What to Wear for Your First Dance on Your Wedding Day

rsz_1rsz_dsc06105As your much anticipated wedding day is coming up, you are probably wondering what you should wear for your first dance as a married couple. Should you wear your wedding dress, or change into your reception dress? What about the groom? Will he want to dance with his jacket on or off? These can seem like small things to think about, but with proper planning, you can look and feel quite comfortable on your big day with the right attire.

We at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona have helped thousands of brides over the last two decades to shine on the dance floor, and we are happy to advise you on how to look and feel your best!

Ladies… If you are wearing a wedding dress that is form fitted, such as a mermaid or a trumpet style dress, we suggest that you consider a second dress to wear during your reception party, at least for your first dance. Not only will a flowy dress free you up for your first dance, it will also ensure you are comfortable for the rest of the night. If you have a long train and don’t plan on changing into a separate dress, bustling your dress is a great idea so that you don’t trip on the dance floor. You also won’t want your train dragging around with the danger of your partner slipping while you are dancing together. When you begin your Wedding Dance Lessons with us, you will want to wear comfortable clothing until we get closer to the actual wedding date. Then we ask that you bring in an outfit that is something similar to what you will be wearing on your actual day. That way you practice with a large skirt on, to fitted jacket on to get used to the feeling of dancing in similar clothing.

Guys…We will help you to discover whether or not you should dance with your jacket on. When you are wearing something as restricting as a tux or suit jacket, you may have a hard time turning wife comfortably. Both of you will want you to be able to show her off and make her look as graceful as possible on the most important dance of your lives.

For the bride and groom…Please wear shoes that are comfortable. Even if this means you have to change before and after your dance into a different shoe, we definitely recommend that you do! Your feet will be regretting it the next day if you don’t. Ladies, do not wear a sky high stiletto for your first dance. Sure, it looks great but they are nearly impossible to dance in without looking ridiculous, or worse, tripping and getting hurt. We recommend that you do not wear a heel that is more than 3 inches tall for dancing. It’s honestly a better idea to wear a short heel for the entire reception, especially if you have an open bar. Guys, we think it’s a great idea to invest in a dance shoe for your special night. You will use your dance skills with your wife far beyond just your wedding night so splurging on a comfortable dance shoe is a great idea.

If you haven’t started planning your wedding dance, give us a call at Dance FX Studios and set up a Wedding Dance Consultation so we can customize the first dance of your dreams. Don’t worry about the small details we talked about today. Once you come in, our instructors will go over everything you need to know again for both of you to look and feel great on your wedding day!