Make Your Wedding Preparation Fun!

Swing dancing in ArizonaCongratulations! You’re engaged! Now it’s time to get to work planning your big day. Work? Yes, unfortunately wedding planning is oftentimes more stressful than fun, especially for the bride. However, in the back of your minds you are both thinking that being engaged should be one of the most romantic and joyous times of your lives together.  Plans must be made or you two will never make it down the aisle. Well, we want to share a little secret … the way to “work” on your wedding, while at the same time keeping things fun, is to dance!

It’s going to be key to stay connected throughout your entire wedding planning journey. Let us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona plan an exciting or romantic “first dance” for you, and watch those wedding worries disappear. That first dance will be one that everyone will remember forever so why not give your guests a special treat while treating yourselves to a fun new hobby that you can use time and again?!

Here are a few more reasons to have a blast and enjoy dancing all the way up to your wedding!

Dancing re-creates your first date. Get nostalgic, remember when you and your future spouse first met or had your first date? Chances are great music and dancing were a part of it. Maybe the song you heard that night is the song you are picking for your “first dance”? Reminisce about the fun you had and maybe the even the awkward or funny moments while you learn a choreographed wedding dance that is tailor-made just for you.

Dancing keeps you active! Activity releases stress and won’t it be nice to get in better shape for your wedding? Why push yourself to try boring workouts at the gym when you can Country Two Step or Swing dance your way into a more fit and trim you-just in time for your wedding! Dancing is not only exciting, it creates the target heart rate for burning fat! Beyond that, it is also a wonderful cardio work out. Plus all the dance practice exploring dances like Salsa or the ballroom Foxtrot will give you stamina and energy to party all night at your wedding! These are all huge perks gained by learning to dance!

Wedding dance lessons are romantic, even if you both think you have two left feet. It’s important to give your dance instructor a glimpse of your relationship so that we can help create a wedding dance that expresses your personalities.  Learning to dance does not have to be a serious matter, so remember to laugh often. Most couples find that learning to dance improves their relationships by adding more romance and spending quality time together. It makes sense that dancing together will replace even the most stressful day with romance. Once you hold onto each other and stare into each other’s eyes, all bothersome wedding woes will simply fall away. 🙂

Turn your wedding dance lessons into your date night. Schedule your dance lessons at times when the two of you can head over to a restaurant and/or see a movie after. Make it date night! Take all the romance and connection gained during your lesson and bring it with you to the next event. The best part of dance lesson dates during busy wedding planning is the two of you learning a romantic skill together will set the tone of your relationship for the rest of your years together.

Begin your exciting journey into dance with Dance FX Studios’ Wedding Dance Consultation. We will help you to shine on your wedding day and beyond for any special event that comes your way.