look like. From there, the fun will really begin with dancing and planning out your perfect first dance! To begin your wedding day dance soon, fill out the contact form below. We look forward to helping you shine on your wedding day!

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Make Your Wedding Day Special!

couple dancing in ArizonaWeddings these days can be very mainstream and guests learn what to expect and know the rundown of activities. The last thing the bride wants is for her day to seem just like any other. Creative ways are needed to make each wedding feel completely fresh and new from all the others! Here are some planning tips to keep in mind when planning the wedding of the season.

1. Being open minded to new things is the best thing a bride can do when it comes to making her wedding day one of a kind. Brides have imagined the dream wedding, but being stuck to a certain vision can be limiting and detrimental to imaginative new ideas.

2. Also, remember your guests! The best weddings are the ones who plan around having a great time for the newlyweds and the loved ones around them. The couples that are looking to celebrate the start of their lives together with everyone around them are the weddings that will be remembered for a long time for all the right reasons. Try adding a photo booth for the guests to have fun with each other and use it also as the wedding favor for them to take home!

Adding lawn games like corn hole or giant jenga will also be a hit with those who are not so keen on dancing. Games will keep the little ones occupied too. Other fun games that can be added include the shoe questionnaire game. It is a great way for guests to know the couple on a new level. The couple has their own shoe in one hand and their spouse’s shoe in the other. The DJ asks a series of questions and whichever person fits it best, that’s the shoe they raise. It gives the crowd a chance to laugh and relax with the couple and then kick off the reception.

3. The ultimate way to add the WOW factor to your wedding is to kick off the reception with a first dance that your guests will not expect. The typical sway around in a circle is old and boring and guests will not sit still for the 4 minutes that it will take. Start with a classic and romantic dance that lets you and your new spouse enjoy dancing together and then, with a music change, blow your guests away with a side of you two that they haven’t seen before! This will take your guests by surprise and pump them up for getting on the dance floor. The first dance is used to embrace the couple’s fun character and start their lives together on the right foot. Guests love knowing that the bride and groom took time to prepare something for them to enjoy.

Start your first dance preparation with wedding dance lessons. If you reside in Arizona, Dance FX Studios specializes in helping brides and grooms make their first appearance on the dance floor the one that will be remembered and enjoyed. You can get started with a wedding dance consultation to help you decide what style of first dance that will help you two shine through. With our help, you will look amazing in no time!