4 Underused Techniques When Country Dancing

Country Swing dance lessons ArizonaCountry dancing, especially here in Arizona, is a such a great way to spend a Friday or Saturday night! From awesome music to time with old and new friends, where else would you rather be that Two Stepping and Swing dancing the night away at your favorite Country bar?

There are a few aspects to Country dancing at the bars, though, that as a trained dancer, I would love to change. Not because I think that the everyday person needs to look like a professional, but because having the right techniques, whether you’re Country Western dancing or Latin dancing, matters. “Why?”, you may be wondering. Simply put, the experience of dancing with someone is so much better when they know what they’re doing. Here are some of the most underused techniques in the Country dance scene today.

A Proper Dance Frame

Frame. Frame. Frame. I can’t say it enough! If you want to lead a lady on the dance floor, please know how to hold her properly. Have you ever heard the quote, “Dancing is just a conversation between two people”? This line says it all! On the dance floor, he the lead. He communicates to his partner through his dance frame. This is how he tells her if he wants her to turn, where to step, and even which foot to step with. If his frame does not offer support, how will she know what he is “asking” of her. This non-verbal communication is everything, so that she knows where to go and what to do, without having to to be manhandled, or yanked, as is commonly the way I see a lot of Country dancers communicate to each other today in the Country bars.

The last thing you want to do is go take Private Country Dance Lessons for beginners just to end up looking like a Ballroom dancer. So make sure that whatever local dance studio for adults near you that you attend, you clarify that you want to fit in socially. It seems obvious, but most ballroom dance studios train people for competitions, not social dancing, so clarification is a must.


The concept of connection is another biggie when it comes to underused techniques while Country dancing. Connection on the dance floor between two people is really the core of ballroom (or social partner) dancing. Think of it like this. If you’re on the phone with someone and you have a bad connection, you can’t understand what the other person is saying. It’s the same on the dance floor. The good news is that a proper dance frame helps two people connect almost instantly. So do other points of connection, which can vary from dance to dance.

When two people are truly connected, they move as one on the dance floor. That is a super-fun experience, versus being tossed around because you don’t know much more that cool moves that you saw online. Instead of being that guy, dance lessons will surely help you to understand how to develop a connection with anyone, and be the best lead that you can be while out Country dancing.


Timing is so essential, yet I rarely see it adhered to when it comes to Country dancing in Arizona! Rather, I do see a lot of Cowboys doing the same moves, to the same tempo, whether the song is fast, medium, or slow. Again, to a trained dancer, this makes absolutely no sense. How can the same dance apply to such wide variety of beats? Simply put, it doesn’t.

There are different dances for different speeds of music. For example, a song with 3/4 timing is a waltz. And if it has a Country vibe, it’s a Country waltz. Plain and simple. On the other hand, if the song is up tempo, it is most likely a Swing. Country Swing dancing, however, cannot be used to all up tempo dances, which is why there are others to choose from, like the West Coast Swing and the Country Two Step. Even a Night Club Two Step can have an upbeat feel, depending on the song. The point is that there are specific dances that you can learn to fit certain tempos so that you can be a versatile dancer.

With Private Dance Lessons, you will discover what dances fit what songs, and why. It’s actually really cool to know, and very empowering for a lead on the dance floor. Why go out Country dancing as a one hit wonder when you can enjoy several styles of dance? This way, you’ll never be bored and neither will she! Now that’s a great thing!


Finally, Shaping. Shaping is a technique that I pretty much never see at the Country dance venues I attend. This approach to dancing is even sometimes left out of trained dancer’s bag of tricks, but is a wonderful feeling when it is included in a dance. In layman’s terms, Shaping is what you do with your body to make it more comfortable for your lady to move from one space to the next on the dance floor. Without it, she can certainly go places, but with more effort on your part, which is never ideal. It’s the difference between inviting someone to walk through a door and pulling them through it.

If you’re currently one of those Country dancers who hasn’t received any formal training, what’s one technique that you could improve upon? Keep going out dancing and, from one weekend to the next, schedule some dance lessons to become an ever better Country dancer. You’ll surely learn these techniques and more, which will make going out Country dancing even more exciting! Start with an Introductory Country Dance Lesson and take one step at a time towards your goal, you’ll be so glad you did!



ballroom dancing builds confidence

How Dancing Can Improve Your Game

ballroom dancing builds confidenceWe are in the midst of football season (Go Arizona Cardinals!) and it couldn’t be more exciting! The athletes we love and admire have been training for months just to make us proud…and to win, of course. Our favorites have been getting fit, strong and prepared for anything that comes their way on the field.

