Learn to Social Dance in Arizona

couple dancingIf you have been taking Salsa, Swing or Country dance lessons with us at Dance FX Studios here in Arizona, you are probably familiar with what we know it takes to become a confident social dancer: practice, practice, practice. Whether it be at home in your living room or out socially, practicing what you have learned in your private dance lessons is key, of course as long as the practice is done correctly. Whether you’re learning Latin, Swing , or Country dancing, here are a few tips from us at Dance FX Studios when it comes to reviewing what you have learned:


1. Take Time to Count the Music


Counting music is an incredibly important aspect of dancing. If you aren’t a natural at hearing beats of music, private dance lessons with us at Dance FX Studios are a great asset. Your instructor can give you the tools to help you to find the beat in multiple types of music from Salsa to Swing and Tango to Two Step. Once you get the key tips from us that you need, try to count any music you hear anywhere from in your car, at the grocery store, to the gym, wherever! With enough time, instruction and effort, hearing the beat and internalizing music will become second nature. Then, applying your cool dance moves to the beat will make you look that much more natural.


2. Walk Through Your Moves


Is that underarm turn giving you a hard time? Go through the steps over and over until you no longer have to think about it. Repetition is the key to success here, so walk take time off the social dance floor to walk through your footwork until it feels natural. Just remember to take nice, small steps while you’re practicing. You can also take video of steps and combinations that are challenging you in your private dance lessons to view and practice on your own.


3. Shadow Dance


It’s difficult to practice lead and follow without a partner, but you can get serious benefits from practicing solo. You can focus on maintaining a solid frame and leading moves on your own when you pretend you have a partner in front of you. Hold your dance frame as you would with a partner and pretend that you are leading or following. We use a big exercise ball here at the studio, give that a try!


4. Dance With a Comfortable Partner


The best way to practice is ultimately with another person. If you have a go-to partner, be it a significant other, friend, or other person, practice together in a comfortable environment. This is the time to try out any new moves or techniques you want to work on without feeling intimidated. During practice time, try not to help “remind” each other of the other person’s parts. Focus on making your own parts great and let your dance instructor help you to fill in any holes with things that don’t feel right. Taking notes while practicing will help to remind you of what needs to be worked on.


5. Dance With a NEW Partner


The true test of your lead or follow is to give it a whirl with someone you don’t know. The goal is to be comfortable and able to dance with anyone, right? Once you’re pretty comfortable with your moves, it’s time to dance with a new partner. So grab a friendly looking stranger at that Salsa club or in the Country bar and give it a shot.


Dancing is so much more than just fancy footwork, but the steps are the basics of dance. The sooner you feel comfortable with those feet, the sooner we can show you all of the cool stuff that you can do with your body. From turns to wraps, you can truly enjoy social dancing here in Arizona once your feet are on auto-pilot and you can focus on leading or following. That’s when the fun really begins and you can make the dance all your own!


Private dance lessons at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona will give you the tools and confidence you need to become a proficient social ballroom dancer. Once you have those tools, practicing is very important, so be sure to do it regularly and correctly. If you live in the greater Phoenix area, come check us out! We are located in Mesa, Arizona, near Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale and Phoenix. Take advantage of our $40 Intro Lesson Offer and you, too can be on the fast track to becoming a great Salsa, Two Step, or Swing dancer!