Swing dancing in AZ

Social Dance Lessons-The Perfect Holiday Gift!

Swing dancing in ArizonaHow many gifts can you think of that promote health, romance, positive brain training and relaxation all in one? I’d venture to say very few, if any, other than social ballroom dance lessons for couples and singles. That’s right! Social ballroom dancing is fun, trendy, healthful in mind and body, and a great means of unwinding after a long day at work. This holiday season, you can gift your best friend another card to The Cheesecake Factory, or you can get her and her hubby out of the restaurant booth and onto the dance floor. With the gift of social dancing, you can expect not only a big, fat THANK YOU from your recipients (you know they have secretly always wanted to learn to Country Two Step, but are too afraid to bring it up to each other), but you can also expect the following:

1. A happier couple. A couple that dances together, stays together. OK, that’s not a saying, but it sounds right on the mark to me! Social dancing, think Country, Latin or Swing, enables couples to connect on not just a physical level, but also by working together for a common goal: having fun and looking great! Partner dancing takes two; a great communicator (the leader, or male) and a great responder (that would be the follower, or female) to work well. Both have to do their parts in a way that supports the other. How great is that!? Just like in “real life” off the dance floor,  teamwork makes for a great experience on the dance floor. Then, and only then, can everyone involved truly have a great time. With this deeper and more intimate connection, couples can parent better, relax more and create a happier home. Watch those daily stresses of your friends melt away as they now have a go-to hobby to take the pressure off at the end of each day (not to mention a fun activity for date nights and other social gatherings).

2. A busier friend. Do you have any single friends whose social lives could use a little “sprucing up”? Give them dance lessons for the holiday season and watch their social calendars fill up. With social dance lessons in the right studio, one’s social life can flourish. What better a way to meet others than while doing something that you love? And, since dancing is also an intimate hobby, what a unique and healthy way to meet someone special? You can hand your friend a gift card for dance lessons and know that you are giving so much more ultimately. Now that’s a gift!

3. A more confident friend(s). Once your friend is bitten by the dancing bug, the best part of their journey kicks in: increased confidence. Think about it. How many people can actually dance the Salsa well or look amazing Swing dancing? Very few can say that they can dance with confidence. This skill is one that quickly spills into other areas of life, and for the better! You may see a spike in sales if your friend is in that field (I have seen this with my own eyes), or a few more dates lined up for that one-time wallflower. The gift of confidence? Priceless.

If you live in the Phoenix valley, we can give you all of these benefits, just by learning to dance. Come visit us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ and watch yourself and your loved ones transform into healthier, happier people. Gift cards are a wonderful way to get the ball rolling. And, from now until 12-25-14, you can get a return on your investment! For every gift card, you purchase over $100, you get a $25 credit towards dance lessons for yourself! It just doesn’t get any better than that. 🙂 A fun way to get started is with our Newcomer’s Offer for private dance lessons, but we also have group dance classes for your enjoyment. Happy holidays from us to you!