While you may know that their training includes passes, plays and runs, did you also know that part of football player’s game day preparation includes dance? Yes, popular dance moves like the Grapevine (think “side, forward, side, back”, and repeat in a straight line) stemmed from traditional ballroom dances like the Waltz and Foxtrot. The Grapevine has in fact helped many a football player stay light on his toes and ready for anything.

And what about balance and coordination? Those are two key things that every football player needs. Ballroom dance lessons are a tool that will enhance those qualities in an athlete too. Now that’s pretty cool! And, you probably haven’t considered it, but ballroom dancing for football players is also amazing for posture, core strength and improved memory, all important traits for athletes of any sport.

Social Ballroom dancing, like the Country Two Step, Swing and Salsa dancing, can help off of the field as well. First, a guy that can dance is a hot commodity! Everyone knows that we ladies love a guy that can dance well. This skill is not something that you are born with, however. It’s an earned talent that any man would love to have, but doesn’t always take the time to learn. Making the investment in Private Social Ballroom Dance Lessons, guys, will pay off exponentially. I promise.

And, once you know how to Latin dance or Country dance, your confidence will skyrocket! It may be tricky, but you must be prepared for the long line of ladies that will be waiting to be swept off of their feet by you. 🙂 Social partner dances like Swing and Two Step are cool, fun, and quite romantic, and knowing how to do them well will make you a cut above the rest.

Whether you’re on the field or not, men that can dance are winners! Gain self-assurance, poise, and a sharpened sets of tools, then put your dance moves to work for you. What do you have to lose? Nowadays, a man that can dance is hot, so you may as well be one of them! You can become a great social dancer by taking your first step into our Arizona dance studio. Your fun awaits!


AZ dance lessons for couples

Spice Up Your Week With Dance Lessons!

Arizona dance lessons for couplesHow’s your summer going? If you live here in the Phoenix East Valley with us, it’s almost over! School’s going to be back in session in just 4 short weeks and “normal” life as we know it begins once again. Wouldn’t it be nice to break up the monotony of that same boring schedule: drop off the kids, go to work, pick up the kids, make dinner, take baths and head to bed? If you answered a resounding “YES!”, then boy do we have the perfect new hobby for you…Social dance lessons! 

Have you ever heard of social dancing? It’s the kind of dancing that you would find yourself doing at a wedding, in a bar or at that next holiday work function. Think slow, romantic dancing, steamy Salsa dancing or the excitement of Country dancing! All of these popular dance styles will get the heart racing and endorphins flying! I’m sure that this sounds like a great way to shake up your daily routine and do something for you, right? If that’s the case (and we know it is), let us share just a few of the benefits you will receive through dance lessons, as a single or a couple.

Dancing Adds Romance: While it’s fun to cuddle up together on the couch after a long day, how often does that really happen? Generally, I’m off to bed before I can even think about what my hubby is up to.  When you carve time out of your schedule to give back to each other as a couple, it’s easy to remember how you fell in love in the first place, and why maintaining your connection is so critical. So, set up a private couple’s dance lesson and see how much fun it can be to enjoy each other-kid free- for just an hour here and there throughout the week. Country dancing or Latin dancing, even in your living room, will surely give you something much more rejuvenating to do as a couple , any time of day! Simply holding each other close while moving to your favorite dance tunes is a pretty cool thing for couples!

Dancing Builds Confidence!: It’s so easy to lose confidence at any stage of your life. When you learn to Country dance, Latin dance or Swing dance, you will discover a new found confidence in yourself, not to mention a skill that you can use to relieve stress, gain body strength, and more for years to come. Get out of that rut and uncover a cool hobby that will build up YOU and rejuvenate you so that you can be that much more available for everyone else.

There are sooooo many more reasons to dance, whether you have a busy family schedule or not. Discover social dancing in Arizona for yourself in all of the most popular styles of partner dancing today! Get started with our Introductory Offer for just $25 and let the fun begin! Get rid of the boring routines and fill up your dance card in no time with dance lessons at Dance FX Studios! See YOU on the dance floor!

Country Swing AZ

Country Swing This Summer!

