Get Ready For an Astounding “First Dance”!

wedding dance lessons ArizonaWe at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona are experts at helping brides and grooms WOW their guests during their wedding receptions. We create beautiful, one-of-a-kind, built for the couple, rocking or twirling, “first dances” so you can Rock Your Reception. We have been the premiere dance studio in Arizona for wedding couples for almost 15 years.

Are you engaged? Then you may be headed over to our studio soon for a Wedding Dance Consultation. Before your first visit, we recommend that you do a few things before coming in. A little preparation before you walk into our dance studio and meet with our Wedding Dance Consultant will help us to help you as you are on your way to a fun adventure that you, and your guests, will remember forever!

Discuss with your fiancé your vision for your first dance. Knowing what your partner wants to look when you are both dancing at your reception, and being on the same page with the types of dance he or she feels comfortable dancing, is half the battle. Showing up at your consultation with your wedding dance consultant as a unified couple who knows what they want will speed the consultation questions along and allow the two of you to begin the exciting part of learning to dance that much faster. 🙂

Have 1 to 3 songs picked out as wedding dance options. Your wedding dance song is going to be a special one for all of your future years together so let’s not waste any time picking out the perfect music! A bit of musical guidance can go a long way for your choreographer; giving us an idea of your musical personality. Some songs work better than others, so once we know where to begin, we can get you going on the dance of your dreams. Finding that “must have” song, or a variety to pick from, saves lots of time. If needed, we may also suggest options to choose from; especially when we understand the musical direction you both are interested in.

Bring in a photo of your wedding dress or wedding attire. Don’t worry; your future husband does not need to see it! We, however, would love to know what you are wearing. This information will be very helpful for your choreographer. We want to make sure that everything goes absolutely perfect on your big day. Knowing what kind of dress you plan to wear helps us plan your routine with that bell skirt or long train in mind. Our desire is that you sparkle your very brightest on the dance floor, and this means taking your wedding attire into every dance step consideration.

Know your budget! Learning to dance or attending a dance school to gain a skill like dancing is an investment. Keep in mind that once you have this skill, you two can enjoy it together forever! You can share dancing again and again at many occasions as you move through your lives. How fun would it be to repeat your first dance at your 50th or 60th wedding anniversary? When you realize that you are investing in yourselves and your relationship, the value of using our studio for an amazing “first dance” goes up.  Have an idea of what you are able to spend and be open to a simplified idea of what your “first dance” should look like.

If you live in Arizona, we hope you plan to schedule a Wedding Dance Consultation with us at Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley. Our mission is to help you to look and feel your best on that dance floor on the biggest day of your lives.