Finding the Right Dance Studio in Arizona

Arizona Line Dance lessonsSo you want to learn how to Country dance or maybe try out Salsa dancing in 2015? Don’t know where to start? Well, let me give you a few key points that can point your rudder and sails in the right direction. First, let me congratulate you on your decision for wanting to learn to social dance in the new year! Swing dancing and even learning the steamy Argentine Tango can add a fun hobby to your life, a fun stress reliever and can also be a great way to shed that unwanted lingering holiday weight. Social partner dancing is also useful for meeting new friends and potential lovers in the year ahead. In general, dancing is wonderful for your social life, as well as your sense of well-being.

Before you begin your journey into social dancing, here are several important questions to have answered:


1. Does the ballroom dance studio have the type of dancing you’re looking for?  What makes them unique? Now these are very important questions. Do you want a highly stressed competitive and performance look to your dancing? Or do you want fun and comfortable social dance experience that can help you to relax? Most people would pick the latter, but both options are on the table in most cities across the U.S. . Oftentimes most people don’t want to be swinging from the chandeliers like the professional performers do on Dancing with The Stars. Instead, they want to learn to Latin dance or Country Two Step to lighten their days, maybe take time away from the kids, or even just to have a new skill set that is cool and unique.

There are plenty of dance studios out there to choose from, but what makes one in your area stand out for your particular needs is extremely important. Value is the main key here. If the time you put in your dancing is worth the money you invest, then you have a winner! So, while searching for the best studio for you as a single or as part of a couple, take time to try out their New Student Offer. Hopefully, there won’t be strings attached and then you can truly see for yourself if this is the studio you want to invest more time into. If you’re not having fun while learning how to dance, then why bother, right? No one wants boring dance instruction; they have plenty of those tutorials on YouTube!


2. How long has your local dance studio been in business? While an established company does not necessarily make for a better one, time in the community will prove to reveal whether or not a business is worth investing in or not. Ask around to see if the studio is independently owned or part of a franchise if that matters to you. Also, it is helpful to go by and get a tour of the facility to make sure that the place is well-kept and to your liking.


3. What are the reviews, testimonials and ratings of the studio? A dance studio’s credibility matters. If the studio hasn’t had a long track record of delivering high quality dance instruction, then why waste your valuable time, energy and money? See if the studio that you are considering has a good or bad track record and let that help to make your decision. With the advent of Google and Facebook, it’s even easier to get the reviews that you are seeking. Here’s a review from one our valued students:


Great studio! My instructor was very competent, patient, and capable. I feel much more comfortable on the dance floor after only five individual lessons. This is a very highly recommended dance studio!


– Albert E. Breland Jr., MD


If you happen to be in the Phoenix, Arizona area,  Dance FX Studios is  located at 1859 W Guadalupe Rd. Suite 105 Mesa, AZ 85202. We will teach you how to become a confident social dancer in the most popular and useful dances including Salsa, Swing, Country dancing, Line dancing and so much more! Come on by and learn the dances you have always wanted to and make this new year your best one yet!