Country Swing ArizonaSo you are a little bit country and your boyfriend is a little bit rock-n-roll? Then let’s talk about something perfect for both of you to enjoy together … Country Swing dancing! What is Country Swing dancing? Like a lot of other current popular dances, Country Swing developed from folk dances to become one of the United States top social partner dances. Swing dancing is fun, high energy, great for exercise, involves a partner, is always evolving and changing form and is a dance with lots of exciting turns! What more can you ask for in a dance?? Best of all… it has exciting music to match! Music that is both Country and Rock-n-roll!

So now that your interest is peaked, how does one go about learning to Swing dance? Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona recommends starting with beginners Country Swing private dance lessons. Why? Because you do not want to use the same three cool moves you learned somewhere from somebody over and over again. And, you want to be that amazing leader or follower or couple on the dance floor that is turning heads and causing everyone to want to dance with you, right? Private Swing dance instruction is the fastest way to become a great Country Swing dancer as we can customize a program that is just for you- from how you learn best, to the pace of your learning.  Being well schooled on any dance floor means you can Swing dance with style to a variety of Country music, and have a great time doing it.

By the way, here’s a cool fact about Swing dancing in general that you may not have ever heard before… There are over 24 variations of Swing dancing! Yes, from the sultry West Coast Swing to the playful Jitterbug Swing, you can literally Swing dance anywhere!  There are Swing dance styles that fit perfectly with all genres of music from Rock to Pop to Country, Jazz and Oldies. So, in addition to being prepared for your next Country dance night around Phoenix, you will also be gaining valuable tips on where else you can Swing dancing, opening up your social opportunities to new and interesting places around town. From Phoenix to Scottsdale and even in the East Valley, there are cool Swing dance venues that will keep you grooving’ all evening long! Let’s not exclude all of the AMAZING Country bars around the Phoenix valley that you can Swing dance at, from Buffalo Chip to Cactus Moon to Moonshine in Tempe, Country dancing is here to stay and is a hot way to cool off this summer, no doubt!

Now that you’re ready for Swing dance lessons as a couple or a single, we at Dance FX Studios would love the opportunity to give you a new skill that you can enjoy for years to come. There are so many wonderful benefits of knowing how to social dance, including meeting new people and adding romance, that we feel everyone should know how to dance. Come discover the world of dance with us! to set up a New Student Offer-one private dance lesson for just $25 (couple or single), give us a call today at 480-968-6177! See you on the dance floor!!

Swing dancing in Arizona

Make Your Wedding Preparation Fun!

Swing dancing in ArizonaCongratulations! You’re engaged! Now it’s time to get to work planning your big day. Work? Yes, unfortunately wedding planning is oftentimes more stressful than fun, especially for the bride. However, in the back of your minds you are both thinking that being engaged should be one of the most romantic and joyous times of your lives together.  Plans must be made or you two will never make it down the aisle. Well, we want to share a little secret … the way to “work” on your wedding, while at the same time keeping things fun, is to dance!

It’s going to be key to stay connected throughout your entire wedding planning journey. Let us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona plan an exciting or romantic “first dance” for you, and watch those wedding worries disappear. That first dance will be one that everyone will remember forever so why not give your guests a special treat while treating yourselves to a fun new hobby that you can use time and again?!

Here are a few more reasons to have a blast and enjoy dancing all the way up to your wedding!

Dancing re-creates your first date. Get nostalgic, remember when you and your future spouse first met or had your first date? Chances are great music and dancing were a part of it. Maybe the song you heard that night is the song you are picking for your “first dance”? Reminisce about the fun you had and maybe the even the awkward or funny moments while you learn a choreographed wedding dance that is tailor-made just for you.

Dancing keeps you active! Activity releases stress and won’t it be nice to get in better shape for your wedding? Why push yourself to try boring workouts at the gym when you can Country Two Step or Swing dance your way into a more fit and trim you-just in time for your wedding! Dancing is not only exciting, it creates the target heart rate for burning fat! Beyond that, it is also a wonderful cardio work out. Plus all the dance practice exploring dances like Salsa or the ballroom Foxtrot will give you stamina and energy to party all night at your wedding! These are all huge perks gained by learning to dance!

