Top Three Dance Styles for Your First Dance in Arizona

rsz_1rsz_dsc06070So you and your partner have decided to tie the knot. Congratulations! We know how hard it can be to put together a wedding, no matter how much time you have before the big day.  We want to help take away some of your wedding stress by creating a first dance custom fit for your personalities, style and wedding theme. At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, we want work with you to create a beautiful  wedding routine that looks exactly how you imagined. If your big day is going to be shabby chic themed, a rustic Country Wedding Dance may be just what you’re wanting. Or maybe you are going to be the belle of the ball. We can choreograph a fairy tale first dance that takes everyone’s breath away.

For those of you Arizona brides and grooms who don’t like to do things too extravagantly, our Sweet and Simple first dances are perfect for you.  Once you and your fiancé pick out the song you would like your first dance be danced to, you can decide if this is the style that best suits what you imagined. Although we don’t like to choreograph wedding dances that consist of just swaying back and forth, we can definitely put first dance together for you that is easy and elegant, without compromising how it looks.

Let’s say you and your partner are a spunky and fun type of couple. The best thing we think you can do is shock your guests with what we call a Rock Your Reception Wedding Dance! You two can start off doing a slow swaying dance to a stereotypical wedding song. Everyone in the audience will head to the open bar while checking their phones, but wait! When they are least expecting it, you bust out into a fast and upbeat Swing or Salsa dance and knock their socks off!  You can really show off, and best of all, your friends and family will be talking about your first dance for months to come!

For a Cinderella first dance that will have him sweeping you off of your feet,  a traditional and classic wedding dance routine will fit you perfectly. You probably already have your song picked out, and we can bring that song to life and give your guests a memory to treasure forever.

Our incredible dance instructors are trained to customize your wedding routine to fit you and your spouse perfectly. Once you come in for your Wedding Dance Consultation, you will see how we can create a dance that is exactly how you imagined as a little girl. All the stress from planning your wedding will fall off your shoulders when the two of you are dancing together.

It doesn’t matter which style you choose. You can even mix any of the above together. The point is that you have an experience that will leave you smiling for years to come. We at Dance FX Studios can assure you of that when you come to us for Wedding Dance Lessons.