A man in an orange shirt and a black hat dancing with a woman

4 Must-Know Dances for Upcoming Holiday Parties

adult dance lessons arizonaThe 2016 holiday season is just around the bend. Can you believe it!? For most people, that means Christmas parties in the neighborhood, with close friends, and at work. Most likely, that also means live music and dancing, at least at your office party, right? Why not be prepared this time around by squeezing in some adult dance lessons before that chaos begins. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually ask that cute girl in the office down the hall for a dance or two? Maybe you can sweep her off of her feet and score yourself a date for New Year’s Eve. It’s not too late to get start taking beginner’s Country, Salsa or Swing dance lessons and get noticed this season.

What’s more is once you know how to dance, you’ll be ready for any future occasion. Valentine’s Day is just months away, and so may be those Spring weddings you’ve been invited to, so truly there’s no better time than now to start learning to dance.

If you do not have a spouse or steady dance partner, don’t let that hold you back from “cutting a rug” this winter. With Private Dance Lessons, you will learn to dance with your instructor first, so you can really shine on the dance floor when the time is right. Solo lessons are wonderful even if you are a part of a couple to get some great one-on-one tips for how to be an awesome follow for your partner.

Now that you see why it’s time to learn to dance, let me share with you those must-know dances to keep you on the dance floor all night long this holiday season.

Line Dancing

Line dancing is more popular this year than ever before. From the Cha Cha Slide to Copperhead Road, there are plenty of fun and easy Line dances to discover before those upcoming parties. Line dancing is also great for not having to worry about learning too much about partner dancing. You can let go, add your own personal flair to each dance, and even get some low-impact exercise in while you’re at it. I call that a true win-win!

Aside from the two Line dances mentioned above, I would take the time to learn the Wobble, Cupid Shuffle and the good ol’ fashioned Boot Scootin’ Boogie. These three will surely be played, and all offer something unique in terms of style. You can also learn to Dougie, if you’re so inclined. ;0) Undoubtably, you will use this dance at a future wedding in 2017.

Slow Dancing

There are several slow dances to explore, from the Foxtrot to the Waltz. Ask your instructor what he/she would do when the music quiets and you want to hold someone tight. I don’t recommend taking time to learn to Waltz because Waltzes are not played often enough on most occasions, but a slow Night Club Two Step dance would be in order, or a social version of Bolero, which would add a sexy and romantic element to your dance repertoire.

Most often, slow dancing is left to the side and written off as easy to learn, but there are some really cool moves that you can apply to your favorite slow jams that would be so much more fun to do than the ever-popular 8th grade prom sway, if you know what I mean. Take the time to learn a slow dance, and you’ll have all the right moves when you’re looking to get close to someone on the dance floor.


I’m NOT talking about Poodle skirts and suspenders here. With over 20 variations, I would put Swing dancing at the top of your list of must-have dances. You may not know this, but there’s a Swing dance style for music that ranges from Country to R&B, and oldies to Hip Hop. And pretty much everything in between! Swing dancing can be playful, sexy, flirty and most of all, fun! You can even use it to dance to Reggae music…How cool is that!? So while you’re getting started with your Private Dance Lessons, please request to learn to Swing dance if your instructor doesn’t mention it to you first. You will use it time and again.

Country Two Step

It’s undeniable, Country dancing is hugely popular these days! Even if you’re not in love with Country music, I do suggest you learn to Two Step dance. It’s super-easy, and you’re going to hear at least 5-10 Country songs at most events, so, in my opinion,  you have to know this dance.

Are you more excited now for your upcoming parties this season? What dance or dances excite you the most? Which ones do you want to learn first, and why? With all the many social dances to discover, you can really have some fun with this! And, once you see how much fun it is to learn to social dance, you may even want to make it your New Year’s Resolution to be even better in 2017!