Wedding dance lessons are romantic, even if you both think you have two left feet. It’s important to give your dance instructor a glimpse of your relationship so that we can help create a wedding dance that expresses your personalities.  Learning to dance does not have to be a serious matter, so remember to laugh often. Most couples find that learning to dance improves their relationships by adding more romance and spending quality time together. It makes sense that dancing together will replace even the most stressful day with romance. Once you hold onto each other and stare into each other’s eyes, all bothersome wedding woes will simply fall away. 🙂

Turn your wedding dance lessons into your date night. Schedule your dance lessons at times when the two of you can head over to a restaurant and/or see a movie after. Make it date night! Take all the romance and connection gained during your lesson and bring it with you to the next event. The best part of dance lesson dates during busy wedding planning is the two of you learning a romantic skill together will set the tone of your relationship for the rest of your years together.

Begin your exciting journey into dance with Dance FX Studios’ Wedding Dance Consultation. We will help you to shine on your wedding day and beyond for any special event that comes your way.

Arizona Country dance

Couples… Spice Up 2015 and Dance!

Arizona Country dance lessonsNow that we’ve rung in the new year, there’s no reason that the sparks shouldn’t keep flying! Couples, you know how easy it is to get comfortable in your relationship. Make 2015 a year that will help you to develop a deeper connection with each other. “What’s the secret?”, you may be wondering. From 20 years of teaching the everyday couple to social ballroom dance, we can say with absolute confidence that learning to partner dance is THE way to come together on a more intimate level.
Social dancing is that fun stuff you see when you go out to dinner and the live band starts playing Country music. You know you want to get out there and Country Two Step or Country Swing dance with the rest of them, but you just don’t know how. Or, when you’re at your best friend’s wedding and the music quiets down, you would rather do anything other than the 7th grade prom sway for 4 minutes. What do you do? Well, social ballroom dance lessons will help you to learn some cool, dreamy steps to sweep her off of her feet!  Have you ever been to a Latin club and wished that you could Salsa dance? Yes, we teach that too! If you’re ready to give your relationship a boost this year, let us share with you our top 5 reasons how you can improve your relationship through social dancing:

 1. Dancing creates true togetherness.  With the advent of the smartphone and technology flooding/distracting us with information from all angles, it becomes increasingly difficult to be in the moment or “present” with anyone these days, let alone our loved ones or our significant other for that matter. How nice would it be to hold each other tight and put those phones away for a few hours a week just to make time for the one that means the most.

2. Dancing reignites romance and fun. Remember the days of childlike fun that you had when your first fell in love? Why not bring it back on the dance floor? With passionate dances like the Argentine Tango or playful ones like Swing dancing, you will soon be able to enjoy your new skills anywhere that music is played! It’s exciting to be great social dancers for each other and also as a skill that not every twosome can say that they have.

3. Dancing gives couples a chance to get away and escape from the day to day stress of life. Instead of jumping on Facebook or the next mind-dulling TV program, why not dance? Dancing is super-healthy physically as well as mentally. Think of another hobby that you can share with your sweetie that takes your mind off of the week’s stresses and allows you to enjoy each other fully. Social dancing provides that and so much more!

4. Dancing allows couples to learn something new and grow/progress together. Couples that grow together, stay together. Challenge each other and yourself by trying something outside of your comfort zone. Dancing may not come immediately, but with time and effort, you will enjoy your accomplishments on the dance floor for years to come.

5. Dancing develops body language and communication beyond mere words. We’ve all heard that words are only 7% of what we actually communicate to the world, right? Well now you can express yourself through dancing as another release and creative outlet. Couples that understand each other beyond words usually form a deeper, longer-lasting connection.

Country, Swing and Latin dancing for couples has many benefits, as we have explored. So, what are you waiting for?! It’s time to kick off the year with your special someone on the dance floor. If you live here in Phoenix, Arizona, come visit Dance FX Studios in the East Valley for couple’s dance lessons! We will help you to get comfortable with the social dances that you will use most, maybe even by Valentine’s Day! Our New Student Offer is a great way to begin your journey into dance so give us a call at 480-968-6177 and make 2015 your best year yet!

Country Two Step Dance Tips for Tonight’s Night Out

Tonight’s the night! Are you ready for an evening of Country Two Step and Country Swing dancing? What about a little Country Waltz or Nite Club 2 Step? It’s not too late to come and join in the action with us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ for our Country Night Out on the town at Spurs Saloon in Chandler, AZ. For some of you, tonight will be a milestone as it will mark you first night taking your dancing out of the studio and into the “real world”. No need to panic, the instructors of Dance FX Studios’ will be by your side as you venture out onto a new dance floor for the first time. Plus, as you may already know, your Night Out does include a pre-event Country Two Step and Country Swing class to freshen up your memory and even teach you something new!

