Gain Confidence Through Dance!

couple Swing dancing in ArizonaFeeling down on yourself? Do you ever wish you could be more confident and outgoing? Need something extra in your life to get you out of that funk? Life is simply too short to not be out enjoying new experiences like Swing dancing or joining a gym, to meet new friends and have a blast! Here are some easy ways to boost your confidence and add a spark into your daily routine.

Marie Curie said it best when it comes to confidence “Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.” So the time is now to begin your journey into finding the confidence within yourself.

If you are looking at yourself in the mirror with disdain, the best way to change that is to work with what you’ve got. Decide what you want to enhance about yourself and get to it! A physical way to bring out the best in you is to sign up for the nearest gym and add it into your daily routine. Sometimes going to the gym requires a lot of dedication, so if that doesn’t work find an exercise class that meets regularly and get involved with the other members who will help to keep you accountable. Plus working out with others makes it a lot more fun! Need to relax? Try a yoga class! This helps to quiet your thoughts and implement better thinking about yourself. You will also find time with yoga to reflect on your day.

Building confidence takes time and small steps. Sit up straighter at work and always keep eye contact with co-workers and friends. These two tips alone will head you in the right direction. Also, try making conversation with the people around you. If you are unsure as to what to say,  ask how their day is going and what you can do for them. This helps to give you satisfaction as a friend, neighbor and/or co-worker. Simply being more social will boost your confidence and will always help to foster new relationships.

Learning a new skill is another step towards gaining more confidence in yourself. Find something that you are passionate about, or that you have always wanted to try, and see what there is to learn about it. Many people love to go out social dancing here in Arizona. From Country Two Stepping to Latin and Swing dancing,  learning how to dance helps boost inner confidence and helps to encourage amazing connections with other people.  Dancing is also a wonderful way to express yourself. What better way to gain confidence then showing your true colors!?

If you would like to give social dancing a shot to help build your confidence and inspire new friendships, and you happen to live in Phoenix, Arizona, come check us out! Dance FX Studios has been the leading social ballroom dance studio in the Phoenix valley since 2001. With our Introductory Offer, you can see what we are all about in just one hour. We would love the chance to help you to develop a skill that will make your confidence soar!

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