All-American Destination Wedding Ideas

Wedding Dance Lessons | Destination Wedding | Dance Fx StudiosDestination weddings are a blast, but not all of your guests are willing and able to fly to Iceland, Tahiti or Hawaii with you. If you want to share your wedding vows with a larger crowd, consider keeping your destination in the country! America is a huge melting pot, so you can still create a very specific mood just by picking a certain area of the country. Here are a few All-American destinations and how to get the most out of them!


California is a great place to get married. With the many cultures throughout the state, you’re guaranteed to have a good time no matter what. Being that close to the border, I’d recommend a Latin-fusion wedding. California has some of the best Latin bands out there, so you could have a blast with live music, some Salsa dancing, a tres leches wedding cake, and lots of tamales! If you’re feeling really festive, maybe throw in a bride and groom piñata.

The South

Who doesn’t love a good Country Wedding? If you’re a fan of barns, orchards, and wide open spaces, fly everyone down South of the Mason-Dixon line for your big day. Those Southern States are the perfect setting for some good ol’ Two-Stepping, Cowboy boots, and moonshine. States like Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia and Virginia have some beautiful farms and historic plantations where you can tie the knot. Serve your guests some of the best comfort food in the world (mmm… barbecue) and wash it down with sweet tea! You’re friends and family will feel right at home in no time with the perfect Southern wedding theme.

New England

New England is the perfect place to get married in the fall. Colorful leaves, beaches, and patriotism. Who could ask for more? New England begs for an outdoor wedding! Go barefoot in the grass, play in the fallen leaves, and give out sparklers instead of throwing rice. Not only do these ideas make for some awesome picture ops, but you always feel extra American holding a mini-firework! When you’re planning your first dance for a New England-style wedding, try Swing dancing to give your guests that old-school feel.


Regardless of where you ask your guests to come watch you tie the knot, what is most important is that you show them your appreciation for taking the time out of their busy lives to be with you. Give them some extra-special surprises throughout the wedding like themed welcome bags in their hotel rooms and a special first dance that will make your wedding one to remember.

Your Wedding Dance

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