Three Reasons Why He’ll Thank You For Dragging Him Here…

couple taking dance lessons in ArizonaYou scheduled your first couple’s dance lesson with your man and he seems to be more interested in throwing a fit than taking a step into a “ballroom” dance studio. It only took you six months to convince him to even entertain the idea of learning to dance, and now he is reaching far and wide to find a reason to cancel the appointment. Men, you don’t know what you’re missing! Here are just three reasons (trust me, I could go on and on) as to why you will thank her for setting up a beginner’s dance lesson for the two of you….

 1. He gets to be in charge: Your guy doesn’t know it yet, but within minutes of your first Country or Swing dance lesson, he will be told that he actually gets to “be the boss” on the dance floor. Wait…Did he mishear you? Nope. Guys, you really do get to be in control out there. In fact, it’s that much more fun for us ladies when you do know what you’re doing. Sweep us off of our feet…PLEASE! 🙂 Men…how great is this news? You can choose what moves you do, and even what dance you want to try, for any particular song. It’s quite empowering when you think about it. As an instructor, I actually joke that your dance lessons may be his only time to be in charge, so he should enjoy every minute of it…and come back often!

2. Dancing is a cool skill for any guy to have: How many men out there can say with confidence that they can show any woman a great time on the dance floor? Very few. We ladies will always gravitate towards those guys who know what they’re doing, meaning they don’t toss us around like a rag doll, and they do make sure not to run us into any other couple. Additionally guys, if you’ve got style, that is very sexy to a woman. It shows us that you are willing to let loose and be free…and that is exciting!

3. Dancing is a great confidence booster!: Being that you will be one of the few guys that knows what he’s doing on the floor, not only will you have the ladies lining up to dance with you, but your friends and other male onlookers will certainly be envious. When you invest in yourself (or you and your dance partner) with Private Dance Lessons, you will look top notch and be unstoppable out there. Imagine how cool that would be if you were Salsa dancing, or Two Stepping and everyone either wanted to be you, or dance with you.

As I mentioned gentlemen, there are even more reasons why you’ll thank her for bringing you to your first dance lesson, but I’ll save those for a different blog. In the meantime, visit our Arizona dance studio and get this ball rolling! You’ll be flying high with a newfound confidence, and a skill that will last a lifetime.