Chill Out This Summer in Phoenix

Salsa dancing PhoenixIt is reaching the big temperatures here in Phoenix, Arizona and it is miserable to simply walk outside. Even if you are headed to the swimming pool, the chances of you staying outside for more than a quick dip are slim. So Dance FX Studios wants to ask you why? Why go outside when you can be Country dancing with us in the cool air conditioning! 🙂 Yes, we keep it nice and cool in our East valley dance studio so that you can beat the heat this summer and dance your way into the cool fall months ahead. Don’t stay stagnant this steamy summer, join us for some fun OUT of the sun with private dance lessons at Dance FX Studios!

So what can you learn in the next few months?? Plenty!!! Because we customize all of our dance programs, you will get to discover fun and exciting new dance styles that YOU want to learn, from Salsa dancing to Country Two Step to Argentine Tango, that you can enjoy for years to come. “Where to begin?”, you may be wondering. Well, here’s our recommendation on a few dances that will keep you cool this summer…

Salsa dancing: You have got to learn to Salsa dance if you live here in the southwest! Salsa dancing is fun, flirty and filled with playful moves that will keep you wanting more and more. Of course, you must also explore other sassy dances like the Bachata and Merengue if you plan to head out to the Latin clubs around Phoenix. Latin dancing is a wonderful stress reliever and an awesome way to meet new people as the style lends itself to pushing outside of your comfort zone. What a fun way to build your confidence and uncover a new skill all at the same time!

Country Two Step dancing: Regardless of where you live, Country dancing is heating up the nation! Get in with those who know how to Country dance and have a blast right alongside everyone else in the Country bars around Arizona. Two Step dancing is not only easy, it’s electrifying! Get spun around the dance floor, or do the spinning, and see how great it is to know how to Country dance. Now don’t be intimidated about all that you see in the Country bars around town, you can make your Country Two Step dancing flashy and fun in no time! Start with beginner Two Step dance lessons and let us help you with the rest!

Swing dancing: Any time is the perfect time to know how to Swing dance! Swing dancing is for all ages and stages of life, and is not specific to a certain genre of music, making it versatile in more ways that one! Get your Swing dance on this summer with Swing dance lessons for couples or singles. Swing dancing is a great means of escape, relaxation and joy as you discover this dance with or without a partner.

We at Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley hope that you come visit us this summer to beat the heat and explore a new hobby. Social dancing is amazing on so many levels and we’d love to share in our passion for dance with you. Contact us to begin your journey into social dancing at 480-968-6177. We can’t wait to see you on the dance floor!