Manage Your Stress With Adult Dance Lessons

adult dance lessons arizonaHave you had one of those rough days that results in a tub of ice-cream and endless amounts of Netflix shows? Are you guilty of hiding behind your phone? So many of us are! With Facebook, Twitter, email and internet all on one device, who needs interaction with a live person right? Wrong. For a great way to connect with others, put down your phone, get off of that chair and try social dance lessons (think Country Western, Salsa, Swing and even Argentine Tango). I promise that you’ll be so happy you did!

If you have had a bad week at work, or are just in a negative frame of mind due to something else, it can be a bit difficult to get out of that rut. But don’t do something you may further regret, like eating a tub of popcorn alone, further disconnecting with people. Instead, be kind to yourself. Group or private dance lessons for yourself in popular dance styles like Country Swing or Two Step will be the perfect way to relieve your stress, and benefit your body at the same time.  That mind/body connection is extremely important-even essential- in maintaining happiness.

Why don’t you try social dancing? In a controlled study, published in the Journal of Applied Gerontology, they proved that partner dancing with musical accompaniment helps with stress relief. If you would like to take it beyond that, dancing on a regular basis can even be used as a form of stress management. Now that’s being proactive! Nowadays it is almost necessary to keep your stress in check as it could lead to serious health problems. Relax and increase your overall well-being just by dancing and being social. After a long day of work, if you are feeling a little tense or stressed out, set an appointment for a dance lesson instead of heading to the couch. The release of endorphins that occurs after an hour of dancing can help wipe away any tension, anger, depression, and loneliness that you may be feeling. Plus, the social aspect of dancing conquers loneliness and the anxiety that accompanies it.

If you have come to realize that you need a new hobby that is fun, exciting, and diverse, social dancing is for you. Dancing could be the most amazing hobby that you have ever had. As already mentioned, it is unlike many other hobbies, and it can be just what the doctor ordered. There are a variety of difficulty levels within each dance style, from Country Western to Latin dances, that will also provide you with a great challenge. How fun is that!?

Over time, you will realize that dancing is not only an exciting new hobby, but it covers all of your bases, from health benefits to physical benefits, mental benefits, and even spiritual benefits. There are not too many hobbies out there that can say that, which is why dancing in particular is a wonderful way to spend your time.

What are you waiting for? Start with an Introductory Dance Lesson today! Once you start learning to dance, you will see how each style embodies a different mood. For example, Swing dancing is playful and lively. Country Western is cool and easy, and Ballroom is romantic and elegant. Start off with a style that fits your personality and your abilities, and then you can branch out as you gain confidence and start to enjoy dancing more. It won’t be long until you realize what you have been missing out on over the years. Today is a fantastic day to start reducing the stress of everyday life with adult dance lessons so you can begin to enjoy your new and happy life!

Unwind with Social Dance Lessons in Mesa, AZ

Do you ever get the feeling that you are up to your neck in bills, personal problems, and other stressful situations, with no end in sight? Do you often feel sluggish and irritable, or think a nap sounds better than tackling any of your problems? Feelings like these are signs of stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. While you should always consult a professional if you are concerned about your mental health, it has been proven time and again that physical activity and engaging hobbies can alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. Social ballroom dancing is an excellent form of moderate exercise and provides a challenging, stimulating, and positive hobby for adults of all ages. While your first instinct may be to curl up on the couch with ice cream and reruns of your favorite TV shows, getting off the couch and on to the dance floor at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona could be just what you need!


For over 12 years, Dance FX Studios and its excellent staff of instructors have been teaching singles and couples from all over the Phoenix East Valley to social dance. We prepare our students with the dance skills and confidence required to enjoy any dance floor all night long. On a cruise, at a wedding, or in any bar or club around the world; you can take what you learn right here in Mesa, AZ anywhere you want! Our students enjoy lessons for many reasons, but the improvement of their mental well-being is perhaps one of the most important influences that dance lessons can have on the everyday person with average to above average stress levels.


The release of endorphins that occurs after any workout, dancing included, can help you reduce any tension, anger, depression, and loneliness that you may be feeling. Not only do these endorphins help reduce stress, but going out and being social can also have a positive influence on your negative emotions. Instead of staying in and worrying and stressing over the problems in our lives, it is better that we go out, meet new people, and enjoy ourselves every once in a while. Dancing is an excellent social hobby to have, and our instructors will teach you the tips to stay safe and comfortable on any dance floor, avoiding yet another stressful situation.


