Making Your First Wedding Dance Memorable!

rsz_1rsz_dsc05662Today I come to you from within Barnes and Noble’s café to talk weddings.  I’m nowhere near getting married soon, but I’ve thought about little special details I’d like to see.  I’m very unconventional, and I have always imagined my day being extremely personal down to the last detail.  I had two friends get married recently.  Their first wedding dance was to an N’sync song, performed acoustically, by a very close friend from college.  When the song began, I stopped in shock… then I cried.  It was beautiful, unique, and absolutely perfect because it was totally them.  That’s how weddings should be.  I feel like when someone looks back on the day they shouldn’t be able to forget whose wedding they attended because every bit of it reflected you and your partner.

I think the same personal touch should be evident in the wedding dances too.  What I mean are the key traditional dances— the First Dance, Daddy/Daughter Dance, and the Mother/Son Dance.  The moments are special and cherished for many years to come.  Just as you spent careful time picking a song to represent the moment, you should also spend time making the dance itself memorable.  The music isn’t the whole moment; it is the dance too.

So I guess my next question is, do you know how to dance on time to the songs you have chosen?  If not, you should consider learning.  All eyes are on you, and I highly doubt you feel adequately represented by slow sways.  When it’s your day, you want a dance that reflects not only your musical selection, but also your personality.  What are your key words for the day?  Simple first dance? Elegant?  Playful? Glamorous?  Earthy?  Cheerful?  Traditional?  Think about those key words for your day, and now think about how you want your dance to look.  Have a picture in your mind?  Good.  Let us help make that vision a reality.

Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ works with hundreds of couples every year to make their wedding dance dreams come true.  Whether your wedding is inside or outside on a beach, a field, a park, or deep within a forest, we can help create something you and your partner will love and cherish for many years to come.  We will teach you how to connect with your partner on the dance floor using a frame, as well as; teach you all the necessary steps and moves for a dance developed to perfectly express your vision.

We can help you and your soon to be spouse achieve all of the above with a Wedding Dance ConsultationThe great benefit of learning your first dance here at Dance FX Studios is you also learn a new skill—a skill that never leaves you.  You can develop it further, use it for date nights, or even dancing in the kitchen!  The benefits are endless.  It’s a wonderful investment in you and your partner not just for your wedding day, but also for your future as a couple.