Single? Try These Things…

couple learning to dance for their weddingBeing single can be rough – especially when your Facebook is flooded with engagement and wedding pictures. Let’s be real, though… Being single is also the best thing to happen to you! This is the time in your life where you get to explore yourself and find fun new possibilities. You aren’t always going to be free to do whatever you please, so learn new skills like how to Salsa dance or…discover a foreign country. The time is now so embrace it! Here are a few things you should try while you’re single and ready (or not ready) to mingle:
I know, I know, everyone says you should travel. But to be completely honest, it’s a valid point! Of course you can still see the world with a spouse and a family, but this is the only time you can up and leave whenever you feel like it. If you only have to account for yourself, a last minute trip to Europe is a lot more doable. Make new friends, spend a few nights in a hostel, and explore!
Go to the gym
We all know that it’s easy to slip into a lazy comfort zone while in a relationship. Take the time now to really take care of yourself and get into shape. You have to make a habit of it, so do it while you have the extra time. That way, whether you stay single or not, you are already in a healthy routine. Lift some weights, get your sweat on, and thank me later. You will, I promise.
Learn a new hobby
Always wanted to knit? Grab some knitting needles and go to town. Want to play guitar? Find an online program you like, or a private teacher, and start strumming! Even better, get yourself into a hobby that can use forever and that will keep you socially and physically active. Check out a local dance studio and learn how to partner dance. Salsa, Two-Step, Swing, Tango – the possibilities are endless! Being a dance instructor myself, I can tell you what a world of difference dancing makes in one’s confidence, physique, and even successful dating opportunities! Working with singles, both guys and gals over the years, I have seen people transform tremendously, going from super shy to completely confident. The best part of  taking social ballroom dance lessons solo is that singles tend to  progress faster than couples because the instructor’s attention is solely on you. You can learn to dance in no time, then you can use your awesome skills to go out and make new friends! Once you have those dancing skills down, who needs a set partner when you have an entire place full of people to dance with?!
Singles, the time to explore and venture out is now. No more feeling sorry for yourself! Get out and have some fun before life’s commitments creep up on you. Have a blast and come meet me and the staff here in Phoenix, Arizona at Dance FX Studios! We will show you popular and useful dances, from Country dancing to Swing dancing, that will keep you busy with new friends and fill your social calendar for days to come! Learn to dance for you and gain a skill that will come in handy for the rest of your life. Think of all of those weddings that you attend. Who knows, with the confidence you get from knowing how to dance, the next wedding you attend may be your own…
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