Dance to Get Fit!

Arizona couple Country dancingDid you know that social ballroom dances like the Country Two Step, Swing or Salsa, can actually improve your athleticism? That’s right! As fun and exciting learning to dance is, it is equally as beneficial. Regular dance lessons will improve your balance, flexibility, and endurance, all of which are important components of sports fitness. What you learn in those dance lessons can apply to your sports activities – score!


Cardiovascular fitness is crucial to every fitness activity, from track and field to soccer to baseball! Dancing improves your body’s ability to deliver oxygen to your muscles and tissues, which is key to staying healthy and trim. Stamina is also an essential aspect of being successful in sports, and if this is an area in need of improvement for you, it will show. If you build endurance with dance lessons and practice, you can condition your cardiovascular system while being active on your feet for hours at a time!


One perk of conditioning that athletes focus on is avoiding injury. When you get injured, you put a halt to more conditioning and playing. If you keep your muscles in shape in a low-impact, all-inclusive way, you could be less susceptible to injury. Dance lessons and regular stretching will help you with flexibility, a vital instrument for avoiding injury. Though you may not realize it, ballroom dance is actually fairly demanding! You have to maintain your balance and endurance while staying flexible and agile for hours at a time. Consistency is key here and regular dancing will be the most beneficial for the best results. Our maple sprung floors here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ are great for those with bad knees or joint problems. (There are thousands of tiny rubber balls under the wood, creating a low-impact, safer dance floor for you to enjoy!)


Did you know that Ballroom dancing can burn a good amount of calories? Salsa dancing, for example, can burn up to 480 calories per hour! Between 290 and 420 calories can go with Country Western styles like Country Swing and Country Two Step. With each hour dancing the Cha Cha, you can burn anywhere from 260 to 530 calories! With dancing, you have to support your own body weight, which can help improve bone density and muscular strength. Students of ours have reported feeling more energetic with more pep in their step from taking regular lessons, enjoying the self-expression and stress relief that dancing can also provide. A better mood and higher self-esteem are also great benefits which can manifest in your sports activities as well. With more energy, higher confidence, and a better mood, you can accomplish a lot!


Crosstraining is one of the best ways to reap maximum benefits from your fitness regimen. Prevent boredom and take a different approach to improving your endurance, flexibility, strength, mood, confidence, and more with social dance lessons! Dance FX Studios will take into account your goals and needs for taking lessons and create a lesson plan just for you. Schedule your introductory lesson today and start experiencing the benefits of dance! What are you waiting for?

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