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Looking for a Challenge in 2016? Explore Argentine Tango Dancing.

tango dance lessons near TempeDo you like a challenge? Many people do! There’s a definite sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in working towards something that’s really cool and unique, like learning to social dance. And the rewards of knowing how to dance the Argentine tango in particular are no exception.

From the stage to the screen to the barrios of Buenos Aires, the sensuality of the Argentine tango permeates the fabric of the social dance world as the crown jewel of dances that emphasize lead and follow and music interpretation. In relation to competitive ballroom dancing, many underestimate the difficulty of knowing how to dance tango.

Argentine tango is social dancing at its finest. With split-second decisions to make on a crowded, small and often dark dance floor, tango dancing optimizes creativity and a challenge. You see, unlike other social dances, like the Country Two Step for example, the tango is filled with intricate moves that are ever-changing. While there are a set of common core moves that have become widely known, the possibilities are endless for what you can create once you know the rules of the dance. It is for this reason that the tango is my absolute favorite social dance. There really is nothing that you can’t do, as long as you’re using proper technique, and staying with the music, of course.

“Knowing” what to expect is out the window in the Argentine tango, making this dance intimidating, to say the least. Add to that music interpretation and you have yourself a puzzle filled with thousands of tiny little pieces with which to play.

Lead and follow. This is what social dancing is all about! In the Argentine tango, it is of primary importance that a couple is connected through a solid lead and follow so that he can create and she can embellish and/or be shown off. The outcome? A couple who is on the same page and moving as one. It’s a truly amazing experience! And, once you know how to dance the tango, you can virtually be guaranteed that every other social ballroom dance will be a breeze to learn from there.

In 2016, challenge yourself by exploring the Argentine tango. Discover a dance that is passionate, romantic, dramatic and beautiful. To learn to tango is to go on a journey. So what will 2016 bring you? If you’re driven to succeed in a hobby that you will use for a lifetime, visit us at Dance FX Studios in Phoenix, Arizona and begin the new year with a bang with Argentine tango lessons.

Salsa or Swing Dance Your Way To Happiness!

Have you ever thought of salsa dancing to put a smile on your face or two-stepping to tackle that bad day at the office? How about swinging away your relationship blues on the dance floor? The advantages of social dancing are endless! Whether you are single or you want to learn to dance as a couple, dancing can vastly improve the quality of your life and your relationships. Let us explore  just a few of the numerous way that tango or bachata dancing can brighten your day…

  • Many of the faster-paced social dances including swing, salsa, merengue and cha cha are great for those singles and couples who want to get fit without hitting the gym. Did you know that an average woman of average height can burn almost 300 calories by simply swing dancing for an hour? How great is that?! In addition to being a super-fun new hobby, you can shed extra weight simply by swing dancing!  If you are looking to tone up those muscles, try the Argentine tango. This beautiful and passionate dance will have you begging for more not simply because of the strength and endurance that you can gain by learning to tango, but because of of its sensuality, and diversity challenging aspects. (It is truly a dance like no other.) Other strength-building dances include the Country waltz (because of the “rise and fall” factor) as well as the West Coast swing (due to its earthy nature). Overall, social dancing is a workout in disguise. It is a fun and exciting way to get that body kickin’ into high gear all year ’round!
  • Dancing is an aphrodisiac. Re-kindle your relationship or create new sparks on the dance floor by getting that heart racing, those endorphins pumping and that body moving and grooving to your favorite tunes. Country two step your way into his or her heart with dance lessons for couples. Nothing is more fun and romantic, not to mention a great means of connecting with each other, more than dancing lessons for two. Social ballroom dancing gives you an opportunity to move together as one and work together as a team. Romance at its finest! For new couples, or singles who may be dancing together for the first time, salsa or swing dancing is a great way to assess how well you communicate as a leader and follower. This may reveal how well you fit together off the dance floor. For example, are you respecting each other’s roles on the dance floor? Do you let him be the leader that he needs to be? Are you taking control so that she can relax and enjoy her time on the dance floor? Partner dancing takes communication skills to the next level so that you can develop a true and deeper connection both off and on the dance floor.
  • Social dancing is healing for your spirit. How often do we hear, “Relax, unwind, let it go..”? The dance floor is a wonderful place to release all of your troubles and daily stresses. Shimmy away your fears and let loose as you begin to see your spirit soar. Get in the mood by checking out a Latin club and seeing how happy everyone looks when they’re out there salsa dancing. Or frequent a Country bar and watch how much fun it is for those guys and gals to get down with Country two step and swing.

You can begin your exciting journey of learning to dance right here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona! We have an amazing introductory lesson for couples and singles that will show you how dancing can improve your life, with or without a dance partner. Dance FX Studios is near Tempe and Chandler, Arizona. We offer social dance lessons in all of the most popular dances that you will use in the real world including salsa, swing, Country two step and Argentine tango.