For you beginner Country dancers who may still be a bit anxious about your first Night Out, here are a few last minute tips to make tonight a success…

1. Breathe: Seems like it would just come natural, but breathing is one of those things we tend to forget to do when we are nervous. As you prepare for tonight, realize that each and every one of us has had a first time out Country dancing. That is the beauty of the Night’s Out with Dance FX Studios! You will be surrounded by beginner, intermediate and advanced Country dancers so you can see others at your level, to know that you are not alone, as well as have something to strive for in your own Country dancing as you progress. No one is stopping to watch you, so take a deep breathe and try your best. It may be scary, but we will all be with you on your first go around.

2. Stick to the basics: Again, the beauty of social dancing is that it is not a competition. You do not have to out-do the guy dancing next to you to enjoy your night at your level. Give only those moves that you feel confident with a try first. Play around with mixing and matching 2 or 3 moves and see how that works for you. From there, if you are feeling like you can go further and explore a more challenging step that you have learned, give that a whirl and see what happens. What’s the worst that can happen? At the end of the day, you can at least say that you got out on the dance floor and gave things a go. You’ll be one step closer to building your confidence each and every time.

3. Follow the flow: Leaders, take a few songs to observe before getting out on the dance floor. See what you’re working with before jumping in. Are other dancers mindful of the directional flow in the Country Two Step or is everyone just flinging their partner around in a chaotic manner? Knowing the general feel of what you about to get into is key to fitting in and doing great. Once you have an idea, protect your partner by avoiding the “wild horses” on the dance floor (as I like to call them) and staying within a space that is comfortable for you to move freely. If the dance floor is crowded, use you navigational tools that you learned in your Country dance lessons at the studio to help you get through each dance with ease.

There’s still room for you to join us tonight at Spurs Saloon in Chandler, AZ. Dance FX Studios’ Country dance Night Out includes a group dance class, your first drink at the bar and dancing until 11 pm with us. Beginners, don’t let being new to dance hold you back. Use the tips above, plus what you may have learned in your private Country dance lessons and get out there for a fun Night Out that we are sure will be your first of many to come!

Country Dance Party This Saturday

It’s the moment we have all been waiting for…Dance FX Studios Valentine’s weekend dance party with live music! This Saturday night Country band Two-bit Shotgun re-visits Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. Enjoy an evening of Country Two-Step, Swing dancing and FUN with live Country music. Here are the details on a night you won’t want to miss:

1. Let’s Get This Party Started…: Guests may arrive at Dance FX Studios at 8 pm. Upon their arrival, each person will receive a raffle ticket. One lucky winner will get an exciting prize valued at $100! As the Country band Two-bit Shotgun kicks off the evening with modern Country music mixed with Country classics, dancers can hit the floor and Two Step, Swing or Waltz the night away.

2. Learn to Country Two-Step: Don’t dance? No worries! Early in the evening, we will teach you how to Country dance. Beginners, learn the basics to the Two-Step so you too can get out on the dance floor. Country dancing is easy and exciting and you can do it! We will show you how to get in on the action so you too can reap the endless benefits of knowing how to dance!

3. Enjoy Yummy Treats: Bring your Valentine to this dance party for delicious sweet treats. We will be serving chocolates and other fun desserts in honor of sweethearts day! Save a little room after dinner to enjoy what we will be serving. Refreshments are also included.

Valentine’s Day dance package discounts will also be available on the evening of the party only for newcomers and current Dance FX dancers. Get great dance deals for yourself and your loved one this Saturday night. Dance deals will include private dance lessons, group dance classes and dance nights out on the town for the holiday weekend.

Invite your friends to join you in the fun this Saturday night. Our Country dance party with live music is open to the public. Get your tickets in advance, though, as they are $20 at the door (versus $15 pre-paid).

Dance FX Studios has been a local staple in the Phoenix dance community for over a decade. For quality social dance instruction and great dance events, join us at Dance FX Studios! We are located on the South East corner of Dobson Rd. and Guadalupe Rd. on the border of Tempe and Chandler in Mesa, AZ. We are conveniently just a 1/2 mile from the 101 highway for easy access to us from Phoenix, Scottsdale, Queen Creek or Gold Canyon.