Top Three Reasons Why Every Guy Should Take Country Dance Lessons

Country Swing lessons in ArizonaHello gentlemen, this is a special blog just for you.  As you are aware, we are living in the Southwest, and in the Southwest Country music is a big deal.  It plays a major role in the culture here, as we host one of the largest country music festivals in the U.S. (Country Thunder) every year. Phoenix, Arizona is also the home of many amazing Country bars and hot spots.  As my little brother calls it, Country music is “American” music.  Seeing as this genre of music plays such a key role in our southwestern culture, I think it’s quite important that every man learn to Country 2-step and Country Swing dance, wouldn’t you agree?


Notice the next time you go out to a Country bar how many women are standing around the dance floor and how many men are doing the same.  Now note how many of those women are actually there to dance. I guarantee it is most of them.  It seems we, women, are all secretly fighting for the attention of the men in the room who can actually Country dance.  If there are men standing around the floor, they are there for one of two reasons; to watch jealously, or to attempt to take a sweet breath of air before the next sweetheart asks for his precious time.  Take note, gents.  Who is getting the attention of the ladies in the room?  It’s the guys who can dance.  Why?  Because women love to dance, and women are looking for a man to sweep them off their feet. (wink.wink.)


Now, I feel as if there is a stigma declaring dancing as a female hobby.  While I believe this couldn’t be further from the truth, I can’t ignore the number of couples I have coming into Dance FX Studios here in Mesa, Arizona where I teach expressing the need for the gentlemen in the pair to learn how to dance.  The woman, more times than not, has some kind of dance background, and is at the studio with her partner seeking our help to get him ready go out.  Again, women love to dance, and we are looking for a partner to sweep us off our feet!  However, what I don’t think men always realize is, partner dancing requires two equal roles.  In this partnership there is a very strong need for a leader.  The leader is you.  You run the show, men.  I know many of you enjoy taking charge of situations, and this is the perfect opportunity for you to do so.  As the leader it is your duty to determine how the dance looks.  You choose when and where the moves occur.  Your lady is along for the ride.  Hopefully, if you are a good, strong lead (which we can help you develop with Private Country Dance Lessons), you will provide her with a comfortable, fun time, and she’ll want to continue dancing with you.


It’s important to know the music you’re dancing to.  To be able to hear how fast or slow a song is.  You don’t want to be doing a bunch of fast moves to a slow song.  It looks awkward.  You should be able to feel the beat and act accordingly.  If Sam Hunt’s “House Party” comes on the sound system, how do you want to look?  What moves should you do?  It’s so important to feel the ebb and flow of a song, the high points—the low points.  This makes a dancer look that much better on the floor.  Every person at Dance FX Studios is taught how to dance on time with the music when they enter their General Studies Program.  We want you to look that good.  We want you to not only get the girl, but treat her right on the dance floor, and look amazing doing it.

It’s incredibly easy to get started with Country Dance Lessons at Dance FX Studios as we specialize in social Country dancing. We have offered Country Two Step and Swing dance lessons for almost 15 years! We have an awesome $25 New Student Introductory Offer for beginner Country dancers.  It’s the perfect opportunity to get you started on the road to reaching your Country dancing goals.