Top 3 Tips on the Ultimate Wedding Dance

wedding dance lessons near Chandler ArizonaYou’ve chosen the wedding venue of your dreams. It’s amazing! Tuscan chic. Elegant, modern with just the right amount of uniqueness. You found the perfect colors and flowers to match. Even the candelabra centerpieces tie in perfectly. Done with your wedding planning? Not so fast!

What? You haven’t begun learning your first dance yet? Then now is the time to get started. No five minute prom sway, putting your guests in a pre-food coma, will do! For this once-in-a-lifetime special affair, you need the best wedding dance ever! Here are my top three tips on how to have the wedding dance you have always imagined.

  1. Choose the right song. Let’s start with what is going to set the tone for your first dance, song choice. Picking the perfect wedding dance music for your first dance is critical, to say the least. Without being overly dramatic, your first dance as Mr. and Mrs. is kind of important, don’t you think? If executed properly, it may be what your guests remember most about your entire wedding.

 On the contrary, have you ever found yourself talking about your cousin’s wedding dance that sucked? The couple rocked back and forth for what seemed to be an eternity! Boring! Make your first dance one to remember by finding songs that not only speak to you on an emotional level, but that reflect who you are as a couple. If you’re a silly, playful couple, maybe a Swing dance would be ideal. For an elegant more traditional look, you could go with a slow dance that will include a few dips and turns. Regardless, now is the time to contact your local ballroom dance studio for Wedding Dance Lessons. No one is born knowing how to partner dance, so to really make an impression on your friends and family, you’ve got to take formal lessons. (By the way, once you learn to dance for your wedding, you will have a few moves that you can use at other people’s weddings, plus a really fun romantic hobby as newlyweds. It’s pretty cool to be able to go out dancing and feel confident. :))

2. Make sure the song length is appropriate.  Now that you have a few song ideas in mind, bring them with you for your Wedding Dance Consultation. Let your professional dance instructor guide you from here. A qualified instructor should be honest with you when helping you narrow down your song options, as well as let you know that a two to two-and-a-half minute wedding dance is plenty long. I have had many a consultation where a bride and groom envisioned a five minute dance showcase.  This is never ideal, and you’d be surprised how long it takes to learn to dance for a straight five minutes! Additionally, your guests may be excited at first, but they will soon be ready to move on to the next thing, so keep your first dance short and sweet so they can treasure your performance.

3. Know your options with your wedding dress. This is a biggie when it comes to wanting something more elaborate for your first dance. If you’re wearing a mermaid gown and you want to do a dance that requires you to glide or move a lot, keep in mind that your dress will cause restrictions. Will you be willing to change into a cocktail gown for your first dance? Maybe not, although some brides love the idea of a “costume change”. Changing outfits can definitely add to the drama or fun of performing a sexy Argentine Tango, for example, or a “kick up your heels” Country Two Step. Just remember that discussing your gown and tux/suit will be important on your consultation so that your dance instructor can tailor your first dance to you.

Leaving your guests with an amazing memory of your perfect wedding dance is a gift that they will surely treasure forever. Learning to dance does not have to be intimidating. In the right studio, you should feel relaxed and excited to discover a new skill that you will use time and again throughout your lives as a married couple. It’s time for you to make that call to your local dance studio and get started in the fun of learning to dance for your big day! Enjoy!