Relax and do something for yourself with social dancing lessons! Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona offers private dance lessons and group dance classes that can help you let go and unwind. We offer a wide variety of popular dances that you can choose based on your personal preferences. Some of the most useful dances we offer are Country Two Step, Salsa, and Jitterbug Swing. If you would like to try this wonderful new hobby for yourself, we offer an Introductory Offer of $40 for an hour-long private dance lesson. Feel free to give us a call at 480.968.6177 or visit the studio today. We will have you forgetting about your troubles in no time!

One Size Does NOT Fit All!

Congratulations! You are finally ready  (after years of successfully talking yourself out of it) to give dance lessons a try. Now comes the tricky part…How do I find the right studio for me (us)? Not all dance studios in Arizona, or anywhere for that matter, are alike. Here are a few things to consider when looking for the right dance studio for you:

Clarify Your Own Dancing Goals First: Are you looking to become a competitive ballroom dancer or a confident social dancer? Maybe you would like to be both. Most people want to do one or the other so be sure to figure out what would fit best into your lifestyle before beginning the research process. To clarify, competitive ballroom dancing looks more like what you may find on “Dancing With The Stars”. The movements are generally very large and showy. Social dancing is what you will use if you are at a wedding, in a bar, on a cruise or at a dance  club. It requires learning small movements that you can take to a crowded dance floor comfortably. Do your research on all of the local ballroom dance studios in your area once you know your ultimate goal on the dance floor. Ask questions or research the websites of these local studios to see if your particular needs will be met by the concept of that studio. You may also want to visit the dance studio to watch a few lessons and see if you feel comfortable in the atmosphere. Researching testimonials online from others who have taken lessons at that particular location are also useful.

Try an Introductory Private Lesson: Another wonderful way to see if a particular Phoenix dance studio is right for you is to go in for a sampler dance lesson. A private dance lesson will give you the one-on-one instruction needed to see not only the style of instruction offered, but your instructor’s teaching philosophy and the overall feel of the environment. Meeting with your instructor and getting a feel for the culture of your local dance studio is invaluable. Warning! Beware of dance studios in Arizona that offer really cheap introductory “specials”, maybe even free sampler lessons, to get started. Learning to dance is an investment and there are no shortcuts. Inevitably, you will be asked to pay the going rate for ballroom dance lessons when you are taking private dance lessons and being misled only ends up with a frustrating experience.

Dance lessons are a exciting experience for both couples and singles as long as you find the right learning environment. All too often, people give up on learning to dance because of a negative experience that has squashed their desire. If you determine that social dancing is for you, you will be in great hands at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. We provide an encouraging and supportive learning atmosphere that can make a dancer out of anyone. Discover more about our Introductory Offer and how you can get started on your journey to becoming a confident social dancer with us at Dance FX Studios today!

Expand Your Horizons and Learn to Dance!

Social dancing is a great way to meet people. Learning how to meet people is, debatably, one of the most important skills you will ever learn. Embrace your ability to move on the dance floor and utilize it to your advantage!

Whether your forte is salsa, tango, or swing, you can build your confidence and courage by going out to practice at a local dancing venue. On nearly any website that introduces singles to other like-minded singles you’ll find a list of activities which assist in getting you out into society, and within this list—you guessed it— there’s a recommendation of dancing!

Believe it or not, getting your foot in the door is half the battle. If you see another aimless wanderer, chances are they are waiting to be asked to dance! Women will give eye contact if they are interested in being asked to dance (ladies, this means you need to give eye contact to give the guy a hint! If you’re bold, or if he is clueless, ask him to dance yourself!) Not only will you be able to find the courage to ask for a dance, but often in social dancing, you will switch partners throughout the dance style as well.

Keep in mind that there is a classification of dancers: “beginner” versus “experienced”. This, of course, has a large grey area but as a “newbie” you have the opportunity to practice with other new dancers as well. The great thing about dancing with beginners is that they pretty much want to dance all the time. They are just as eager to get practice under their belt as you are. This way you can both feel a sense of accomplishment together. So head out to the nearest dance floor and groove it!