Gift Yourself Dance Lessons This Season

adult dance lessons phoenixEvery holiday season comes with a certain amount of stress and pressure in order for all to have a good time. Each year we will spend months preparing for just a few important moments that stretch the length of a mere couple of days, stressing ourselves out to our wits end, just for the perfect dessert or holiday gift. I for one could use a holiday where perhaps I treat myself a bit as well! Don’t you feel the same way?

As we prepare for this fall season, I urge you all to take some time for yourselves and indulge in something that will literally wipe your stress away, not to mention put a smile on your face.

Have you thought about Country dance lessons, or maybe learning to Swing dance through the holidays to stay fit and mentally sane? What about Salsa dancing? Does learning to Latin dance excite you? If so, adult dance lessons could be exactly what you need this holiday season. What better way to put pump up your spirits than a weekly dance lesson for yourself, or for you and your sweetie? Dancing gives you energy as we head into this holiday season, and we all need some more of that!

At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, we’re excited every day to help people just like you not just survive through the holidays, but thrive through this upcoming season. With fun and exciting dance lessons to attend on a regular basis, you’ll be ahead of your New Year’s Resolutions, and even prepared for those upcoming holiday parties! Now that’s planning!

Once you see the benefits of unwinding with Private Dance Lessons, you may also discover that you can give the gift of social dancing to those you love. Think of your co-workers who could use a little “me” time, or your adult children who would enjoy a weekly date night away from the kids. Dance lessons for adults are just the thing to get them on track for a healthy and fun way into the new year. Gift cards for dance lessons are a wonderful way to let your loved ones choose what they want explore, from the dramatic Argentine Tango to the sultry Bachata to the playful Country Two Step.

Regardless of the dance, lessons are a fantastic way to make time for you. Social ballroom dancing is not just about relaxation, fitness, fun and stress relief (all very important things), but it can also be used as a way to meet new people in your area. Have you thought of how lonely the holidays can be without friends and/or family to share them with? You’re never alone when you take dance lessons at your local ballroom studio because you’ve got people to share your new hobby with. It’s amazing how open people can be to connecting with others once they find similar interests with them.

So what are you waiting for? We’re almost in October and that’s when it all begins! Start learning to dance now and you’ll be sailing through the holidays this year, (or should I say “dancing”?). Gift yourself adult dance lessons. You’ll be so glad you did!


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Reconnect With Private Dance Lessons In Arizona

Country Two Step dance lessons ArizonaGreetings to all the leaders and followers on social dance floors everywhere out there in blog land! Another day here in John’s Little Corner and another day loving life! Speaking of love and life, how is your love life going these days? Is it on track and going the direction it needs to go? Are you sharing things together on a deep enough level? How strong is that bond between you? Whether you are just dating, married, partnered or even the “friends with benefits” type of relationship, going social dancing , from Country Two Stepping to Salsa dancing around Phoenix, truly does help in your love life. So today I want jump into this topic and elaborate on how dancing improves romance at home and beyond!

No matter where you are in your journey to becoming a confident social dancer, one thing is for sure, knowing how to Country, Swing or Latin dance means fun date nights! Even better for those of you who are bargain shoppers like myself, a possible inexpensive date night! If you’re just starting out taking private lessons together, each lesson is a mini date in itself. How cool is that!? Can it be challenging, yes, but the rewards for the challenge are unlimited and everlasting. Think endless romantic opportunities wherever music is playing. Holding your sweetie tight and swaying to your favorite dance music.

If you are half way into your dance lessons and able to complete combinations on a dance floor, there is a sense of accomplishment that you both will share. And when you have reached that level of dance where instruction is no longer needed and you are creating your own dancing moves, then you have made one heck of a memorable date night. How many couples can really do that well? Anywhere you are in your journey of dance (unless you count the gas money for the trip to the Country bar or Latin Club, or if there is a cover charge at the door), a date night of dance costs you $0.00! How awesome is that to know that the investment you made in your dance lessons begins to pay itself back immediately. The more dates you go on, the more payback you get. And the best part is that you will grow more confident dancing each time you give it a try.

