Arizona Weddings that WOW!

Arizona wedding dance lessonsWeddings have moved beyond tradition and become a VIP event where guests are guessing at what to expect. Some weddings are so well planned the guests are provided a printed list with a rundown of all of the evening’s activities! The last thing a bride and groom want for their big day is for their festivities to seem just like all other weddings. Creative ways are now needed more than ever to make each wedding event completely fresh and unique! For example, a customized wedding dance that will knock the socks off of your friends and family. Here are some planning tips to keep in mind when planning the wedding of the season:

Being open minded to new things. This is the best thing a wedding couple should do when it comes to making their wedding day one of a kind. Brides imagine a dream wedding, but may be stuck with an old fashioned vision of what a wedding is. This can be limiting and detrimental to imaginative new ideas.

Think about your guests! The best weddings are the ones which plan a great time for their loved ones who often scrimp, save and sacrifice in order to be a part of the wedding couples big day. The couples who find collaborative ways to celebrate the start of their lives together with everyone attending often create weddings that will be remembered for a long time. Things like adding a photo booth for the guests, lawn games, Pin the Wedding Outfit on the Bride and Groom, or asking each guest to share a photo or story about the couple on a giant board are just a few good ideas to keep guests socializing and having fun when the wedding couple is busy or when they need a break from the dance floor.

Add a wow factor to your wedding to kick off the reception with a first dance that your guests will not expect. The typical prom sway, moving around in circle, is old and boring, and your guests will not sit still for the 4 minutes that it will take. Starting with a classic and romantic wedding dance is a much better way to wow everyone and capture their attention! When you have a special dance choreographed for your personalities that expresses who you are as a couple,  your guests are sure to be blown away. This will even take your guests by surprise and pump them up for getting out on the dance floor themselves!

Wedding guests love knowing that the bride and groom took time to prepare activities that show you thought of them. Especially a first dance prepared for everyone to enjoy. If you are getting married, plan an event that sets your wedding apart from all others. Use your one-of-a-kind first dance to embrace each other while showing off a style and character off who you are as husband and wife. Start your lives together dancing, a skill you will utilize over and over.

Begin your preparation with wedding dance lessons at Dance FX Studios located in Mesa, Arizona. For almost 15 years we have specialized in helping brides and grooms make their first appearance on the dance floor. Let us help you create a special dance using all the social ballroom dances that capture who you are as a couple. Provide your guests with a unique moment that will be remembered and enjoyed. Book your wedding dance consultation now, and let us help you decide what style of first dance will allow the two of you two shine through.