Looking for a Challenge in 2016? Explore Argentine Tango Dancing.

tango dance lessons near TempeDo you like a challenge? Many people do! There’s a definite sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in working towards something that’s really cool and unique, like learning to social dance. And the rewards of knowing how to dance the Argentine tango in particular are no exception.

From the stage to the screen to the barrios of Buenos Aires, the sensuality of the Argentine tango permeates the fabric of the social dance world as the crown jewel of dances that emphasize lead and follow and music interpretation. In relation to competitive ballroom dancing, many underestimate the difficulty of knowing how to dance tango.

Argentine tango is social dancing at its finest. With split-second decisions to make on a crowded, small and often dark dance floor, tango dancing optimizes creativity and a challenge. You see, unlike other social dances, like the Country Two Step for example, the tango is filled with intricate moves that are ever-changing. While there are a set of common core moves that have become widely known, the possibilities are endless for what you can create once you know the rules of the dance. It is for this reason that the tango is my absolute favorite social dance. There really is nothing that you can’t do, as long as you’re using proper technique, and staying with the music, of course.

“Knowing” what to expect is out the window in the Argentine tango, making this dance intimidating, to say the least. Add to that music interpretation and you have yourself a puzzle filled with thousands of tiny little pieces with which to play.

Lead and follow. This is what social dancing is all about! In the Argentine tango, it is of primary importance that a couple is connected through a solid lead and follow so that he can create and she can embellish and/or be shown off. The outcome? A couple who is on the same page and moving as one. It’s a truly amazing experience! And, once you know how to dance the tango, you can virtually be guaranteed that every other social ballroom dance will be a breeze to learn from there.

In 2016, challenge yourself by exploring the Argentine tango. Discover a dance that is passionate, romantic, dramatic and beautiful. To learn to tango is to go on a journey. So what will 2016 bring you? If you’re driven to succeed in a hobby that you will use for a lifetime, visit us at Dance FX Studios in Phoenix, Arizona and begin the new year with a bang with Argentine tango lessons.