How to Avoid Being a Boring Dance Partner

Country dance lessons near Tempe AZDo you think that you’re boring to dance with, or have you ever encountered a boring dance partner out Salsa dancing or Swing dancing? If so, let’s change that! First, you know you can only control yourself on the dance floor, so if you find yourself thinking “Dang, he/she really doesn’t look like they’re enjoying this Two Step with me”, I can offer some tips on how to make sure that never happens again.

  1. Smile and make eye contact. You know the saying, “Fake it ’til you make it?” When you are showing your dance partner a good time with your eyes and body language, he or she is bound to feel more relaxed and enjoy their time with you. If you’re feeling insecure about your level of dance as compared to theirs, I do not recommend apologizing. Just keep smiling and do your best! Social dancing with others will help you to gauge where you’re at with your dancing, and help you to strive to be better, so challenge yourself and pick a good dancer. Then, once you get her/him in your arms, do your best to keep up and enjoy the ride. Remember, if you need help working on your leading or following skills, Private Dance Lessons at your local social dance studio is the best solution. No one is born knowing how to dance, so get the right information to keep you on track. Your nights out dancing will be more fun every time you head out to that Country bar or Latin dance club with dance lessons under your belt.
  2. Vary your dance moves to keep it interesting. As a beginner Country, Latin or Swing dancer, you will be limited on how many moves you have in your repitoire. That’s natural. Again, Private Dance Instruction will help with new moves, advanced leading/following techniques and even how to stay on the beat with the music so that you can advance from week to week. Everyone starts somewhere so be patient with yourself as you grow in your dancing. You’re not boring, you’re new, and that’s OK!
  3. Stay on time with the music. This may seem tricky if you don’t even think you can hear the music, let alone move your body to it, but it is essential for never ending up on the boring side of the meter.  Dancing with the music is magical, and its value should not be underestimated, so please, ask your dance instructor for lessons on how to hear the beat in any song. It will be a valuable piece of information that you and your future dance partners will treasure. Now ladies, if you hear the beat but your partner doesn’t, please don’t attempt to teach him on the dance floor. That will only make him feel inadequate, which I’m sure is not your intention. For the intermediate/advanced social dancer, play with the rhythm in the music to show her an even more fun time. She will love the feeling and it will certainly shake things up in a good way.

Social dancing, while it may seem less challenging that competitive Ballroom dancing, is actually quite comprehensive. Discovering how to maneuver around a crowded dance floor with loud music, drunk people, and a whole slew of other potentially distracting factors takes time. At Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley, near Chandler and Tempe, AZ, in Mesa, we can give you all of the pointers that you need to be successful on any social dance floor. With two decades of experience under our belts, you are going to be a confident social dancer in no time after a series of Private Dance Lessons with us.