Lift Your Spirits This Holiday With Dance Lessons

Beginner's dance lessons for adults near Chandler AZAre you in need of a pick-me-up? Does the holiday season get you down? You’re not alone. Many people dread this time of year for one reason or another. This season, I invite you to give yourself a gift that will remove those holiday blues forever. Gift yourself dance lessons this holiday and watch your spits soar!

Have you ever thought of how much fun it would be to learn to Country dance? What about Salsa dancing, does that excite you? Or are you the retro Swing dance kind of person? No matter what dance style you have always wanted to learn, there’s no better time than now to take beginner’s dance lessons for adults. Why? Let’s explore…

  1. Dancing gets your body grooving. A body in motion is an automatic mood enhancer-especially when you get it moving to music. It’s nearly impossible actually to be in a bad mood while you’re dancing. The fact is that with the release of endorphins that occurs after a Salsa, Swing or Country dance lesson, you will find not only a reduction in stress, but also in tension, anger, and even loneliness. These are typical feelings that tend to surface during this time of year, and you can take control of them just by learning to dance. Pretty cool.
  2. Dancing makes you smarter! According to Stanford University’s dance faculty member, Richard Powers, “Social dancing such as swing requires constant, split-second decision-making. Because the brain has to work so much, it is not necessarily retracing the same neural pathways but instead using new ones,” which improves memory, Powers says. Why sit around in a lull, curled up in your blanket watching re-runs of “A Christmas Story” when you can be Swing dancing?

It’s also interesting to know that social dance lessons are used with Engineering students at Northwestern University who need encouragement flexing the right, or more creative, sides of their brain, making them more well-rounded and happier students. So, even smart people can benefit by taking social dance lessons!

3. Social dancing keeps you connected. This is a biggie! One of the main reasons that the holidays can be rough is due to loneliness, as mentioned above. When you begin taking social dance lessons, you are opening up opportunities to meet new friends and potential dance partners who share an interest in dance, just like you. In every social dance style from Latin dancing to Country dancing, communities of dancers form so that they can enjoy the benefits of knowing how to dance together. If your relatives live far away this season, or you just ended your relationship, wouldn’t it be great to have other people in your life to enjoy your new, healthy and oh so fun hobby with? The answer is YES! YES! YES!

Make a smart decision this holiday season and gift yourself Country, Swing and Latin dance lessons. Your social calendar will be filled and you’ll have a new hobby that you can use any time of year.

If you’re looking for a studio in Phoenix, Arizona, look no further! At Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley, we will help those blues disappear and make the holiday a joyous time for you once again. You deserve it! Check out our Holiday Dance Offers to see how you can get started today.