More dates! How does that sound to you? A date is time away from work, life and children, and gives you the opportunity to connect or reconnect with your partner. How often do you look around you when you are out, lets say at work or at the store or at a restaurant? I do all the time. You see couples walking next to each other but not holding hands, or even worse they walk behind one another! Or how about the couple at the table across from yours. They sit in silence and look around while they eat, never saying anything more than, “This tastes good”. Depending on your line of work, you may even see similar situations with couples, that no matter what their proximity to one another, there is distance between them. Life does this to us and yet life also gives us the solutions… if we know where to look. Time away from it all, even if for a short amount of time, is key to a successful rewarding relationship. It’s right up there with communication being important to the relationship, and dance solves both of those! Get away and take a social ballroom dance lesson, share in something, create a conversation from that lesson you shared and do that as often as you can. Make time before it is lost, or in many cases too late to try! You will see that even after the lessons are over with you will be closer than you were and have something to talk about and something to share, not just with yourselves, but with others around you.

Let’s not forget romance as it does fade away if you allow it to. And it’s easy to let romance slip from your relationship. You spend all that time in the beginning getting to know one another and learning how the other person lives and has lived. You make compromises and creative solutions to blend your life styles together and once that has been established, then what? We drift apart unintentionally with all life throws at us and since we already know all there is to know about the other we begin to grow silent and lose the connection we worked so hard to build. Dance is all about connection, and as you learn it together, it fills that void of silence between you and opens you back up to one another, just like in the beginning. Now that’s romance! Its not the flowers, chocolates or gifts…romance is quality time together where no matter what is happening around you. Your entire world is right there moving along the track of life with you.

Now hopefully you answered my earlier question with a positive answer, but if not, or if you truly could not answer my question, it’s not too late! The fact that you can see the need for more connection in your relationship is a true blessing that your partner needs to share in with you. So grab your partner’s hand, pull them close, and show them with your body language how much they mean to you. Show your partner how much time you want with them, away from everything else, and let them feel how romantic the two of you are together!
From Johns Little Corner, I’m John, thanks for reading, and I will see you hopefully on the dance floor and not at a silent table across from mine!

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What Are You Putting Off In Your Life?

Country dance lessons for beginnersHow do you know when you’re ready to start something new? Maybe a new project, job, or a hobby. Well, the answer is generally pretty simple. You really don’t know when you’re ready to start. You may think you need to complete a list of to-dos, you need more training, qualification, or a mentor, or perhaps you just want everything in your life to be aligning perfectly. But if think about it, when are you TRULY ready to begin something new? If you are questioning whether or not to start something, GO for it! Otherwise, before you know it, another week, month, and year has passed and you are still stuck in the same routine. What are YOU putting off because you think you’re not ready? What are the absolute essentials you need to get started now? These are the things that are at the very core of what you want to do. Now that you’re thinking about it, go do it! Honestly, you’ll find it to be less scary than you thought.

At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, where I teach social ballroom dance lessons (think Country Two Step, Salsa and Swing dancing), I hear this all of the time. My students often will say, “Man, I’ve been putting off learning to Country dance for 10+ years!” Or, “I’ve wanted to learn to Swing dance my whole life, and I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner!”

You know that every time you start a new hobby, it requires hard work and dedication for you to see the results. Social dancing is no different. There is always a big learning curve at the beginning, but it is well worth it. There is quite a bit to partner dancing. You have to know the rhythm of the specific dance, from the Country Swing to Salsa dancing, learn foundation moves that are the base of bigger, more elaborate moves, discover how to lead/follow well, and then, on top of it all, find out the social norms surrounding the dances and the atmosphere, including how to pick what dance to do to what music, how to dance on time, and certain techniques that make your dancing more smooth and natural overall. Whew! This may seem to be overwhelming, but remember, you start at the beginning and, step, by step, all of the pieces come together. It’s like a puzzle, you begin with the outside pieces because they’re easy to pick out. You put them together to form the shape of the puzzle itself, and then you begin to work on the middle. Social dancing is similar. There is a foundation that is necessary. Each style has a variation on the foundation, but the premise of it stays the same. The nice thing about learning to dance, especially when it’s from people who have experience teaching and dancing, is that there is often a clearer path to the end result that you are looking for than when you are putting together a puzzle. 

