Let Social Dancing be the Answer to Your 2016 Resolutions

local dance studios for adults near Chandler AZWe’re on week two of what is bound to be an incredible year, don’t you agree? With hope on the horizon, and goals pasted on our vision boards, I am certain that each and every resolution will come to fruition. Many of us write general plans for the year ahead, including our financial aspirations, social intentions, and even our intellectual expectations, like to read more, or take on a new skill. Now you may not have thought of this, but knowing how to social dance/taking social dance lessons, can solve many of your needs and wants in 2016. “Like what, and how?”, you may be wondering. Let’s take a look!

  1. Make a sound financial investment. What an awesome New Year’s Resolution! Who doesn’t want to put their money in the best place possible? I know I do. When you invest in social dance lessons, you are setting yourself up for years of fun with a new and exciting hobby that will enrich your life on many levels. Now is that a good use of your time and money, or what? To elaborate, learning to Swing dance, Salsa dance and Country dance is a healthy way to spend your time. Dancing increases your heart rate, giving you that workout that our bodies all need. You will also get your social goals met, which we will look into next. Overall, though, social dancing is the cure-all for the mind, body and spirit, and a skill that I highly recommend that everyone learn in the year ahead.

2. Connect more with others. If you’re looking to put yourself out there more in 2016, social dance lessons will give you the confidence you’ve been looking for. Once you can Two Step, slow dance or even do the Argentine tango, you will have a cool and unique way to make new friends and meet interesting people who also love to dance. By making these connections, your business skills can grow right along with your personal opportunities for love and adventure with friends you may have not met otherwise. Cool, right? I think so!

3.  Learn more. Some may take a college course to gain knowledge, or read an interesting book, two really cool ideas, but if you’re seeking that total transformation, consider learning to social dance. Again, the mind/body connection in partner dancing is powerful. What social dancing has to offer, as discussed in a recent blog on how dancing makes you smarter, is the opportunity to think fast and make split-second decisions on the dance floor. From what dance moves to remember, to which ones to use on a tiny, crowded dance floor, social dancing requires thought and a sharp mind. Keep your memory active and learn to social dance, you’ll love the results you gain!

As you can see, social ballroom dancing has a ton to offer you in the new year and beyond. Get the confidence to take that first step into a local dance studio near you. You’ll surely find in a very short time how many of your resolutions can become a reality-just by knowing how to dance! 🙂

Beginner's dance lessons for adults

Lift Your Spirits This Holiday With Dance Lessons

Beginner's dance lessons for adults near Chandler AZAre you in need of a pick-me-up? Does the holiday season get you down? You’re not alone. Many people dread this time of year for one reason or another. This season, I invite you to give yourself a gift that will remove those holiday blues forever. Gift yourself dance lessons this holiday and watch your spits soar!

Have you ever thought of how much fun it would be to learn to Country dance? What about Salsa dancing, does that excite you? Or are you the retro Swing dance kind of person? No matter what dance style you have always wanted to learn, there’s no better time than now to take beginner’s dance lessons for adults. Why? Let’s explore…

  1. Dancing gets your body grooving. A body in motion is an automatic mood enhancer-especially when you get it moving to music. It’s nearly impossible actually to be in a bad mood while you’re dancing. The fact is that with the release of endorphins that occurs after a Salsa, Swing or Country dance lesson, you will find not only a reduction in stress, but also in tension, anger, and even loneliness. These are typical feelings that tend to surface during this time of year, and you can take control of them just by learning to dance. Pretty cool.
  2. Dancing makes you smarter! According to Stanford University’s dance faculty member, Richard Powers, “Social dancing such as swing requires constant, split-second decision-making. Because the brain has to work so much, it is not necessarily retracing the same neural pathways but instead using new ones,” which improves memory, Powers says. Why sit around in a lull, curled up in your blanket watching re-runs of “A Christmas Story” when you can be Swing dancing?

It’s also interesting to know that social dance lessons are used with Engineering students at Northwestern University who need encouragement flexing the right, or more creative, sides of their brain, making them more well-rounded and happier students. So, even smart people can benefit by taking social dance lessons!

3. Social dancing keeps you connected. This is a biggie! One of the main reasons that the holidays can be rough is due to loneliness, as mentioned above. When you begin taking social dance lessons, you are opening up opportunities to meet new friends and potential dance partners who share an interest in dance, just like you. In every social dance style from Latin dancing to Country dancing, communities of dancers form so that they can enjoy the benefits of knowing how to dance together. If your relatives live far away this season, or you just ended your relationship, wouldn’t it be great to have other people in your life to enjoy your new, healthy and oh so fun hobby with? The answer is YES! YES! YES!

Make a smart decision this holiday season and gift yourself Country, Swing and Latin dance lessons. Your social calendar will be filled and you’ll have a new hobby that you can use any time of year.

If you’re looking for a studio in Phoenix, Arizona, look no further! At Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley, we will help those blues disappear and make the holiday a joyous time for you once again. You deserve it! Check out our Holiday Dance Offers to see how you can get started today.


Unwind with Social Dance Lessons in Mesa, AZ

Do you ever get the feeling that you are up to your neck in bills, personal problems, and other stressful situations, with no end in sight? Do you often feel sluggish and irritable, or think a nap sounds better than tackling any of your problems? Feelings like these are signs of stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. While you should always consult a professional if you are concerned about your mental health, it has been proven time and again that physical activity and engaging hobbies can alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. Social ballroom dancing is an excellent form of moderate exercise and provides a challenging, stimulating, and positive hobby for adults of all ages. While your first instinct may be to curl up on the couch with ice cream and reruns of your favorite TV shows, getting off the couch and on to the dance floor at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona could be just what you need!


For over 12 years, Dance FX Studios and its excellent staff of instructors have been teaching singles and couples from all over the Phoenix East Valley to social dance. We prepare our students with the dance skills and confidence required to enjoy any dance floor all night long. On a cruise, at a wedding, or in any bar or club around the world; you can take what you learn right here in Mesa, AZ anywhere you want! Our students enjoy lessons for many reasons, but the improvement of their mental well-being is perhaps one of the most important influences that dance lessons can have on the everyday person with average to above average stress levels.


The release of endorphins that occurs after any workout, dancing included, can help you reduce any tension, anger, depression, and loneliness that you may be feeling. Not only do these endorphins help reduce stress, but going out and being social can also have a positive influence on your negative emotions. Instead of staying in and worrying and stressing over the problems in our lives, it is better that we go out, meet new people, and enjoy ourselves every once in a while. Dancing is an excellent social hobby to have, and our instructors will teach you the tips to stay safe and comfortable on any dance floor, avoiding yet another stressful situation.


Relax and do something for yourself with social dancing lessons! Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona offers private dance lessons and group dance classes that can help you let go and unwind. We offer a wide variety of popular dances that you can choose based on your personal preferences. Some of the most useful dances we offer are Country Two Step, Salsa, and Jitterbug Swing. If you would like to try this wonderful new hobby for yourself, we offer an Introductory Offer of $40 for an hour-long private dance lesson. Feel free to give us a call at 480.968.6177 or visit the studio today. We will have you forgetting about your troubles in no time!