Dance Lessons: The Perfect Gift for Everyone!

Do you know someone with an upcoming birthday that is hard to shop for? Someone who has everything or is really picky? Maybe you have been married for ages and want to surprise your spouse with a gift of an activity you can do together. If you have a partner you have been dating for a bit and want to give them something that will show you really care, the gift of dance lessons at Dance FX Studios will do just that! Dance lessons are also a wonderful gift for a couple getting married soon or as a wedding gift for them to share after the big day. Social ballroom dance lessons are a gift that keeps on giving, because anyone who learns can take these skills with them everywhere they go for the rest of their life. Located in Mesa, Arizona, if you live in or near Chandler, Tempe, Queen Creek, Glendale, Scottsdale, or Phoenix, our studio is close to you! Dance lessons are a great gift for anyone, any time of the year.

Having been around for 12 years, Dance FX Studios knows just how to teach you and/or your partner, spouse, or friend how to dance, whether they have two left feet or not! Our unique style of teaching will keep you engaged and smiling while learning many dances, from the exciting Merengue to the romantic Tango. Our $40 Introductory Offer on a gift card is a great way to give someone a taste of dancing. Even better, it comes with a box , bow, and a bag! It is also the perfect gift for your partner or spouse. You can come in and see our studio, meet our instructors, learn some basics of dancing and sample a few styles. You are sure to get hooked when you see how fun and rewarding learning to dance really is!

Dancing is so beneficial and can be much more than just a pastime. Anyone you give the gift of dance to will benefit from its numerous perks. One such perk is how dance is a great form of exercise. One lesson at Dance FX can burn anywhere from 250 to 560 calories! It keeps you on your toes and challenges you to think quickly and learn new body movements, enhancing connections in your brain. It fights depression and anxiety, and you can become a more social person when you equip yourself with dancing skills! The self-confidence of anyone you gift lessons to will definitely be boosted and they will be on the road to a healthier, happier self. AND they will have the skills you helped them obtain for the rest of their lives and will be able to dance in any social setting!

Help us help you with that difficult person to shop for! With our Gift Cards specials and awesome Intro Offer, the perfect gift for anyone can be yours. Whoever the recipient may be, they will gain new skills and reap the benefits of dance while having FUN with us at Dance FX Studios!