At Dance FX Studios, we help to make this task less arduous with Country, Swing and Latin dance lessons for beginners. We have the clear path for you. We have designed a fun and easy system of social dance instruction that is customized for each of our students. We make sure that each student has the rhythm of the dance down and the foundation moves before we add in the more complicated aspects. In the long run, you become a GOOD dancer much more quickly than you would trying to piece everything together at once.

Come, begin your journey! We have a New Student Offer for beginner dancers that you should definitely check out! Let us help you achieve your goals by allowing you to work smart, not hard! Social ballroom dancing is a skill that you will use throughout your life, from weddings to reunions to holiday parties. Take your first step today towards becoming a confident social dancer. You won’t regret that you did!

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Top Three Reasons Why Every Guy Should Take Country Dance Lessons

Country Swing lessons in ArizonaHello gentlemen, this is a special blog just for you.  As you are aware, we are living in the Southwest, and in the Southwest Country music is a big deal.  It plays a major role in the culture here, as we host one of the largest country music festivals in the U.S. (Country Thunder) every year. Phoenix, Arizona is also the home of many amazing Country bars and hot spots.  As my little brother calls it, Country music is “American” music.  Seeing as this genre of music plays such a key role in our southwestern culture, I think it’s quite important that every man learn to Country 2-step and Country Swing dance, wouldn’t you agree?


Notice the next time you go out to a Country bar how many women are standing around the dance floor and how many men are doing the same.  Now note how many of those women are actually there to dance. I guarantee it is most of them.  It seems we, women, are all secretly fighting for the attention of the men in the room who can actually Country dance.  If there are men standing around the floor, they are there for one of two reasons; to watch jealously, or to attempt to take a sweet breath of air before the next sweetheart asks for his precious time.  Take note, gents.  Who is getting the attention of the ladies in the room?  It’s the guys who can dance.  Why?  Because women love to dance, and women are looking for a man to sweep them off their feet. (wink.wink.)


Now, I feel as if there is a stigma declaring dancing as a female hobby.  While I believe this couldn’t be further from the truth, I can’t ignore the number of couples I have coming into Dance FX Studios here in Mesa, Arizona where I teach expressing the need for the gentlemen in the pair to learn how to dance.  The woman, more times than not, has some kind of dance background, and is at the studio with her partner seeking our help to get him ready go out.  Again, women love to dance, and we are looking for a partner to sweep us off our feet!  However, what I don’t think men always realize is, partner dancing requires two equal roles.  In this partnership there is a very strong need for a leader.  The leader is you.  You run the show, men.  I know many of you enjoy taking charge of situations, and this is the perfect opportunity for you to do so.  As the leader it is your duty to determine how the dance looks.  You choose when and where the moves occur.  Your lady is along for the ride.  Hopefully, if you are a good, strong lead (which we can help you develop with Private Country Dance Lessons), you will provide her with a comfortable, fun time, and she’ll want to continue dancing with you.


It’s important to know the music you’re dancing to.  To be able to hear how fast or slow a song is.  You don’t want to be doing a bunch of fast moves to a slow song.  It looks awkward.  You should be able to feel the beat and act accordingly.  If Sam Hunt’s “House Party” comes on the sound system, how do you want to look?  What moves should you do?  It’s so important to feel the ebb and flow of a song, the high points—the low points.  This makes a dancer look that much better on the floor.  Every person at Dance FX Studios is taught how to dance on time with the music when they enter their General Studies Program.  We want you to look that good.  We want you to not only get the girl, but treat her right on the dance floor, and look amazing doing it.

It’s incredibly easy to get started with Country Dance Lessons at Dance FX Studios as we specialize in social Country dancing. We have offered Country Two Step and Swing dance lessons for almost 15 years! We have an awesome $25 New Student Introductory Offer for beginner Country dancers.  It’s the perfect opportunity to get you started on the road to reaching your Country dancing goals.